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NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blistering. Com 'Top 10 Album Picks' of 2010!

Thank you to Miss Sara Heitman for picking both 'Ghosts and Good Stories' by My Ruin and 'Grandes Canciones' by Neanderthal to be a part of her staff writers list of *Top 10 Album Picks of 2010* on Blistering.Com. We appreciate the rock love and mention!

Mr & Mrs M

Here's what she had to say about each:

My Ruin - 'Ghosts and Good Stories' - 2010

It seems that My Ruin has run into a series of obstacles with shoddy labels and changing line-ups over the past ten years. With the remaining musical duo of Mick and Tairrie B. Murphy steering the reins, planning a U.K. tour, and participating in Hammerfest, I have a feeling that Ghosts and Good Stories will finally fall into the right hands.

Neanderthal - Grandes Canciones - 2010

Neanderthal is Mick Murphy's (My Ruin) instrumental side project. This collection of songs honors the beauty of playing an electric guitar. It is refreshing to take a break from words for a few minutes. Just sit back and let the music speak for itself.