NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!


Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Ruin UK Tour 2011 Announced!

Dear Friends & Family,

We are proud to announce our first tour of 2011! We promise we are not ignoring those of you in the U.S., Europe or various other countries. We have lots of things in the works but unfortunately some places are a bit harder to get to than others and take more time to organize. We are currently re-building our team behind the scenes to make 2011 our year and we have many special surprises we are busy working on at the moment so please bare with us as we kick things off with this first round of dates.

It's impossible to play every city in the UK logistically speaking so we missed out on a couple we were hoping to hit like Newcastle & Manchester [because it is too close to our Hammerfest III date so we were told we could not play there] but we did our best to visit a few of our favorites and even manage to confirm a few clubs we have never played before. There has also been a slight change to our original schedule, we are now playing Cardiff, Wales instead of Reading on the 12th!

We will be announcing our special guests soon, in the meantime, ticket info has been posted on our *shows* page and we have made events for all the shows on Facebook which you will find listed on our band page at:

Please take a moment to confirm the shows you plan on attending and share our events & advert with your friends and help us spread the news! We look forward to seeing everyone on the road in March and hope those of who can make it out will join us for 1 or more of our 9 shows on our 'Ghosts and Good Stories' UK Tour and/or at Hammerfest III! and are as excited as we are about the new dates~!

Mr & Mrs M

Monday, October 25, 2010

Stormbringer Review!

We would like to thank Reini at the Austrian online rock zine for the interesting review of our new album. We have posted it in full in our press section for those of you who would like to check it out and would like to once again thank Miss Mona Miluski who was kind enough to translate the review from German to English for us!

Mrs M

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Terrorverlag Review!

"Tairrie B Murphy is known as a kind of Femme Fatale in the metal world for a long time. She risks a fat lip, not just because of her trade mark, the glaring red lipstick, as well as the contents of her music. As a woman, who is aware of her role in a dominated scene of men, namely the thrash- inspired, grooving metal, which is also used by some new metal, she likes to strike out with many God and Devil - side blows.

Together with her husband Mick Murphy she creates one more, what she likes to do: Namely to create a straight compression.Ghosts And Good Stories is loud, is craving for a certain amount of loudness, damn hot that whole thing. Tairrie has been always a power woman, but now it´s clear, that this marriage with their musically energy could actuate an entire atomic powerplant. The chemistry is really brilliant. At the same time it feels actually some kind of really good, aggressive sex. "

We would like to thank Nephilla for her 9.33/10 review of our new album on the German rock website Terrorverlag! We have posted it in full in our press section for those of you interested in checking it out and would like to also thank our Miss Mona Miluski who was kind enough to translate the review to English for us!
Mrs M

Friday, October 15, 2010

Rock Hard Italy Review!

Included in the same issue of Rock Hard Italy as our feature & covermount, we also had a nice review of our album by Miss Michele Corrà which Miss Irene Paranoia was kind enough to send us an English translation of below along with her scans for those of you who do not speak Italian!


Mrs M


'Ghosts And Good Stories'

"After a line-up trim, Tairrie B and husband Mick Murphy get back in the studio to produce Ghosts and Good Stories in total autonomy. Responsible for all we can hear, the duo finds its strength in gloomy and claustrophobic atmospheres. The slow and oppressing pace of Diggin' for Ghosts seems purposely planned to introduce Long Dark Night and Excommunicated. Metal takes charge again, catalyzed and guided firmly. Hard rock solos are fast, variable interludes that add up to the record without overwhelming it. The singer doesn’t spare herself, exploring different techniques and settling for dynamic vocal lines between screamo and distorted. Reminiscences of the ‘90s work side to side with in-your-face rock ’n’ roll sounds. Even if immediate and straightforward, the record requires a few listens to be fully understood, although the effort made pays off in several occasions."

Rock Hard Italy Feature!


My Ruin were featured in the last issue of Rock Hard Magazine from Italy as well as our song 'Long Dark Night' which was included on the covermount CD along with Valient Thorr, Terror and Spiritual Beggars to name a few of the other artists! We would like to thank Miss Michele Zonelli for taking the time to speak with us about our new album and for those of you who speak Italian, we invite you to visit our press section where we have posted the interview for you to check out. Special thanks to Miss Irene Paranoia for sending us the scanned copy!

Mrs M

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Close Up Magazine Feature!

My Ruin were featured in the last issue of Close Up Magazine from Sweden and would like to thank Mr David Noaksson for taking a moment to speak with us about our new album. For those of you who speak Swedish, we would like to invite you to visit our press section where you can check out the interview and would also like to give special thanks to Miss Emma Ekberg & Miss Cecilia Ekholm for sending us the scanned copies!
Mrs M

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mindview Magazine Interview #2!


My Ruin are happy to announce that we are once again featured in the Belgian rock magazine 'Mindview' with a stunning 6 page interview and Slotshot! Unfortunately our interviews were done by phone [not email] so there is no English translation to post but for those of you who speak dutch we invite you to please take a moment to check out the pages we have just posted in our press section for your reading pleasure. Thanks to Mr Peter Rotthier for taking the time to chat with us for round two and for his continued support of our new album and band!

Mrs M

Friday, October 8, 2010

Metal Hammer Italy Review!

[Translated from Italian to English]

"Let's face it: the nowadays, third millennium metal-world is a terribly sexist universe and - aside the great sales of Nightwish, Arch Enemy or Lacuna Coil - the actual situation isn't far away from this sad and unfair concept. And maybe this is the one and only reason because My Ruin (the band of Tairrie B and her husband Mick Murphy) isn't actually among the "chosen ones" that sell-out big arenas and count mountains of green, tasty dollars... However, to get the real focus about My Ruin, Tairrie has come a long way through rap, nu metal, the angry Manhole, the wonderful Tura Satana, a lot of gossip and a very amazing album like it was the 2003's 'The Horror Of Beauty'.

Well, this brand new 'Ghosts and Good Stories' bring us to these old, good days with the following flavours: Pantera attitude, Sabbathesque seventies poison, dirt southern touch, hardcore pride and, last but not least, a courageous tribute to Rollins Band ('Turned Out'). So, from the opening attack of 'Diggin For Ghosts' and along other dozen tracks, My Ruin simply rules. And, for the happiness of their fans, they are back with the right dose of high-handedness packing in one of the most sincere, shouted loud, sexual and intense records of this year. Don't miss it!"

8/10 - By Simone Sacco


Thank you to Mr Simone Sacco for his impressive review of our new album for Metal Hammer Magazine, Italy which we have just added to our press section!



Mrs M

Thrash Hits Review!

"Whilst many of their contemporaries splintered and fell apart after only two albums (at best), My Ruin have held their own in a floundering industry, taken it in their stride and emerged triumphant. Ghosts and Good Stories, the sixth album from renowned LA rockers, is a dazzling reminder of why My Ruin gleaned the cult following of loyal fans since day one with the release of Speak and Destroy in 1999.

The ripping, doom-laden, stoner-drenched metal that is underpinned by driving drums on this album is accompanied by Tairrie’s smoky, sexy vocals and vitriolic screams that My Ruin are so revered for. Her husband and right-hand man Mick Murphy puts most musicians around today to shame, being responsible for playing not only the guitar parts that got him recognised as being one of the most underrated guitar players ever, but also the bass AND the drums on the entire record.

This collection of beautifully told stories that unwind and unravel before our ears has plenty of bark and a bite to match. Powerful statements such as “Every blessing ignored becomes a curse” in ‘Repose’ is reminiscent of powerhouse punk classics from bands such as Black Flag and Born Against. The dark and eerie Deathknell is close and personal enough that you can imagine sitting in a dark room filled with candles and incense watching Tairrie growl into the microphone and Mick pick out the goth-styled riff on his guitar only a metre away. The power to hold the listeners attention and transport them to a different place is something that My Ruin have always done well, but with tracks such as the spiralling ‘La Ciudad’ and stifling opener ‘Diggin For Ghosts’ it has never felt so real.

‘Abusing the Muse’ is a journey into the depths of the bowels of hell that sees Tairrie exercising her demon-like scream to the full extent to the backing of Mick’s instantly recognisable way of playing guitar that smacks of swagger and brutality. Kinned with Excommunicated and Eyes Black, it’s these tracks which really demonstrate that My Ruin really are as solid and staunch as most bands can only dream of being.Ghosts and Good Stories is an onslaught from start to finish that doesn’t let up; there’s no room for fluff, no room for floundering and certainly no room for questions. My Ruin are pioneers of their own brand of metal that amalgamates so many different styles it can’t be pigeonholed or categorised and in a world where genre-labelling is over-worked it’s a very welcome repose to have an album that stands on its own like all true, previously-released, now classic and much-lauded albums did before it."

Sounds Like: My Ruin

Top Tracks:

Abusing the Muse, Turned Out, Excommunicated

Rating 6/6/6 - By Lynsey Wright


A heartfelt thank you to Miss Lynsey [Lyno] Wright for a most blasphemous and brilliant review of our new album @ Thrash Hits UK just added to our press section!

Mrs M

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hammerfest Confirmed!

Metal ℍammer and ℍard Rock ℍell Presents:
ℍammerfest III - Roma Victa
17th - 19th March 2011


Attention Friends & Fans in the UK!

We are proud to announce that My Ruin has been confirmed to be a part of Hammerfest III taking place at Pontins Holiday Village in Prestatyn, North Wales - England. This roman themed headbanging weekend of metal and mayhem takes place for 3 rockin days in March 2011 just in time to coincide with our rescheduled show at the Underworld in London on March 11th and our soon TBA UK tour dates!

We have not been given our day or time of set yet but when we know, you'll know so stay tuned to our blog and Facebook pages for future updates. For a list of bands playing the festival, ticket info & travel accomodations info please visit:

We've been told last year’s event sold out a full 2 months in advance and 40% of Hammerfest 3’s tickets have already gone on the back of this year’s incredible event so don't wait til the last minute to get yours. We're excited about being invited to rock by Metal Hammer and we're looking forward to seeing all our UK friends, fans and bands we'll be sharing the stage with soon!

See You There!
Mr & Mrs M