NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Devolution Magazine Cover & Interview!

Hey Friends!

For those of you who missed out on getting a copy of my Anniversary cover issue of Devolution Magazine which features an intimate Proust style 3 page interview inside with Editor Nickie Hobbs, here's your chance to check it out in full. We have posted the full interview in our "Press" section for your viewing pleasure. Thank you again to the lovely Miss Hobbs for asking me to be on the cover of this very special issue and for her continued love and support of My Ruin.

Happy Reading.....


Mrs M

Cover & Photos by Mick Murphy

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Basement Sound.Co.Uk Tour Blurb!

My Ruin are a LA Metal band that have been going since 1999, fronted by Tairrie B (former vocalist of Tura Satana and Manhole and solo rapper)....Tairrie certainly went through an interesting transformation..rapper turns alternative metal singer!..But with great results!

Like many bands they have undergone lineup changes, and currently they are a two piece, the other half is (Who is also literally Tairrie's other half, as they are married!), Mick Murphy who is very multi-talented as he plays, guitar, bass and drums! I myself wasn't too familiar with this band..I have heard of them, but not actually heard them..and now I have..I'm very glad I have discovered them! Tairrie B is a great vocalist.

If you aren't familiar with this band now is the time to introduce yourself to them as the band are currently touring in the UK with their 6th studio album, "Ghosts and Good Stories", and of course any old fans get down and show your support!

Only a few tour dates left now, so if its in or around your local area, why not go and check out this awesome band! The band end their UK Tour by playing Hammerfest, which takes place in Pontins Holiday Village in Pretatyn, North Wales, on the 17th-19th of March. Other bands playing include: Breed 77, Ill Nino, Entombed, Sabaton, Turisas, Evile and many more! What a great line up!

Written by Cari Jane

Sunday, March 6, 2011

BGD on the UK Tour!

Attention UK Blasphemous Girls!

I just finished putting the final touches on a new collection of sparkling Blasphemous Girl rock candy & resined My Ruin inspired rings for the tour + a few other little surprises I'm stuffing into my suitcases! All the rings will be pre-scented before each show with my delicious *new* signature oil #2 that I mixed to wear on my throat especially for this tour and only for these one of a kind custom designs to make them each a unique memento and sacred keepsake to remind you of your evening with me and Mi Ruina.

We will be having our friend and rad rock photographer Don Jackson -Wyatt of Circle Pit with us for 10 days on the road documenting the shows for a book we are planning to put together after the tour so for all my most blasphemous girls who are coming to see us, make sure you wear your BGD and introduce yourself to our lovely merch babe Alana Wood who will introduce you to Don so he can take a few special photos of you in your designs for a special section of our book [and my new blog I am designing] before and after the shows. I'm really looking forward to finally meeting so many of you I have been getting to know through my online store these past 2 years and seeing so many of you I already know once again. I can't wait to rock with all you rad ladies in the front rows of the shows and have a drink and chat with you after our sets, at the after parties & Hammerfest III Roma Victa which is officially SOLD OUT!!!

I will be closing my BGD store and My Ruin's Merch Church while we are gone. Both will reopen with new designs and more surprises when we return and after our Whisky a Go Go show! It seems we may also have a new store opening soon with our new merch company based in the UK! In the meantime, we have lots of gorgeous caps, wristbands, beanies, patches, stickers, posters and shirts in all styles & sizes for guys & dolls and many fun nights to look forward to in the next 10 days with our long awaited 'Ghosts and Good Stories' tour that is about to come your way!

Mrs M

Neanderthal - 2 New *Free Downloads* & Live Studio Videos!

Hey Everyone!

These tracks are two new improvised instrumental Neanderthal jams recorded live in the studio during My Ruin rehearsals for our March 2011 "Ghosts & Good Stories" UK Tour, Hammerfest appearance & L.A. Whisky A Go Go show on April 2nd.

[Filmed by Tairrie B Murphy / Edited by Mick Murphy]


Mick Murphy - Guitar

Luciano Ferrea - Bass

Matt LeChevalier - Drums


Please visit:

for your



'Mi Ruina' & 'Por Vida'

to add to your My Ruin related music collection.

Our gift to you. Enjoy and share both the video & download with your friends!

Mrs M

London Tour Times - Pre Tour Interview!

My Ruin - The Ghost Road

Punishingly heavy yet capable of immense emotional range, My Ruin have carved a unique niche for themselves in the metal world, writes Alison B - But what sets them firmly apart from the horn-throwing hordes is far more than an infamous fondness for Catholic kitsch and biblical imagery; truly unreplicable is the chemistry between front woman Tairrie B Murphy’s startling lung power, passion and lyrical flair, and guitarist husband Mick Murphy’s knack for rumbling, earth-shuddering riffage. As the band’s beating heart, the couple have kept faith through a decade in which they have taken more than any act’s fair share of personnel changes and business backstabbing. However, when a long silence followed a particularly tough 2008 tour, it seemed even their thick skins had at last taken enough. Tairrie tells now how they brought My Ruin back from the brink, to issue last year’s sixth studio album Ghosts and Good Stories.

Now that you’re back, are you able to pinpoint what set eventually Ghosts and Good Stories in motion and snapped you out of the long period of disillusionment that followed the 2008 UK tour?

It wasn’t something we really planned. Although we had had some fun with our side-project recordings [in the interim], I think we both felt it was time to write with My Ruin in mind because we had a lot inside of us that we still needed to get out and express. Mick started to demo the music for our songs over a few months and I began putting my thoughts into lyrics and it sort of just began to happen naturally like it always does. All of our albums seem to be centered on their own personal concept in one way or another. Many long dark nights of the soul inspired both the ‘ghosts’ and ‘good stories’ of our new album and gave it an otherworldly almost sacrosanct theme for us that I feel is very unique and our own musically speaking.

From the old family portrait on the cover in, Ghosts and Good Stories finds you looking to your roots for inspiration - what led you there?

It’s funny you would say that. I actually joined Facebook in 2009 and not long after I was contacted by a long lost relative and began having a great deal of communication with her about our family. I came across the vintage shot of my great grandparents in front of their home in a box I had stashed away when we were trading photos back and forth. I kept it on my office desk for weeks while we were writing and it seemed to speak to me in some strange way. When I came up with the name for the album, the photo eerily just fit the title. I felt like it represented so many things beyond what it was. It also inspired the closing track on the album Deathknell which is a very doom heavy style story like a love letter I wrote to Mick. Like all My Ruin albums, religion and relationships always play muse to me when it comes to my writing. The Bible is a constant source of inspiration as is my life and the people who seem to come in and out of it over time.

Following trust issues in the last line-up you opted to record as a two piece. How did you overcome those issues when putting together a live band for the March tour?

My Ruin is my rock love child with Mick. It’s our baby and no one loves it the way we do and we don’t expect them to. We’ve learned over time that we can only rely on ourselves at the end of the day and that’s okay. At this point we just want to surround ourselves with cool people who are great musicians and fun to be around. It’s not worth all the drama having certain bizarre personalities in the band and having to deal with what that entails. On our March tour we will be joined on drums by Matt LeChevalier who previously toured with My Ruin from 2005-2007. He’s part of our family. Luciano Ferrea will be playing bass with us. Both guys are super talented musicians and we’re looking forward to sharing the stage with them in 2011.

My Ruin live dates:

09 March @ Thekla, Bristol
10 March @ The Railway Inn, Winchester
11 March @ Camden Underworld, London
14 March @ Club Revolution, Winchester
15 March @ Classic Grand, Glasgow
16 March @ The Cockpit, Leeds
17 March @ Rock City, Nottingham
18 March @ Hammerfest III, Prestatyn, North Wales

London After Show Party Announced!


Attention Friends & Fans in London!

You are invited to join us as we celebrate our 11 year Anniversary together in My Ruin with Luciano, Matt, Alana, Sanctorum & Headcharger along with all of you in London after our show at The Underworld on Friday, March 11th, 2011 @ 11pm!

The party is being thrown by Mick Wood of Monsta Entertainment who is promoting our Glasgow & Nottingham shows and has been cool enough to set this up for us in London! There will be *FREE ENTRY* for all those who come to our gig so keep your ticket stubs to show at the door! There will be a DJ spinning rock & our special requests for the evening and we look forward to dancing, drinking and hanging with everyone until 3am!

We will also be signing your posters, CD's and whatever else you want to bring with you to the party from the show or from your personal collection. Our good friend and rock photographer extraordinaire Don Jackson -Wyatt of Circle Pit who will be joining us on the road to document the tour for a special book we are creating together will be photographing our evening and capturing all the after show moments along with and our good friends and kick ass rock chicks Tor & Elly of Acid Pie Productions will be filming throughout the night to get some fun party shots to go with the video we are shooting of the show to celebrate our Anniversary on stage and will also be filming our shows at Bristol, Leeds, Wolves, Notts & Hammerfest!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at The Underworld and after at Nambucca! It will be a night to remember and a rock show you soon won't forget. The tour starts this week so get your tickets today at: &

and don't miss out on all the fun.

Mr & Mrs M


PS - Here is a link to the club:

Please keep in mind that the event listed will have nothing to do with our party which is being held in a different room!

For those of you on Facebook, here is a link to our event to share with your friends:

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Metalheadz - Pre Tour Interview!

Tour Q&A:

My Ruin 'Ghosts & Good Stories' UK Tour
by Citizen X


Next week see's My Ruin once against return to the shores of Britain, and as a country we've had a long love affair with Tairrie B, stretching back to the late 90's when she first came over with her bands Manhole & Tura Satana. So here at The Metalheadz we thought we'd talk to Tairrie and get the low down on the upcoming tour.

Citizen X: At this point My Ruin is just Mick and yourself, who have you got filling out the rest of the line up for this tour?

Tairrie B: We've got Luciano Ferrea formerly of Beggars Ball on bass and Matt "Frenchie" LeChevalier formerly of My Ruin circa 2005-2007 back on the drums. Matt has toured with us in the UK in the past, is in our video "Ready For Blood" and also recorded drums on our 2008 album "Throat full of Heart". Luciano is new to the My Ruin family but he feels like he's been with us the whole time. The 4 of us have a terrific chemistry together.

C.X: How have rehearsals with Luciano and Matt been going?

T.B: They've been killer. The band is tight and sounding like a brick wall at the moment. We're excited about the tour and our appearance at Hammerfest III on Friday, the 18th of March! Should be good fun and another great memory made.

C.X: Can you tell us about the bands you've got supporting you?

T.B: We're got our old friends Headcharger who are a French rock/metal band we know from our "Summer of Hell" Tour in 2006 when we played a few dates together in France. They're great guys and a terrific band that we're looking forward to introducing to the UK. Our drummer Matt is from the same town as they are in France and has also toured with them in the past. Sanctorum we met in 2008 when they supported us on our ReligiosiTour of the UK. They're a killer British metal band that I think more people need to see because they deserve some serious attention. We've become very good friends with them over the past couple of years and vocalist Aaron Sly will also be joining me on stage for one of our songs each night which I'm looking forward to once again. Their manager Terry Sly is tour managing My Ruin this time out and we couldn't have done it without him. He's really been my right hand man in helping to organize everything for the tour and look after us. It's going to be nice sharing the stage with both bands and making some new great memories together with all our friends & fans with our brutal blend of American, French and British rock & roll metal!

C.X: Being that you've toured with both Headcharger and Sanctorum before, is it good to have familiar faces out with you on the road?

T.B: It's great. We're all traveling together and staying in the same hotels every night so it's going to be one big happy rock family. We've also got an amazing photographer by the name of Don Jackson Wyatt joining us on the tour from Circle Pit who will be documenting everything we do before, during and after our shows for a unique end of tour book he is planning to make with me as well as a few people documenting with things with video. March 11th we're playing The Underworld in Camden which also happens to be my 11 year Anniversary in My Ruin with my husband/guitarist Mick [11:11] so we're having an after show party / meet & greet where all the fans can some hang with the bands for a few hours at a nearby club on a more personal level to help us celebrate our special night.

C.X: The Ghosts and Good Stories UK Tour is going to be pretty intense, as you're playing ten shows in ten days. Is that going to help increase the level of intensity in the shows?

T.B: Knowing how cold the UK is whenever we arrive and how hot we plan to get the stage every night and how much work we've put into this tour behind the scenes this time, our 10 shows in 10 days will most likely be some of the most intense ones of our life. We have a renewed passion at the moment in our band and it's come from having a new album and rhythm section that we're really happy about at the moment. It's nice to feel that fire again and I hope our fans will be feeling it with us once the tour begins.

C.X: You've always had a big fan base here in the UK, going all the way back to the Manhole/Tura Satana days, does that give you more of an incentive to tour here more often? Is playing in the UK something you always look forward to?

T.B: I have always loved the UK. While I've had a sort of love/hate relationship with the press side of things over the years, we've had a very loyal fan base on many levels that have always supported what we do. The press on our new album has been amazing and all the fans seem super excited we are coming back to debut it live for the first time. It's gotten a lot of love. It's a shame we never seem to have a decent label behind us to support and promote our band and albums properly however. We signed to Tiefdruck Musik hoping they would do right by our band and record but they dropped the ball before it even came out and just left us for dead to fend for ourselves basically so we had to sadly cut all ties and continue on our path without them. My Ruin is and will probably always be a DIY underground band. We've been doing it for ourselves for years and we're blessed that we can return to tour the UK with our 6th album and have the opportunity to play in front of so many people after so many years of highs, lows and everything in between. Luciano has never been to Britain so this will be his first time experiencing so many of the cool things we are looking forward to sharing with him and Matt once again.

C.X: Can you give us a few hints as to what the set list will include this time around? Any chance you might throw an old Tura Satana song in to the set?

T.B: In 2008 we had my former band mate Marcelo Palomino from Manhole/Tura Satana on drums with us [we also recorded a live album/DVD on this tour] so we threw a Manhole song into the set for fun but My Ruin has so many songs of our own now after 6 albums, we really do not have the room. My Ruin is about Mick & I and since he did not write those songs, it's really not that interesting for him to play them live as opposed to the ones we have created together. We're doing a few songs off G&GS, a few old favourites, our cover of "Have A Drink On Me" which we recorded for the Metal Hammer AC/DC Tribute CD last year and a couple other surprises. I think people will be very pleased with our set list. It's a barn burner.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ruins of Ayanez - Pre Tour Interview!

I had the pleasure recently of interviewing Tairrie [B] Murphy, the vocalist and frontwoman of Los Angeles’ hardest and heaviest rock and rollers MY RUIN, a band with a super DIY ethic that I greatly admire and support. Their new tour rolls into the UK in March.


GD: Which song from your new album ‘Ghosts and Good Stories’ would you most likely enjoy singing (or screaming) along to during a road trip with Mick?

TBM: We usually don’t listen to our own music on road trips. We prefer to listen to a mixture of old school gangster rap and 70’s rock compilations to get us from point A to B with a little bit of classic metal and low rider oldies in between! ;)

GD: Do you prefer working as a two piece in the studio? If so, was recording ‘Ghosts and Good Stories’ a more enjoyable experience than your last album ‘Throat Full of Heart’ where it was a full band recording or the album before that ‘The Brutal Language’?

TBM: It depends. Truthfully we find it to be easier and more time efficient to record this way simply because Mick writes all the music, demos it and knows the parts inside and out. Mick co produced our last 3 albums and with each one it was such a totally different experience in the studio. On ‘G&GS’ we recorded over an extended period of time and tracked the vocals and music in two different studios. The process was a little more meticulous and thoughtful than our previous albums because we didn’t have my arm almost getting ripped off in a freak car accident with me being hospitalized like on the eve of our first day in the studio like we did on ‘TFOH’ and we didn’t have our rhythm section quit on us in the middle of recording like we did on ‘TBL’. Who knows what the future holds. Someday we might record with a band again but for now it is just the two of us behind the scenes.

GD: Mick is regarded as something of an underground guitar god. This has become increasingly evident with his Neanderthal work and the last couple of My Ruin albums. Do you think he deserves more recognition in the rock press or do you think it’s better kept this way?

TBM: Mick is an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist and I would love it if he got more recognition as a musician in general, not just a guitarist. He has been featured in Guitar Player Magazine several times over the past few years and even been referred to as a “Best Kept Secret” by the editor Michael Molenda and listed in their “ Top 40 Most Underrated Guitarist of All Time” along side of some of his personal idols like Rick Derringer and Ronnie Montrose. I think he has grown into a great producer over the years and definitely deserves more attention for what he does musically because he works extremely hard at his craft and always has. He’s one of the few musicians I have met in my life who is not arrogant about his abilities. He’s humble and prefers to let his playing speak for itself which I really respect. Besides My Ruin he has recorded 2 full albums & a new 3 song EP for his metal instrumental side project Neanderthal and released 2 albums with me for our side project The LVRS which is cinematic spoken word set to doom style musical soundscapes. We have always been a DIY type of band and it’s frustrating sometimes that he is not more well known in the industry when there are so many guitarists with half his skills getting mad love and major hype & props out there and some really do not deserve the fame but the fact is that we do not have big team behind us with a manager, publicist and label promoting him or My Ruin for that matter so we do the best we can do on our own. It’s always nice to be recognized for your talent and gifts as an artist and the people who know Mick feel the same way I do about him.

GD: A lot of bands can be quite mysterious about life behind the scenes. My Ruin are very intimate and personal with their fans, something well documented with your online presence, but has there ever been anything you later wished you hadn’t posted online?

TBM: Of course. We’ve learned over the years that while the internet is a great way to connect with fans of your band it can also get very weird and scary in the blink of an eye and this has happened to us a few times. I joined Facebook to have a more personal connection with the fans of our band and while I love certain aspects of it, there are many things about it that freak me out. Sometimes fans and even friends can get very creepy with me and cross the line in my inbox or on my wall and that’s when it becomes uncomfortable.

GD: Are you relieved to see Matt LeChevalier back behind the kit? How is he enjoying playing Mick’s drum parts recorded for the new album live?

TBM: We are extremely happy to have Matt back in the band. We love Frenchie and were sad when he had to leave in back to France in 2007 because of visa issues. We had just recorded “Throat Full of Heart” and filmed our “Ready for Blood” video so it kind of threw us for a loop at the time but we stayed friends and when he found out about our upcoming UK tour and also the fact that his good friends from his hometown [Headcharger] who he has also played with were supporting us he wanted to be a part of things and we were excited to welcome him back to the family. A good drummer is very hard to find, especially in this town where there are so many people who seem to do a better job hyping themselves up and talking than actually rocking. Matt is probably the best drummer we have ever had in the band and the most professional. He’s got a unique style that is all his own and when he arrived at the studio for the first day of rehearsals he nailed everything perfectly down to the last fill because that’s just who he is. It was great to hear songs from the new album come to life for the first time with the band and Matt really respects Mick as a drummer as well so I think he is having a blast playing Mick’s parts. The guys are actually jamming together on a killer new Neanderthal song that just came about one day between the three of them very naturally when they rehearsed w/o me and it blew me away. I want them to play it live on our upcoming tour.

GD: Introduce us to your new bassist. Where did you find him and how is he fitting in?

TBM: Our new bassist is Luciano Ferrea. He is originally from Argentina but now a resident of Los Angeles. He’s rad. Mick, Matt & I first saw him play back in 2007 when his then band Beggars Ball opened a show for us we played on Mick’s birthday at a club called Safari Sam’s in Hollywood. When we started to put the new rhythm section together for the tour we decided that instead of putting the word out we were looking for a bass player and having to deal with a ton of freaks which is usually the scenario when searching for musicians, Mick and I just started thinking about who we knew or knew of that would fit our vibe musically and the band as far as image wise. We both remembered Luciano and felt he was a perfect fit so we decided to try and track him down online and meet with him. He’s cool as hell and adds the perfect low end. It’s nice to have someone in the band that actually smiles, has a positive fun attitude and wants to rock with us. Our new rhythm section is tight and My Ruin sounds like a brick wall at the moment.

GD: For the live shows this time around will we be hearing more medleys? Is “The Beauty Medley” going to make a return?

TBM: We’ve got so many songs now it was extremely difficult coming up with a set list this time. We are playing 5 songs from the new album and a few from all of our previous albums with a couple surprises thrown in that we haven’t played live in a while. The Beauty Medley has morphed into a new show closer featuring “Burn The Witch” and “Beauty Fiend” and we are also doing our cover of “Have a Drink on Me” which we recorded last year for Metal Hammer Magazines AC/DC 30th Anniversary tribute CD because our song/video has gotten such a great response. We’re all really digging on our current set list and hopefully our friends and fans will as well when we debut it.

GD: Your upcoming “Ghosts and Good Stories” UK tour in March is your first time back playing live since your ReligiosiTour of the UK in 2008. You have publicly spoken about the fact that things went down on this previous tour that forced you to do some serious soul searching because you were not sure you wanted to continue the band at one point. You and Mick also got married a few months after the tour ended. What made you decide to record another album and move forward?

TBM: That tour left us both numb in many ways and when it ended, a few long standing relationships in and around the band ended with it. It forced us to look at My Ruin and ourselves and deal with some serious issues and concerns we were both having on a professional and personal level in and around the band. My Ruin has always been our rock love child, it’s our baby and we have both worked so hard over the years to nourish it and watch it grow. We’ve been a DIY band since day one and on some levels that makes certain things easier but on other levels, it makes everything harder. We have never had a real label that supported or understood us musically and most of the managers, agents and publicists we have hired over the years to work with us were worthless for lack of a better word. I was doing their jobs the whole time and sometimes still do today. Kicking against the pricks gets exhausting at times but this is what we love so we do what we have to do so it can continue. When Mick & I got married it definitely shined a new and positive light on us and inspired us to be creative again. We signed a deal with Tiefdruck Musik and recorded and delivered the best album of our career which has gotten incredible reviews. Unfortunately the label owner turned out to be a dishonest, unprofessional, manipulative soulless beast that sabotaged its release before it even came out and had a chance to breathe. We have since cut all ties with him and his label and moved on to the next chapter of our musical path which we have been keeping a very close guarded secret that we plan to announce publicly sometime after the tour.

GD: Can you tell us a little about your support bands Headcharger & Sanctorum who will be joining you this time on the road? How do you know these guys and how did this come about?

TBM: Headcharger are a French band we met back in 2006 when they supported My Ruin on a few of our dates in France during our ‘Summer of Hell’ tour. They are actually really close friends with our drummer Matt who grew up in the same city and has toured with them as well in the past on drums. They’re a cool band and really nice guys. We asked them to be on the tour because we thought they would be a nice addition to the line up musically. It’s our chance to introduce them to the UK. Sanctorum are close friends of mine & Mick. We met them in 2008 when they came on our ‘ReligiosiTour’ with us. We had a real camaraderie with the guys and their manager Terry Sly on the road and it developed into a good friendship over these past 2 years. They’re a killer underground British metal band and they also have a new album coming out in March called ‘Semper Fidelis’. We’re looking forward to sharing the stage with both bands. It’s going to be a nice family reunion and a lot of fun.

Thanks to Gareth at Ruins of Ayanez for for taking the time to speak with us and his continued support of our band and music!


Mrs M

Painting by Amanda Pereira!

Tonight I was sent a link to an amazing new acrylic painting of me by the lovely and talented Miss Amanda Pereira. The photos posted were taken step by step documenting her creative process as the artist completed her evolution of my face on canvas. I thought it might be nice to share them here with you.

Mrs M

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

UK Tour Competition with Total Rock Radio!


Attention Friends & Fans in the UK - Here is another chance for you to WIN TICKETS to see My Ruin live, meet the band before the show and have a photo taken with us backstage! 2 TICKETS ✚ 2 GUESTS each night compliments of Total Rock Radio & My Ruin! Just visit the link below and answer this question:

[What is the name of our new album?]


Good luck!

Mrs M