NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Monday, February 28, 2011

My Ruin-†-Studio Rehearsals!

Hey Friends!

These are 3 behind the scenes teaser videos and a sneak peek of My Ruin rehearsing for our upcoming "Ghosts and Good Stories" March UK tour 2011, Hammerfest III appearance & LA Whisky a Go Go show on April 2nd for your viewing pleasure. Nothing fancy, just the rock. Enjoy!


Mrs M




Featuring clips from:
Our set intro "Lucifers Jam" - "Stick It To Me" & " Excommunicated".


Featuring clips from:
"Diggin For Ghosts - "The Devil Walks" & "Long Dark Night".

Featuring clips from:
"Memento Mori" - "Have A Drink On Me" & "Money Shot".


Filmed & Edited by Mick Murphy

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Metal Army.Com "Top Picks of 2010": #9!

Thank you to Cyndi Jo of Metal Army. Com - for including 'Ghosts and Good Stories' at #9 in her *Top 10 of 2010* picks! Once again, we appreciate the rock love.

#9 - My Ruin “Ghosts and Good Stories”

"A lot of times in the week I am awaken by the raunchy beauty of My Ruin’s “The Horror of Beauty” tracks that my iPod shuffle likes to pick, and I am still waiting on that morning that it finally decides to choose one from their “Ghost and Good Stories” release. Creeping away from the nu-metal found in past releases, Tairrie B. and husband/band mate Mick Murphy, approach a more Southern scenic and Sabbath inspired tunes. Tairrie B.’s low growls in “La Ciudad” and “Eyes Black” denotes her raspy shrieks that seem to eclipse the record. Many might totally hate the direction My Ruin has taken– certainly, it works for them and clearly, challenges any promises."


Mrs M

Metal Army .Com "Best Metal Picks of 2010" : #11

Thank you to Keith Chachkes of Metal Army.Com - for including 'Ghosts and Good Stories' at #11 of 25 in his *Honorable Mentions* for Best Metal Album Picks of 2010! We appreciate the rock love.


Mrs M

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blast From The Past: 2000 Video Interview!

Hey Everyone!

An old friend of ours and rock writer David Flint posted this video blast from our past on our band page today on Facebook from his website "Strange Things Are Happening". This interview took place on our 'Prayer Under Pressure' UK Tour and was Mick's first time touring with me after recording our first album together a few months earlier. I was a bit hesitant to watch it [for the obvious reasons ] but after it was done, I have to admit that I really enjoyed seeing this footage after so many years and it was also nice to see that everything Mick and I had to say as far as our opinions on topics touched on, still hold true today. It just goes to show that while certain things have changed in our band over the years, there are some things that will will always remain the same.

It's a trip and a walk down our rock memory lane that you just might enjoy checking out as much as we did so I have decided to repost it and share it with you here for your viewing pleasure. It's 22 minutes long and starts out a bit slow but it gets more interesting as it goes. We're looking forward to playing Rock City again on our upcoming UK Tour in March and Mr Flint will be backstage to interview us again as well for a follow up Anniversary chat. Should be good fun.


Mrs M


Interview December 2000

Back in the days when I was co-editing long-defunct music website Noise Culture, I caught up with My Ruin for this interview. The recording took place mid-afternoon in the 'palatial' dressing rooms of Nottingham's Rock City, where the band were playing that evening as part of their UK tour promoting second album 'A Prayer Under Pressure of Violent Anguish' - it was also the twentieth anniversary of the club opening, and so a big party night. Holding the camera and chipping in with comments about Nick Cave was David Achille, one-time guitarist with Aussie band Tumbleweed and a house guest of the time. But that's a whole 'nother story...The text of this interview appeared on Noise Culture, but the video has never been seen. I've left this unedited, so excuse my rambling questions. - David Flint

Thursday, February 17, 2011

March UK Tour - Street Team!

Attention UK Friends & Fans!

Because so many of you on Facebook have already offered to help us promote our upcoming UK Tour & Hammerfest III appearance in March, we have just sent out our first set of invites! For those of you interested in becoming a part of our underground guerilla style promotion street team, please drop us a line with your name & email address to:

We will send you an invitation to access an album with our tour advert, street poster art & club specific images for you to print and distribute to your local rock clubs, pubs, shops and shows to help spread the word and promote our dates in and around your cities over the next few weeks leading up to the tour.

Thank you again friends. We look forward to seeing everyone soon and we really appreciate you lending your time, energy and love towards our band to help make the tour a success.


Mrs M

Win Free Tickets!

The spirit of benevolence continues unabated it seems thanks to The Miniature Music Press in Cardiff in association with GRAB Promotions who are giving away tickets to some of the hottest shows coming to town....

"The Los Angeles hard-rock troupe bring their concrete, Southern sound back to Cardiff for what’s set to be one hell of a ripping show. You can expect the same tight riffs, impassioned vocals and all of the high jinx raucousness of an exploding black star."


Do you wanna win *Free Tickets* to see My Ruin on March 12th @ The Millennium Music Hall in Cardiff ? To enter the fray, send them the answer to the question below to at with My Ruin as the subject header.

Who is the lead vocalist of My Ruin?


My Ruin & Laney Amps: Just Play It!

Thanks to Chris Taylor @ Laney Amplification for including
My Ruin in Laney's latest promotional video


My Ruin will be once again rockin Laney Amps on our upcoming "Ghosts and Good Stories" UK Tour & Hammerfest III appearance in March but here are a couple rad shots sent to us from the past...

My Ruin @ Carling Academy-Birmingham, UK
[ Photos via Laney Amplification]

'Top 10 Album Picks' of 2010 on Ruins of Ayanez!

Thanks to Mr Gareth Davies for including 'Ghosts and Good Stories' in his list of 'Top 10 Album Picks of 2010' on the Ruins of Ayanez rock blog. !

Mr & Mrs M

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Detritus Magazine 'Top 10 Album Picks' of 2010!

Thank you to Miss Stephanie Davison for including 'Ghosts and Good Stories' in her staff writers list of 'Top 10 Album Picks of 2010' in Detritus Magazine. We appreciate the rock love and support!

Mr & Mrs M

Ghosts and Good Stories by My Ruin

Why: What is it about long-lasting underground bands that they tend to kick the asses of all of their mainstream counterparts? It’s because of the hard work ethic and their refusal to conform to what’s popular. Doin’ their way. And that is precisely what My Ruin embodies. GHOSTS & GOOD STORIES is both an emotionally deep album as it is thought-provoking.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Devolution Magazine Cover Girl!


Look who's on the cover of the new issue of Devolution Magazine UK just in time for Valentines! Pre order your copy of the new Anniversary issue #28 today at:

If you bring a copy of the magazine with you to a show on our March tour or Hammerfest appearance you can have it signed! Big rock love and a thank you to editor and rad chick in charge Miss Nickie Hobbs for having me and a great interview. Thank you also to my very talented husband Mick Murphy for the fabulous photographs and cover shot featuring my custom 'Rock Candy Rings' by BGD!

Mrs M