NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

The Gospel According to The Press


Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Photo by Don Jackson Wyatt - Wolverhampton, UK


Forget ℛesolutions

Make A Southern ℜevelation!

Dear Friends ,
As 2011 comes to a close and we celebrate the triumphant release of our new 7th album, we would like to remind you how important it is to stand by underground artists that continue to do it for themselves and invite you to raise your middle fingers to toast the true spirit of independence by rocking in 2012 with "A Southern ℜevelation" compliments of My Ruin.

Recorded this time last year in the snow covered hills of Tennessee, we bring you 10 tracks of pure hard rock heaviosity with a beautifully brutal blend of violent scream vocals and spoken word for your listening pleasure. Visit to download your FREE copy of our new 7th album and spend the New Year with our slaying of the beast!

For those of you who would like to make a donation towards our band, DIY ethic and art which allows and inspires us to create the music we make, not for the faint of heart, there is a "Donate" button on our blog and we wish to thank you for your continued support.

Although the album has been out for only a few short weeks, the reviews have been a stunning success. Here are a few quotes of the gospel according to the press:

"Husband and wife sludge metallers turn in their most personal work yet. Anyone familiar with My Ruin's formidable frontwoman Tairrie B will know she's always been able to whip up a shitstorm of anger with her acerbic pen and ground glass vocal performance alike. One of the most vital and impassioned albums released all year."

5/5 - Paul Travers / Kerrang! Magazine


"A Southern Revelation is the stuff that legends are made of and I believe it to be the bands best, most important and exciting record to date. Sounds like Ghosts and Good Stories meaner older sister, only badder and more defiant than ever."

Mike Ike / Invisible Monsters


"Mick Murphy's guitar playing shines through yet again with his beautiful tone and mesmerizing solo's coming to the fore. Another prominent factor is the groove the album has. I believe it would give Down a run for their money too. I can honestly say this is without a doubt the album of the year."

Don Jackson Wyatt / CirclePit.TV


"Having progressively honed their sound over the course of those ten years, in no part due to the connection between vocalist Tairrie and her husband Mick, My Ruin in 2011 is an absolute beast of a band and A Southern Revelation is an absolute beast of an album. Written in the darkest depths of Knoxville, Tairrie has penned some of her most brutal, her most honest and her most dramatic lyrics to date."

9/10 - Graham Finney /


"Mick Murphy's guitar solos provide a welcome nod back to a time when solos were an integral part of songs, pulling off some truly awesome shit along the way. It should also be no surprise that Tairrie spits incredible amounts of vitriol in her lyrics, railing against what I'm sure many of us with any musical integrity can appreciate. Fuck the vacuous shit that clutters record shop shelves with major label on the outside and utter shit on the inside, go get some real fucking music.”

Darrel Sutton /


“The duo of Tairrie B. Murphy and Mick Murphy are in lock-step with each other when it comes to the barren, but bruising biker metal sound they present. Most of it comes from Mick Murphy, who seemingly has a never-ending stable of riffs that Zakk Wylde or any faux Southern rocker would gnaw at.”

David E Gehlke / Blistering.Com


"A pretty intense offering from one of metal's most underrated acts. A focused, heavy and very listenable album on the surface with a seething pit of catharsis beneath, this could be the one to finally win the rest of the world over to My Ruin."

4/5 - Dani Hawkins /


"The moral of this album’s story - do NOT piss off Tairrie B. Pretty much everything you’d expect from a My Ruin album and, dare I say it, one of their strongest for a while. Like I say, definitely a sign that triumph can come out of adversity if you’re smart enough to focus your anger where it does the most damage – in your music. Recommended."

Andy James /


"A Southern Revelation takes you on a roller coaster of solid rock and raw metal sounds. Uniting everything that has allowed My Ruin to progress, it truly demonstrates the band's full potential."

4/5 - Erin Dodd / Soundsphere Magazine


"Call it nine shots of venom capped off with a chaser celebrating the good old days, served up as a middle finger dedicated to Tiefdruck Musik boss Daniel Heerdmann."

8.5/10 - Carl Begai /

"Recorded in Mick’s hometown Knoxville in January against a snowy winter wonderland backdrop, the album reflects the harsh, cold relentless weather conditions in which it was produced. With work starting a mere 4 months after the release of ‘Ghosts and Good Stories’, My Ruin managed to keep the whole project a secret from their fans before finally coming clean in September. As is now the norm with My Ruin releases, the metal-machine Mick Murphy plays all the instruments, writes all the music and co-produces the album. Tairrie B Murphy’s vocals continue to astound with each release, perfectly complementing her husband’s musical creations. These kindred spirits in rock cannot help but continue to impress."

Hayley Davies / Ruinz of Ayanez

"The beauty of this fiend is it bows to all the musical mavericks; gracefully tipping a hat, as much to the heaviness of Zeppelin as to the abstract funk of Dr. John. Simply ‘A Southern Revelation’ is awesome!!!"

Jonathan Taylor / An Armchair Critic

Thank you again to all our friends, fans and My Ruin familia worldwide for the continued love and loyalty as well as our amazing Southern ℜevelation team behind the scenes...Soundtrack Black Studio, Platinum PR, Monsta Ents, STC Touring, Kuznetsky Law Group, Laney Amplification, Auburn Fox and our band! See you all on the other side of midnight as we look ahead to the future and ring in a New Year that ROCKS!


Mr & Mrs M

"Woke up today and saw our life flash right before our eyes - Were left for dead but once again from ashes we will rise." - Reckoning

Knoxville, Tennessee
December 2011

The Funhouse - 90.3 WUTK!


Thanks to everyone who tuned in last night. It was an awesome train wreck and we had a blast hanging with our friends and DJ's Rob Levering & Derek Senter in the Funhouse on their 90.3 WUTK The Rock radio show here in Knoxville, Tennessee where we've been hiding out for the holidays. Make sure you tune into their show from 8-10 every Friday night at - Thanks again for having us down guys!

Shouts out to...Horns of The Headless, Finklesteen, Pick Up The Snake and Serene Scream! Looking forward to this evening when we all blow the roof off Soundtrack Black Studio [where we recorded our new album this time last year] together as we rock and ring in the New Year with all the Knox-Villains!

Mrs M

Me & Mr M

Me and the brothers Murphy

L to R -->with Rob, Mick, Sam III, Derek

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Devolution Magazine Cover Preview!

★ Rock 'N' Roll ℜevelation! ★

"We speak to Mick & Tairrie B Murphy about their fight back to the music industry and how they used their music as a weapon."


Check out the new cover of Devolution Magazine which has been unveiled and is coming soon featuring My Ruin interviewed by Editor extraordinaire and one of the hardest working women in rock Miss Nickie Hobbs!

The new issue also includes My Ruin's "Southern ℜevelation Tour" limited edition promo CD sampler I designed which features 2 tracks from our new album + 1 track from each of our support bands Godsized, Sanctorum & Long Day Fear with a spoken word introduction / personal message about the tour by yours truly!

These are nice mementos to bring to the shows and have signed by the bands so keep your eyes peeled to order your copy and show your support for true DIY independent artists & ethos!

Mrs M

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Merry Chris✝mas & Crimbo Friends!

Seasons greetings and thank you all for the lovely wishes to us over the weekend as we celebrated our wedding anniversary in Knoxville, Tennessee where we are currently spending the holidays! Your emails and messages to us on Facebook were very thoughtful, warm and kind.

If you have not yet had a chance to download our new *free* album " A Southern ℜevelation" please take a moment to give yourself the gift of rock from us with love by clicking on our "Download" button at the top of our blog and remember to share this link with your friends to spread the holiday cheer and ring in the New Year with My Ruin!

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support our band and our music over the years and up to the release of our 7th album. Thank you also to those of you who have taken the time to donate. As a DIY band, this is truly appreciated and means a great deal to us on a personal level to know that what we do matters to you so deeply and helps us to continue to do what we do and make the music we make on our terms for you.

Lastly, we would like to thank our amazing team behind the scenes who have had our backs this past year and helped make the release of our new album such a memorable and proud moment in our career.... Michael Kuznetsky - Mona Miluski - Joel Stooksbury - Mick Wood - Tor Burrows - Marcelo Palomino - Terry Sly - Luciano Ferrea - Isaac Lee and Chris Taylor of Laney Amplification. We love you guys and gals and we couldn't have done it without you!

To all our friends in and around the UK & Europe, don't forget to get your tickets to see My Ruin live with our special guests Godsized - Sanctorum & Long Day Fear on our upcoming "Southern ℜevelation" tour which is being brought to you by Monsta Ents / STC Touring and kicks off on my birthday in January 2012!

Click this link to join our events on Facebook for the shows/after parties!


Click this link to purchase tickets for all dates!®ion=xxx&category=misc&search=MY+RUIN&x=0&y=0


Click this link to purchase tickets for the My Ruin Coach Trip - London to France!


Mr & Mrs M

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Introducing - The 'Mi Ruina' Ring!

Dear Friends,
For a few months now I have been keeping a very well guarded secret close to my heart while working on a special project behind the scenes with Alex Palmer of Seventh Circle Artworks in the UK. Today I am excited to finally reveal that secret to all of you by way of this official press release!

Mrs M


London based custom jewellery company Seventh Circle Artworks is proud to announce the release of the new 'ℳi ℛuina' Ring designed by lead vocalist of the Los Angeles based metal band My Ruin and Blasphemous Girl designer Tairrie B on December 15th, 2011.

“When Alex Palmer approached me a few months back with the idea of collaborating on a high end design with him for his company SCA we were in the final stages of mixing our new album and I thought it would be a great opportunity for my two passions to come together and inspire each other. I began deconstructing and customizing one-of-a-kind limited edition merch for my band many years ago and in 2009 I launched my own online store for BGD [Blasphemous Girl Designs] - I love the concept of iconic, religiously cathartic statement pieces and covet worthy adornments. I put a lot of love and time into my collections which are all handmade and heartfelt. I think this is what the fans of my band appreciate about my designs and why I have such a loyal and dedicated following for BGD. I was flattered when Alex reached out to me wanting to work together. He is also a musician himself and we relate to one another as artists. With the 'ℳi ℛuina' Ring I wanted to create a keepsake that would have a timeless yet otherworldly feel to it and I think we achieved that. Although the number seven has a history that goes way back with deep spiritual significance, it also signifies something sacred for me on a personal level. I designed the ring to have 7 bands in honor of My Ruin’s new 7th album “A Southern Revelation” which we released as a free download and gift to fans on the 7th of December exclusively via our website at" - Tairrie B.

This spectacular sterling silver, 3-part jointed armor ring incorporates 4 plain bands and 2 rosary bands on each side with the Spanish inscription “ℳi ℛuina Por Vida" [“My Ruin for Life”] engraved into the knuckle band. Each ring is hand crafted in London, oxidized and smoked to give it a subtle vintage, aged effect and is available in sizes L – Z+2 for men and women. The 'ℳi ℛuina' Ring is also featured on Tairrie B in the bands recently premiered new video for 'Tennessee Elegy' which she co directed and comes scented in her custom blended signature BGD oil inside a black velvet pouch with a personalized signed card.

[Tennessee Elegy - Video Still]

“I chose the phrase “ℳi ℛuina Por Vida” because I felt this represents my commitment towards my band and everything I believe in as an artist. It’s a motto of strength and stamina which goes hand in hand with the armor vibe and I hope fans and non fans of my band will be able to appreciate the sentiment behind it, along with the intricate detail and beauty in the way it was crafted with both feminine and masculine qualities which compliment each other. When Alex sent me the original master I was thrilled to see how amazing it turned out. It’s a bad ass ring and perfect way to adorn your middle finger!” – Tairrie B

Seventh Circle Artworks is a small, London based company specializing in custom made, hand crafted jewellery featuring 2 main artists/designers – Alex Palmer and John Poulter, between them combining over 15 years experience in the jewellery trade, underground rock/metal music scene and fine art/sculpture. The collaboration with Tairrie B of My Ruin follows on from SCA’s other work with doom metal legends Saint Vitus, Candlemass, Macabre and VON, Kirk Windstein, Jimmy Bower and Phil Anslemo from Down, alt. model/clothing designer Nina Kate and bass legend Ron Holzer of Trouble.

The 'ℳi ℛuina' Ring will be available exclusively at

Direct Link to Purchase:!__online-shop/my-ruin

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dom's Iron Sandwich - Video Review!


Check out what the awesome Dom Lawson of MUZU TV & Metal Hammer Magazine has to say in his video about My Ruin and "A Southern ℜevelation" - A simple "thank you Don" doesn't seem to sound sufficient because holy sh!t, we never expected this!


Mrs M

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

5K - Kerrang Magazine Review!


Just found out we got our first 5/5K's in the new issue of Kerrang! Magazine out today in the UK. What a great way to celebrate the release and our slaying of the beast! Thank you to Paul Travers for this perfectly timed and awesome review.


Mrs M

MY RUIN - "A Southern ℜevelation" - KKKKK

Husband and wife sludge metallers turn in their most personal work yet.

Necessity might be Plato's mother of invention but adversity appears to be the progenitor of darkly vehement passion. Anyone familiar with My Ruin formidable frontwoman Tairrie B will know she's always been able to whip up a shitstorm of anger with her acerbic pen and ground glass vocal performance alike. In the past this has been trained on concepts such as misanthropy and religion but here she takes a more personal tack.

The inspiration might be relatively prosaic (lets face it My Ruin aren't the first band to consider themselves to have been stiffed by former recorded company) but songs like Middle Finger and The Soulless Beast are transformed into tales of personal betrayal and imbued with a near biblical sense of wrath.

Musically, they're at their most focused and compact, eschewing the trackless swampland they've been know to traverse in favour of driving slabs of momentum and some of the sharpest, most serrated hooks they've ever set down. This all makes for one of the most vital and impassioned albums released all year and with the band still unsigned, they're making it available for free from their website. Only a fool would miss out

By Paul Travers

Download: The Soulless Beast
For Fans of: Rollins Band, Cancer Bats & Electric Wizard

3 Killer Songs From My Ruin's Catalogue:
"Beauty Fiend" - A Prayer Under Pressure of Violent Anguish - 2000
"Ready For Blood" - Throat Full Of Heart - 2008
"Long Dark Night" - Ghosts and Good Stories - 2010

A Southern Revelation - FREE DOWNLOAD!

gif maker

Dear Friends,
It's after midnight and officially December 7th in Los Angeles which means, our new 7th album "A Southern ℜevelation" is awaiting you for your listening pleasure. Download our new album for free on the header link above and invite your friends to do the same. For those of you who have written us asking what you can do to help support our band and have offered to contribute to our DIY cause, this means a lot to us. Thank you. We have set up a “donate” button on our blog and we appreciate your continued rock love and support of our music and art.

Thinking back to the recording of our album with long time friend and co- producer Joel Stooksbury at Soundtrack Black Studio in snowy hills of East Tennessee, brings back many wonderful memories for us. We hope when you hear our new album you will feel the passion we put into it and understand why we felt the need to write and record it.

Thank you to our amazing friends and family who have stood by us and had our backs these past months -Michael Kuznetsky - Mona Miluski - Terry Sly - Mick Wood - Tor Burrows - Luciano Ferrea - Isaac Lee - Sam Murphy III - Marcelo Palomino and especially Joel Stooksbury along with his lovely wife Mindy for opening their hearts, home and studio to us. Go team!


very truly yours,
Mr & Mrs M
= ✝ =

Photo by Marcelo Palomino

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Album Release Party!

It's 'A Southern ℜevelation' Celebration!

Dear Friends,
My Ruin and ALS Presents would like you to join us for an intimate evening of rock this Saturday night December 10th to celebrate the release of our new seventh album "A Southern ℜevelation" which we have officially made available as a *FREE DOWNLOAD* and gift to fans on December 7th!

On The Rox is the private club located above The Roxy Theatre. Doors open at 8pm and we suggest you arrive early to ensure admittance. The party is 21+ and *FREE* but you must RSVP on the*GUEST LIST* to get in. Please email with your name and the number of guest you will be bringing.

My Ruin will be doing a special set with songs from our new album and we will have a few surprises thrown in the mix on stage. There will be drink specials at the bar named in honor of our new album + our good friend Scott Wood AKA - DJ Ska D will be on the turntables spinning our favorite classic rock and old school rap tunes before and after the show.

So remember to save the date, share our event and RSVP for the guest list to come dance, drink and rock hard with us until 2am!

DJ Ska D 8-10

My Ruin 10-11:30

DJ Ska D 11 -2

Mrs M

Saturday, December 3, 2011

'Tennessee Elegy' - Video Premiere!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are proud to present our long awaited new video for


Directed by yours truly, Tor Burrows and Marcelo Palomino.

Enjoy the lament!

Mrs M

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Video Premiere Delayed!

Dear Friends,

Due to circumstances beyond our control, our new video premiere for


has been postponed until tomorrow. It seems all the power in our home/neighborhood went out late last night because of the crazy windstorm in Los Angeles, Thanks mother nature! We are currently at our studio on our trusty laptop as we are unable to access our home office computer at the moment which has our files. We promise our new video will be online as soon as possible, in the meantime here are a few more teaser shots for you and we apologize for the delay.

Mrs M