NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

The Gospel According to The Press


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

BGD Mailing & Thank You!

Attention Blasphemous Girls & Guys!

I've been meaning to let everyone know that all the orders from my online store have been shipped and they are on their way! My apologies for the delay but there is a lot going on behind the scenes with the set up for our new album at the moment. This was my biggest launch yet and with all the solid perfumes, oils, jewelry + My Ruin merch that sold out, the wrapping and packaging it all was pretty time consuming as I wanted everything to be beautiful upon its arrival and your opening. As many of you know, the personal touch is important to me when it comes to my designs. That being said, please make sure to drop me a line to my inbox to let me know your packages got to you all safely and post some photos for me with your new BGD! I can't wait to see them all and thank you again for the continued support and rock love for my music and art.

Sacred to the heart.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Beauty Fiend Live!

We've just come across a hot rockin video in our vault which was filmed live at the infamous Mean Fiddler in London, England on our Brutal Language Tour' back in 2006. The venue has since been demolished so this is a wonderful memory to have caught on film with so many friends and familiar faces in the front row.

Were YOU there?

Filmed by Muckspreader

Thursday, January 24, 2013


We've been reluctant but it seems to be a necessary evil so we've given in to the dark side and decided to make a new Twitter account for the band which we've recently launched.

 For those of you who tweet please take a moment to follow us 


Friday, January 18, 2013

The Birthday Girl!

Photo by Andy Watson

"Sacred are my lips of red, they bleed like opened veins. Stained with scarlet passion and bruised with crimson rage. They speak of new beginnings and scream of violent ends. Protect me from my enemies, forgive me for my sins."


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello Twenty Thirteen!

Happy New Year and thank you to everyone who bought a Blasphemous Girl Design in twenty twelve. Looking back, created 5 collections of wearable art for the individual at heart that I'm really proud of. The last of which launched in December with great success. I feel very blessed knowing that we have some incredible fans of our band who never cease to amaze us with their undying rock love and support of my art as well as our music.


Goodbye Twenty Twelve!

Last night I laid to rest my old soul. Let the past bury it's dead and friendships which have turned cold. I can't say that I was sad to see twenty twelve go. This has been a strange year filled with many highs and lows. The highlight for me was shared with Mick Murphy & Luciano Ferrea recording the new My Ruin album with Joel Stooksbury at his Soundtrack Black Studio in Tennessee. By far my fondest memory, favorite people and what I'm most looking forward to bringing to life together in twenty thirteen.

My resolution is my mood.
To keep it sacred and start anew.