NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

The Gospel According to The Press


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

BGD Mailing & Thank You!

Attention Blasphemous Girls & Guys!

I've been meaning to let everyone know that all the orders from my online store have been shipped and they are on their way! My apologies for the delay but there is a lot going on behind the scenes with the set up for our new album at the moment. This was my biggest launch yet and with all the solid perfumes, oils, jewelry + My Ruin merch that sold out, the wrapping and packaging it all was pretty time consuming as I wanted everything to be beautiful upon its arrival and your opening. As many of you know, the personal touch is important to me when it comes to my designs. That being said, please make sure to drop me a line to my inbox to let me know your packages got to you all safely and post some photos for me with your new BGD! I can't wait to see them all and thank you again for the continued support and rock love for my music and art.

Sacred to the heart.