NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Welcome [back] To Violence Interview Part 2!

"Long before Arch Enemy vocalist Angela Gossow was a metalhead household name, way before In This Moment’s Maria Brink and Walls Of Jericho’s Candace Kucsulain became screamo pin-ups, Tairrie B. Murphy was shredding up a vocal storm. My Ruin’s new album, Ghosts And Good Stories, features Tairrie at the top of her game and out for blood. The fact that the aforementioned bands boast flashier promotion and bigger tours than My Ruin hasn’t left her bitter, just more determined to continue educating people with quality mayhem."

Carl Begai


Part 2 and of my interview with Carl Begai of Brave Words Bloody Knuckles has just been posted in our press section in 3 pages for your viewing pleasure. I just want to thank Mr Begai once again for talking the time to talk rock shop with me in such depth and for all the amazing amounts of support he has shown My Ruin on our new album!

Mrs M

Classic Rock Magazine Review!

Return of the Killer B!

"My Ruin frontwoman Tairrie B doesn’t so much open her heart to you as rip it still beating from a gaping wound in her chest before forcing the bloody mess down your throat. While her partner Mick Murphy provides the frantic, doomy, metallic backbone to their music, but it’s B’s bloodletting howl, visceral fury and hair tearing emotional outpouring that has always, and still does, give My Ruin their razorblade of an edge.

As ever, rich and bloody Catholic imagery clashes explosively with nihilistic, non-believing despair. Her raw screams rail against the vapid pursuit of celebrity (Money Shot) and the physical and moral decay of Los Angeles (La Cuidad) before she turns her fury on herself in the confessional Suicide Tuesday, finding hope and light amongst the bleakness with the line “Tuesday feels like suicide but I just want to live”. Ghosts And Good Stories may well be the most intense experience of the year."

By Emma Johnston

Thank you to the talented wordsmith Miss Emma Johnston for her impressive review of our new album in the latest issue of Classic Rock Magazine just posted in our press section!


Mrs M

Detritus Magazine Review!

"The divine Tairrie B and multi-instrumentalist maestro Mick Murphy are one hell of a hard rock/heavy metal duo. Together the pair are the blood, sweat and tears- the unholy embodiment that is My Ruin. If you’ve never heard of them, then you haven’t been diligent in your underground digging. My Ruin was born of the “Patron Saint of Blasphemy”- the one and only, Miss Tairrie B back in 1999. And now, ten years later, through hell and high water, they have proven to be not only alive- but resilient as ever. GHOSTS & GOOD STORIES is their sixth studio album, which has received raving reviews so far, and is about to get another one with this review. My Ruin is not your everyday typical metal band. They are a band rooted in rock n’ roll, yet also have been baptized in the brimstone of the devilishly wicked underworld of heavy metal. Tairrie is all over the vocal spectrum- she shreds and screams with utmost ferocity, giving metal elites a run for their money. And then she brings us back down into a somber chasm, where her harrowing spoken-word style pierces you through the heart, communicates to your soul, and chills you to the bone.

Mick Murphy impressively plays every instrument on the album-the drums, bass and guitar. The man must live and breathe music, because the album is put together so seamlessly and professionally. GHOSTS & GOOD STOIRES is christened by the opening track, “Diggin’ For Ghosts,” which, with the first stroke of the guitar, surges into a bleak, yet menacing abyss. As the guitars squeal with their eerie charm, the hair raises on the back of your neck. The drums sonorously pound in, and then Tairrie’s steely voice slithers in, sounding layered in half a ghostly whisper, half venomous spoken word. My Ruin has a penchant for penning lyrics anointed with religious terminology, and “Diggin for Ghosts” is on par with that. “Tie the wires around my head, pound the nails into my flesh and I’m bleeding again,” Tairrie declares in a spellbinding and sultry tone. “Long Dark Night” catapults us out of the melancholy milieu that we wallowed in during, “Diggin for Ghosts.” “Long Dark Night” wreaks rock n’ roll havoc, ignited with the inextinguishable fury of Tairrie’s scathing vocals.

“Eyes Black” was a particular favorite of mine. It’s an unrelenting attack on Islam and sheds the light of truth on how inhumanely women are treated. The lyrics epitomize Tairrie’s pride in being the most blasphemous girl around. The following track, “Money Shot,” reviles young women who are more preoccupied with sex appeal than striving to have substance or self-respect. The opening line, “Get ready to shoot yourself” summarily says it all. The drumming blazes and thrashes, perpetuating a steady beat and keeping it catchy. “La Ciudad” dazzles as it follows the electric current of the guitar. Fusing smoldering spoken word pieces with damning death growls, the song exposes Hollywood for the gilded city it is. Miss B desecrates its highly revered status, as the cheap, gold exterior chips away. “Suicide Tuesday” is wrought with palpable guitar work worthy of worship. Tairrie cuts like a searing knife, shrieking out her lungs in raw passion. “Saviorself,” is replete with Tairrie’s trademark “anti-pious poetry.”

“Turned Out” is My Ruin’s tribute to the Rollins Band. This is another cover song in a string of several that the band has recorded as of late. The album draws to a close with “Deathknell,” which is inked with emotion and pensive acrimony. It’s a personal reflection, which shows that even though they have endured turbulent tides, My Ruin have persevered through it all, and they will continue to do so. Every song on GHOSTS & GOOD STORIES brings something new. Tairrie shatters the proverbial glass ceiling with an assassin’s tongue, chastising many of society’s ugly features and Mick complements it by creating a profusion of musical pizzazz. It’s an album that demands your attention and keeps you fully engaged from start to finish. Amen to that! "

Rating [A]

By Stephanie Davison


A huge thank you to Miss Stephanie Davison of Detritus Magazine for her wonderful wordslinging and eloquent review of our new album which we have just posted in our press section. You rule and we're looking forward to our interview soon lady!

Mrs M

Monday, September 27, 2010

Super Rock Sunday Podcast!

We had a great time yesterday hanging with our pal and favorite underground DJ - Crazy Craig on his 'Super Rock Sunday' show. It was a loose fun vibe and we shared some personal stories in between playing a few songs from our new album + a few killer tunes from some of our friends and favorite bands. For those of you who missed the show [because we know it aired very late in the UK & Europe] you can click the links below and check out both hours in Parts 1 & 2 which Craig has posted online as a podcast for your listening pleasure. Feel free to share these links with your friends and check out the bands we played if you're not already familiar with them.




Killing Joke [The Raven King] Absolute Dissent

My Ruin [Burn the Witch] The Horror of Beauty

Melvins [The Water Glass] The Bride Screamed Murder

My Ruin [Excommunicated] Ghosts & Good Stories

Orange Goblin [Whiskey Leech] Coup de Grace

Ana Kefr [Tonight We Watch the Children F**king Burn] Exclusive

My Ruin [Diggin' for Ghosts] Ghosts & Good Stories

Goatsnake [Prayer for a Dying] Flower of Disease

Death Work Professionals [Natural Born Killaz] Exclusive

A Million Miles [What's Left Behind] Left E.P.

Sahg [The Executioner Undead] I

My Ruin [Abusing the Muse] Ghosts & Good Stories

My Ruin [Have a Drink on Me] Metal Hammer AC/DC Tribute

Neanderthal [Special Seat in Hell 2.0] Grandes Canciones E.P.

Sanctorum [Against Us All] Ashes of Redemption

It's Casual [The New Los Angeles] The New Los Angeles

My Ruin [LA Ciudad] Ghosts & Good Stories


Thanks again to Craig for inviting us down to

his rad rock show and make sure you tune in to
every sunday from 3-5 for more kick ass music!
Mr & Mrs M

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Super Rock Sunday Show!


We will be live in the studio talkin rock shop and hangin with our longtime friend DJ Crazy Craig TODAY from 3pm-5pm Pacific time on his kick ass "SUPER ROCK SUNDAY" show on

We invite you to join us as we shoot the $#!t and chat about our new album 'Ghosts and Good Stories' and all things metal with one of the coolest underground DJ's around. For those of you in a different country or city make sure you check for the right timezones [for instance it will be 11pm -1am in the UK] and for those of you who can't join us, never fear because Craig will be posting the interview on as a podcast sunday evening and we will be posting the link here in our blog for you to check out! It should be a good time had by all so make sure to try and tune in and join

Mr & Mrs M

Extended Album Streaming!

Extended Full Album Streaming
SEPT. 25th - OCT.1st

Dear Friends,

Since we've gotten such a great response online and as a gift to make up for our postponed tour dates which were originally scheduled to take place starting last night in London - we have decided to stream our album for another week! If you haven't heard it yet, we invite you to have a listen here on our Reverb Nation player on our music page and for those who have please continue to let us know what you think of it because we love to hear your thoughts and the awesome feedback you've been giving us.

Also make sure to share our link with your friends on your various Facebook, Twitter, My Space pages & Blogs and order your copy of 'G&GS' today [if you haven't already got it] by visiting one of the links posted on our music page if you can't find it in your local record stores at the moment!

with heart,
Mr & Mrs M

TNR Review!

"Misogyny. Politics. Religion. Sexism. Vanity. Misanthropy. It’s all in My Ruin’s sixth full length album, Ghosts and Good Stories. And true to form, vocalist Tairrie B. (Murphy) is at the helm, leading the revolution with her brutal assault. To understand My Ruin you have to understand frontwoman Tairrie B.’s history. You’d be hard pressed to find a current female metal vocalist that doesn’t list Tairrie B. as an influence. And when I say female vocalists, I’m not talking about that Epica and Nightwish operatic crap either. I’m talking about metaphorical balls to-the-wall, blood curdling vocals that sound as though they originated in the pits of hell.

I was introduced to My Ruin through their second full length album, A Prayer Under Pressure Of Violent Anguish, and was simply floored by Tairrie B’s raw aggressiveness. Her career spans over two decades; from her days starting out as a solo rapper (yeah, that’s right), to forming Manhole/Tura Satana in 1993 and finally My Ruin in 1999. She’s a music industry veteran that has done it all, and has blazed paths for so many female vocalists since, it feels unfair to draw any comparisons. So I won’t even bother.

The current incarnation of My Ruin is that of a two piece- Tairrie B. on vocals and her (now) husband Mick Murphy fulfilling guitar, bass and drum duties. The result of this refined lineup is a fairly concise album to evidence a clear and focused vision. In true Tairrie B. form, Ghosts and Good Stories provides copious amounts of spoken word upheld by ferocious, throaty verbal assaults. Forget the indulgent, operatic vocals and clean singing from most female metal vocalists these days, because you’ll get none of that here.

“Diggin’ for Ghosts” starts the album out with down tempo, sludgy riffs and spoken word. “Long Dark Night” comes blazing out of Hell’s Gates in a successful act of redemption, and serves as one of the album’s strongest tracks. Immediately following is another of the album’s highlights, “Excommunicated”. Tairrie B. really shines while screeching the lyrics “In a world that makes me sick, I will be your heretic.” just before the song slows back down into more fuzzy, distorted Southern-style guitar riffs. “Eyes Black” addresses the issue of women being forced to cover their faces in the name of religion, and is done so with unrelenting gutturals and lyrical attacks.” Money Shot” is quite an interesting song. Simply put, it lambastes women who are willing to take their clothes off for fame.

“Abusing the Muse” is another of my favorite tracks from the album. It features a hook that will resonate with you for hours after the song is over. It’s drenched with more heavy, distorted guitars and ruthless, throaty vocals as Tairrie unflinchingly confronts modern religion. “Turned Out” is a cover of the Rollins Band classic as only My Ruin can do it. Immediately following is the album’s closing track, “Deathknell”, which is primarily driven by spoken word. It’s doom-laden, haunting, and eerily captivating. If you’re looking for an album that oozes anger, misanthropy and aggression without apologies, you’ve certainly found it!

By Jen Rochester


Thank you to Jen Rochester at The New Review.Net for her terrific review of our new album.


Mrs M

Friday, September 24, 2010

September 24th!

Oscar Wilde once said 'It's easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.' Today I write with a heavy heart from Los Angeles as it's already tonight in London and I'm in no mood to forgive either as I find myself once again feeling a strange brew of emotions and a mixure of meloncholy mad which can be potent muse when infused with the truth.

You see, today the 24th of September - My Ruin should have been in the UK playing our first show of what was to be the first tour for our new album surrounded by many special friends and then onto Europe after the party. We were originally scheduled to headline Islington Academy this evening but due to what i've been biting my lip [and calmly as I can for the moment] keep referring to as *circumstances beyond our control* these past 2 months, we were forced to postpone our tour until March 2011. I must admit, it's been hard not coming out and speaking loudly about what we've been put through but all good things come to those who wait and that day of reckoning will come just as this day of mourning will surely pass.

We're working on confirming dates now for March and soon we will have them to share with you along with a very special and unexpected surprise that will blow your minds to follow but in the meantime, I raise both my middle fingers to the assjacks who never had our backs in the first place and raise my glass and toast to those who continue to support us in all their rock loyalty for tonight is truly a night of 'Ghosts and Good Stories' and I would like to ask all our friends in the UK who have our new record to turn up the volume and blast that baby loud and proud. For those of you who have still not got it in your hot little hands or downloaded onto your iPods, go to our music page and stream it on your computer speakers and we will be there with all of you this evening in spirit.

Mrs M

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

UK Stockists for G&GS!


Great news! We have just been sent the full list of names from our distributor in the UK and told that our new album has shipped, is in stock this week and currently available to purchase at the the following stores and online mail order companies we have listed below. Thank you again for waiting so patiently for our CD's to arrive. We will be posting more info for other territories as soon as it becomes available to us.

with heart,
Mr & Mrs M


S T O C K I S T S:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Full Album Streaming!

Dear Friends,

As you know 'Ghosts and Good Stories' has been available on iTunes for the past month however, it did not come out as we were told it would by Tiefdruck Musik on the dates scheduled for the UK, Europe and the US. We are currently still in the process of contacting our distribution companies to find out exactly when and where our new album will be available in stores in all territories and as soon as we know, we will post the information and let you know. We apologise for the delay as we had no idea our album had been pushed back, once again due to circumstances beyond our control.

We feel blessed to be getting so many amazing reviews and some of the best press of our career and want to thank our incredible rock press goddess Miss Mona Miluski for all of her hard work, dedication and loyalty to our album and band. This all speaks volumes to us and reminds us that all of our efforts have not gone unnoticed or uncared for. While there is always a certain struggle, there is also a certain satisfaction that comes with being a DIY band and holding your album in your hands for the first time knowing that you put your hearts, souls and selves into the making of it from top to bottom. Our new black & white digipack which we created to include a 16 page booklet and enhanced behind the scenes studio movie documenting the making of our album is a dark and beautiful interpretation of the songs inspired by the vintage family photo on our cover and is something a bit different for us visually speaking this time. The art sets the mood and the music sets the tone for who My Ruin have become as a band on this, our 6th full length recording.

There have been many changes within and around My Ruin over the years and over these past few months but while the usual suspects create chaos in and around us, we have tried to stay true to what we do, which is to make the music we love and share it with you. While it feels great knowing people are really diggin the new album the way they are on such a worldwide level, our reviews kinda feel like a big tease to those of you still waiting patiently for your pre-ordered hard copies to arrive in the post or to your local record stores.

So with that in mind,
we have decided to do something special for you in the meantime....

Starting today and for the next 5 days only, we will be streaming all 13 tracks of our new album in full for you to check out by clicking on the above photo which links to our Reverb Nation player on our music page here in our blog. We have also posted the lyrics to all of our songs for those of you who want to scream along! We invite you to get to know our new rock baby and encourage those of you who have not yet ordered our latest offering of 'Ghosts and Good Stories' to click on one of the links also listed on our music page and place your orders today!
Please feel free to share our links with your friends and help spread the word about our new album and let us know your thoughts on it via our band and personal pages on Facebook where we enjoy connecting and talking to all of you. Thank you for the continued love and support of our music and art.

Our FANS are the best, RUIN the rest!

with heart,
Mr & Mrs M

Welcome [back] To Violence Interview Part 1!

"My Ruin is a family affair and their new baby has fangs. All according to plan. The offspring in question is Ghosts And Good Stories, the sixth album from a band that are considered cult favourites and underdogs by the press – often in the same breath – and revered by those that have taken My Ruin to heart. Those fans may be surprised to learn that vocalist / founder Tairrie B. Murphy and guitarist / multi-instrumentalist / husband Mick Murphy came close to putting the band on ice following the Throat Full Of Heart album from 2008. Following some much needed soul-searching it was decided instead that the world could do with a re-booted kick in the teeth, resulting in an album that has the potential to elevate My Ruin’s status to new heights amongst the metal-loving legions. "

Carl Begai


I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Carl Begai of Brave Words Bloody Knuckles about My Ruin's new album and a few other things on our minds at the time which turned into a very interesting conversation and gave us a lot to talk about so he decided to break it up into 2 parts. The second segment will be posted later this week but for now, we have posted the first installment of 2 pages in our press section for you to check out. Thanks to Mr Begai for taking the time to do such an interesting interview with me!

Mrs M

Mass Movement Feature!

"To open your heart to someone means to expose your scars of the past. Looking back it’s hard to believe I actually went through something like this and came out alive on the other side when it could have easily ruined my life.

It sometimes feels like a dream but each day when I meet the new day with my scar I know the nightmare was real and so was the car. It all happened so fast but I can still smell the sweet scent of the metal and taste the crash. I remember waking up sometime after midnight in a brightly lit room of white surrounded by doctors smiling and trying not to scare me as I lay on the table eye’s trying to focus on my surroundings with a liquid drip in my hand attempting to numb my skin and flesh within covered in a blanket up to my neck . A hot mess and the aftermath of a car wreck. I guess they didn't want me to see my injury before I went into surgery. The first of four to follow and a graft. Which almost lead to my arm being cut in half."


I recently did an interview with Mass Movement Magazine from the UK for an ongoing segment ironically enough called "It Ruined My Life." I was asked to write about something intense that happened to me which changed me and ruined my life in some way good or bad depending on the story and circumstance I guess. I took a little different approach and decided to do a let my poetic stream of conciousness flow in the moment with my memory. For those of you who would like to read my full story, a larger version has been posted in our press section for your viewing pleasure!


Mrs M

Metal Hammer Review!

"My Ruin have mutated into something truly monstrous in recent years, as the chemistry between Tairrie B and Mick Murphy has evolved and sprouted wicked wings. Ghosts And Good Stories picks up where 2008’s Throat Full Of Heart left off, with an exhilarating barrage of warped stoner metal riffs and blister-razing gutter-punk that lurches from harrowing, slow-motion menace (Diggin’ For Ghosts) to floored-accelerator sludgecore (Long Dark Night); the whole scabrous din held together by its creators’ unswerving passion. Easily the filthiest, heaviest and most exciting thing that Tairrie has put her scream to, this may not reach anyone beyond My Ruin’s die-hard following, but wildly infectious hymns to rage like instant sing-along Money Shot could incite a riot in a Buddhist temple."


Thank you to the hard rockin Dom Lawson for the killer review of our new album in the latest issue of Metal Hammer Magazine out now! As per usual Mr rule!

Mrs M

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New BGD Collection!

Attention Ladies & Gents!

I have recently posted my new collection of Blasphemous Girl Designs featuring one of a kind custom made jewelry & deconstructed, repurposed clothing. My newest additions to my store include Jackets, Vests, Burlesque Sets, Hats, Relics, Religiosity Rings, Crucifixes, Cameo Zodiac Pendants, Ex-Votos, Leather Cross Pendants and back by popular demand, my most requested item Rock Candy Rings! Each as unique as the person who wears them and the perfect gift for yourself, a friend or significant other!

Why Be Beautiful

When You Can Be

B L A S P H E M O U S?


Mrs M

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kerrang Feature!

"A distillation of furious power and fierce intelligence littered with evocative, poetic lyrics and spoken word passages."


I would like to thank Paul Travers for taking the time to talk with me about My Ruin's new album and for his kind words in this weeks new issue of Kerrang Magazine which is on stands now in the U.K. and out next week in the U.S.! The last time I talked rock with Mr Travers was over 10 years ago and when I was in Tura Satana and it was a pleasure catching up with him again. For those who would like to read the feature, a larger version has been posted in our press section for your viewing pleasure. Thanks also to Miss Lisa Johnson for the sweet photo!


Mrs M

Planet-Loud.Com Review!

"There is no middle ground when it comes to My Ruin. Everyone has their opinion – some love them, some hate them but, whatever your feelings, there is no denying that when Tairrie Murphy and her now husband Mick Murphy connect in a recording studio, something very special happens. After eighteen months locked away then, it comes as no surprise that their latest offering, Ghosts And Good Stories, sees the pair create a piece of work as powerful as fans have come to expect.

Followers of the band will note that, over the years, there has been a gradual power shift in the My Ruin camp with Mick Murphy joining Tairrie as a main player in defining the My Ruin sound. Whereas the early days saw the line-up rotated with each album/tour, it came as no coincidence that the sound became more settled and defined as Murphy’s signature guitar sound became more of an integral element of the My Ruin sound. As is the norm now, wailing Sabbathy riffs and Down-esque grinding metal pepper the material the pair have created with head-pounders like Malediction best summed up as loud and riffy as fuck. Of course, it’s impossible to ignore vocalist Tairrie Murphy as well who, having spent the last eighteen months of her life experiencing the spectrum of personal highs and lows, delivers a 100% throat-shredding performance yet again leaving most male-vocalists for dust even when, on the likes of Suicide Tuesday, she intertwines her much loved spoken-word inspiration into the work.

With a title like Ghosts And Good Stories, try and avoid listening to this album in a dark room but do listen to it with the stereo cranked up to an ear-bleeding volume. However you choose to listen to this marvelous piece of work, be warned, by the time the haunting Deathknell brings the curtain down on this album, you’ll have just spent the last hour experiencing the true beauty of horror. "

Rating [9]

By Graham Finney


Thank you to Graham Finney for the kind words and great review of our new album on his kick ass rock website Planet-Loud.Com. Mr Finney has always been a true supporter of our music for many years and we appreciate the continued rock love and respect.

Right back at you sir!

Mrs M

Friday, September 10, 2010

BWBK Review!

"My Ruin’s sixth official full length album – is their strongest outing since A Prayer Under Pressure Of Violent Anguish from 2000. On the musical front ‘Ghosts And Good Stories’ surpasses everything the band has done thus far."

"Ms. B’s performance is always in your face. Her full-on screech was second to none before Pro-Tools screwed up the industry, and her performance on Ghosts And Good Stories (‘Excommunicated’, ‘Suicide Tuesday’, ‘Abusing The Muse’) serves notice to lovelies like Maria Brink (In This Moment) and Candace Kucsulain (Walls Of Jericho) that delivery is everything. And in this case, brutally effective."


Thank you to Carl Begai of Brave Words Bloody Knuckles for his terrific review of our new album. Always a pleasure reading the rock words of Mr B. For those of you interested in checking out his full review please visit our press section!

Mrs M

Murphy's Raw Interview!

"Murphy has long been regarded as an unsung guitar hero by those in-the-know. Perhaps best described as possessing an Angus Young-meets-Tony Iommi style of shred, he puts in a raw wall-to-wall performance on Ghosts And Good Stories that will appeal to both the no-nonsense rock and aggression-happy metal masses. His diversity as a player shines through on the new record more than on any other My Ruin album."

[Carl Begai.Com]


Visit our press section and check out the new interview between my better half Mick Murphy and rock scribe extraordinaire Carl Begai of Brave Words Bloody Knuckles posted recently on Carl's personal music website. A nice read indeed!

Mrs M

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kerrang Magazine Review!



"As the singer and figurehead of Manhole and Tura Satana in the 90's Tairrie B was among the first to channel screaming metallic rage through a female perspective. As 'Ghosts and Good Stories' brooding opener 'Diggin for Ghosts' gives way to the furious 'Long Dark Night' and the vocalist gives vent to her inner demons, it's clear she's not mellowing with age. Trimmed to a two piece (consisting of Tairrie and her multi-instrumentalist husband Mick Murphy), My Ruin create an abrasive, sludgy noise, punctuated by moments of melody and calm. It's stark, confrontational and aggressive, but also fiercely intelligent,ensuring the duo stay one step ahead of the screaming angst-ridden pack. "

DOWNLOAD: Long Dark Night
FOR FANS OF: Crowbar, Amen



Thank you to Paul Travers for the amazing stand out review of our new album in a recent issue of Kerrang Magazine just posted in our press section. On point sir!

Mrs M

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Big Cheese Interview!

"Over the years it's very hard to rely on people in the music industry, whether it's someone at a label or someone in your own band. At the end of the day we have learned we can only truly rely on each other. People make promises, break promises and break your heart. It happens all the time." It may sound cynical, but such are the words of metal queen and lead singer Tairrie B Murphy.

[Sarah Cakebread / Big Cheese Magazine]


My Ruin are happy to announce that we are featured in the new issue of Big Cheese Magazine which has just come out this week in the UK so make sure to grab yourself a copy on stands now! For those of you who live in the states, you can pick up your copy of Big Cheese later this month when it hits our shores and magazine stores! To read our new 2 page interview please take a moment to check out the pages we have just posted in our press section. Thank you to Miss Sarah Cakebread for taking the time to talk about the rock with us.

Mrs M

Friday, September 3, 2010

Devolution Magazine Covermount CD & Review!

"Ghosts and Good Stories their sixth volume literally has to be their most unified, binding, creative, epic whirlwind of pure velocity to date, fact."
[Nickie Hobbs/Devolution Magazine]

My Ruin has an exclusive track from our new album 'Ghosts and Good Stories' featured on the CD that comes with the latest issue of Devolution Magazine which is out now in the UK! The *FREE* covermount CD also features a new track by Neanderthal which is the metal instrumental side project recordings of Mick Murphy as well as a track by our side project Death Work Professionals with G&GS co producer Josh Lynch & Rhiis D. Lopez of Ana Kefr.

If you haven't got it make sure to pick up a copy or order it online at and support the true DIY design aesthetic of the editor Miss Nickie Hobbs who rocks and has always been a huge supporter of us. Nickie also gave My Ruin a killer review of our album in the same issue which has been posted in our press section for you to check out!

Mrs M

Rock Tribune Magazine Interview & Review!

My Ruin are happy to announce that we are once again featured in another Belgian rock magazine this month called 'Rock Tribune' from the Netherlands with a cool 2 page interview. For those of you who speak dutch please take a moment to check out the pages we have just posted in our press section and for those of you who cannot read dutch, never fear as the editor Stef Maes was kind enough to translate his album review for us to english just for you! Thank you to Mr Maes for taking the time to chat with us about our new album!

Mrs M

Femme Metal Interview & Review!

"Before there was Otep, In This Moment, The Agonist and countless other bands with aggressive sounding female vocals, there was Tairrie B."
[Tony Cannella/Femme Metal.Net]

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with the lovely Miss Robin Stryker of Femme Metal Webzine about My Ruin's new album as well as a few other interesting topics touched on. For those of you who would like to check out the interview we have posted 5 new pages in our press section today along with a fantastic 85/100 album review!


Mrs M

Thursday, September 2, 2010

2 Free Downloads!

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of AC/DC's classic 'Back In Black' album, Metal Hammer Magazine put together a kick ass cover mounted tribute CD to accompany their new July 2010 issue and invited My Ruin to be a part of the high voltage party by covering one of our favorite AC/DC songs of all time...'Have A Drink On Me'.

For those of you who did not have a chance to pick up a copy of the limited edition collectable CD we are posting our track here as a *FREE DOWNLOAD* for your listening pleasure!

We have always been big fans of AC/DC since we were very young, they were a part of the soundtrack to our lives growing up and we're both honored to be a part of the tribute CD because for us AC/DC represent rock & roll in its purest form. My Ruin has done covers over the years ranging from Black Flag to Nick Cave to Rick Derringer but this was definitely the most fun we have had recording someone else's song and we even managed to capture our day on film in a video [which Mick edited] for you to check out so that made it even more special.

We recorded and mixed our tribute track with our good friend and co producer Josh Lynch at Entourage Studios in North Hollywood, Ca. where we spent a few months recording our new album 'Ghosts and Good Stories' and we had a great time.

We also came across another fun cover song we recorded back in 2004 when My Ruin were on our 'Horror of Beauty' Tour in the UK. The song is 'War Machine' by KISS which we played on this tour and recorded live in the studio for Ian Camfield's rock radio show on XFM!

We have also made this track available to download *FREE* as well and we invite you to click the link below and add both songs to your My Ruin related collection of recordings and share our link with your friends!

Enjoy the Rock,
Mr & Mrs M

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mindview Magazine Cover, Interview & Review!

"The mix of American powercore, metal and thrash keeps you on your feet from the beginning to the end"
[ Peter Rotthier/Mindview Magazine]

My Ruin are happy to announce that we are featured on the new cover of the Belgian rock magazine 'Mindview' from the Netherlands with a nice 7 page interview. For those of you who speak dutch please take a moment to check out the pages we have just posted in our press section and for those of you who cannot read dutch, never fear as the editor Peter Rotthier was kind enough to translate his album review which made 'Album Of The Week' and earned an impressive 6/7 in the last issue to english just for you! Thanks again to Mr Rotthier for the kind words and for taking the time to chat with us about our new album!

Mrs M

On an interesting side note: Back in 1996 Mindview was the very first cover I shot for when I was in my first band Manhole!

Rocksound Magazine Review!

"My Ruin are evidently focussed on satisfying their fans - Ghosts And Good Stories is a perfect ode to the kind of grimy, smoke rock the band trade in. Being written and recorded purely by the My Ruin core (Tairrie B and Mick Murphy) has ensured the full preservation of the band's signature angst and faintly dark road rock - as on Saviourself."

[Richard Cartey]

New album review in RockSound Magazine posted in our press section. We decided to remove a few ridiculous lines and recommendations for fans by way of comparisons which made no sense and in the end we were left with a couple decent things said about our record from someone who obviously couldn't be bothered to listen very deep or see beyond the usual tits and ass [since that's the only thing we have in common with those two bands mentioned in the original version] and apparently expected our 'behind the scenes' video to include something other than our recording sessions. Sorry to disappoint you Mr Cartey but the whole idea of documenting the 'making of'' was to show what went on in the studio while creating our album, not fill our film full of fluff and dumbed down corny bullshit that had nothing to do with the creative process.

Sorry you couldn't grasp this very simple concept but thanks so much for snarky little comments. It's always fun to return the favor and yes, we are focussed on satisfying our fans but first and foremost we our focus is on satisfying ourselves. For those of you who want to read Mr Cartey's 'unexceptional' but full review pick up a copy. We won't bore you with the silly details!

Mrs M

Devolution Magazine Review!

We here at Devolution are not strangers to the works of My Ruin and it is common knowledge that I personally am an avid fan and friend of the band, so with that information I want to make it clear that there are no bias opinions when sitting down to write this review. If anything I am one of their harsher critics. In albums gone by husband and wife super duo Mick Murphy and Tairrie B Murphy have gone up against the grain several times to put out some insanely terrific music with absolute substance and sheer force and I’d like to state that for the record ‘Ghosts And Good Stories’ their sixth volume literally has to be their most unified, binding, creative, epic whirlwind of pure velocity to date, fact.

Tairrie may still intensely sing a tune of broken LA, betrayal, loyalty, love, friendship with a topping of JD, hard rock and self awareness but this time she sounds as venomous as ever (yes the levels seem to rise with each release!) and her throat seems to have healed of old wounds letting her scar it all over again with this album offering. That along with the aid of uber talented and were-not-worthy style appraisal it is Mick Murphy that provides the unbreakable backdrop of technical melodies and licks that every musician on the planet wants to aspire to.

He also plays every other instrument as well as co-producing it with Josh Lynch which is testament to the trust and musical wavelength he is on with Tairrie, Personally the ‘duo go it alone’ style approach has been their best decision to date and with tracks like ‘Money Shot’ and ‘Saviourself’ that have us pitting like crazies along with the first ever anthem chorus styling of ‘Repose’ which will certainly be a live firm favourite. Sampler song should definitely be ‘Abusing The Muse’ which has the Tairrie B scream stamped firmly upon its metal plate and really gives those vocals a workout as the shredding of a Tennessee vibe caresses each word. The adversity has never ever come between or broken them, the music itself speaks ferocious volumes, the combined love, trust and mirrored admiration is what gels them through and its Ghosts and Good Stories that keep us on our toes and continue to shock, surprise and constantly entertain us.

[Nickie Hobbs - Editor in Chief]

Big rock love to Miss Nickie Hobbs for sharing her thoughts so eloguently about our new album in the latest inssue of Devolution Magazine out now in the UK! Nickie rocks and has always been our #1 supporter in the DIY underground music scene which we respect!

Mrs M

Soundsphere Magazine Review!

"This is a powerhouse of an album. It packs a lot of power both vocally and musically
which is what My Ruin has always done well. "

Thanks to Mike Grey for the 4/5 review of our new album in Soundsphere Magazine. To read the full review please visit our press section!

Mrs M

Decibel Magazine Review!

"Not M. Night Shyamalan’s specialty. It’s fun to make assumptions. Let’s glance at the cover of the new My Ruin album, shall we? It’s a black and white shot of a mildly creepy suburban house (think The Amityville Horror 1890). And the songs: “Long Dark Knight,” “Money Shot,” “Abusing the Muse”—whatever old-timey ghost porn they’re selling, I’m buying!

Thanks to Kirk Miller for the interesting words about our new album in the latest issue of Decibel Magazine. Apparently Mr Miller has a little trouble reading album titles ie: [Long Dark Night] which by the sound of his above quote might lead you to believe the song is actually about a well hung black adult film star! Gotta love [and laugh] at having our album compared to "old-timey ghost porn".

To read more of what Kirk had to say about our album check out our press page and hey, atleast he got this right below so props to defying expectations right back at ya Mr M! ;)
"Southern-tinged, Sabbath-y guitar assault, over which Tairrie rails against religion, more religion and, most succinctly, the current crop of vapid female pop singers"


Mrs M

Creepy Insight Review!

"Tairrie was one of the first female vocals to sing in this particular and inovattive style (early 93) within the metal scene, however, it´s rare to hear someone quote her name as an influence within the metal scene. She was the first to shout the lyrics like this, to make the girls at ease to give it a try too, but no one gives her credit for that."


Thanks to Hugo Countinho for the old school rock shout out and cool review of our new album at Creepy To read the full review please visit our press section!

with heart,

Mrs M

Blistering.Com Review!

"Ghosts and Good Stories, My Ruin’s sixth studio album, blows all of the others out of the water. A combination of everything that makes My Ruin so remarkable, the duo (married, that is) of Tairrie B. and Mick Murphy have made what is creative, angry, passionate, and fun! This charming husband and wife duo kick ass, colloquially speaking, and Ghosts and Good Stories is their latest testament of this."

"In short, Ghosts and Good Stories is gracefully bone-chilling, filled with teeth-chattering terror, and leaves your unworthy soul melted in a puddle on the floor. A masterpiece! "

Thank you to Miss Sara Heitman of for taking the time to listen and write such an incredible review of our new album. You can read the full review along with all the insightful things Sara had to say by visiting our press section.

Our first 10/10 for 2010!

Mrs M


Dear Friends,

Welcome to MyRuin.Net!

To celebrate the release of our latest album 'Ghosts and Good Stories' we have decided to launch a new blog for 2010 and it seems we have a bit of catching up to do because the stunning reviews & interviews have already started pouring in and we're thrilled to be getting such an amazing response! We have posted a few bits and bobs to kick things off starting with our first interview of the new album with Devolution Magazine a few months back but there is much more to soon follow in the next few days as we get in the swing of things!

We will be updating our blog weekly with all of our latest press clippings and My Ruin related news on our album, band and side projects! Thank you for the continued rock love and support throughout our journey and into our next chapter and wherever this dusty road takes us. We hope you enjoy our new 6th studio recording and would like to invite you to follow our blog if you are a part of our family of friends and stop by to visit us often at our new online home.

with heart,

PS - Special thanks to our fellow 'Death Work Professional' Mr Rhiis Lopez of Ana Kefr for always having our backs and lending his left hand black to the technical side of things and teaching me the ways of online design. xo TBM