NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rocksound Magazine Review!

"My Ruin are evidently focussed on satisfying their fans - Ghosts And Good Stories is a perfect ode to the kind of grimy, smoke rock the band trade in. Being written and recorded purely by the My Ruin core (Tairrie B and Mick Murphy) has ensured the full preservation of the band's signature angst and faintly dark road rock - as on Saviourself."

[Richard Cartey]

New album review in RockSound Magazine posted in our press section. We decided to remove a few ridiculous lines and recommendations for fans by way of comparisons which made no sense and in the end we were left with a couple decent things said about our record from someone who obviously couldn't be bothered to listen very deep or see beyond the usual tits and ass [since that's the only thing we have in common with those two bands mentioned in the original version] and apparently expected our 'behind the scenes' video to include something other than our recording sessions. Sorry to disappoint you Mr Cartey but the whole idea of documenting the 'making of'' was to show what went on in the studio while creating our album, not fill our film full of fluff and dumbed down corny bullshit that had nothing to do with the creative process.

Sorry you couldn't grasp this very simple concept but thanks so much for snarky little comments. It's always fun to return the favor and yes, we are focussed on satisfying our fans but first and foremost we our focus is on satisfying ourselves. For those of you who want to read Mr Cartey's 'unexceptional' but full review pick up a copy. We won't bore you with the silly details!

Mrs M