NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Detritus Magazine Review!

"The divine Tairrie B and multi-instrumentalist maestro Mick Murphy are one hell of a hard rock/heavy metal duo. Together the pair are the blood, sweat and tears- the unholy embodiment that is My Ruin. If you’ve never heard of them, then you haven’t been diligent in your underground digging. My Ruin was born of the “Patron Saint of Blasphemy”- the one and only, Miss Tairrie B back in 1999. And now, ten years later, through hell and high water, they have proven to be not only alive- but resilient as ever. GHOSTS & GOOD STORIES is their sixth studio album, which has received raving reviews so far, and is about to get another one with this review. My Ruin is not your everyday typical metal band. They are a band rooted in rock n’ roll, yet also have been baptized in the brimstone of the devilishly wicked underworld of heavy metal. Tairrie is all over the vocal spectrum- she shreds and screams with utmost ferocity, giving metal elites a run for their money. And then she brings us back down into a somber chasm, where her harrowing spoken-word style pierces you through the heart, communicates to your soul, and chills you to the bone.

Mick Murphy impressively plays every instrument on the album-the drums, bass and guitar. The man must live and breathe music, because the album is put together so seamlessly and professionally. GHOSTS & GOOD STOIRES is christened by the opening track, “Diggin’ For Ghosts,” which, with the first stroke of the guitar, surges into a bleak, yet menacing abyss. As the guitars squeal with their eerie charm, the hair raises on the back of your neck. The drums sonorously pound in, and then Tairrie’s steely voice slithers in, sounding layered in half a ghostly whisper, half venomous spoken word. My Ruin has a penchant for penning lyrics anointed with religious terminology, and “Diggin for Ghosts” is on par with that. “Tie the wires around my head, pound the nails into my flesh and I’m bleeding again,” Tairrie declares in a spellbinding and sultry tone. “Long Dark Night” catapults us out of the melancholy milieu that we wallowed in during, “Diggin for Ghosts.” “Long Dark Night” wreaks rock n’ roll havoc, ignited with the inextinguishable fury of Tairrie’s scathing vocals.

“Eyes Black” was a particular favorite of mine. It’s an unrelenting attack on Islam and sheds the light of truth on how inhumanely women are treated. The lyrics epitomize Tairrie’s pride in being the most blasphemous girl around. The following track, “Money Shot,” reviles young women who are more preoccupied with sex appeal than striving to have substance or self-respect. The opening line, “Get ready to shoot yourself” summarily says it all. The drumming blazes and thrashes, perpetuating a steady beat and keeping it catchy. “La Ciudad” dazzles as it follows the electric current of the guitar. Fusing smoldering spoken word pieces with damning death growls, the song exposes Hollywood for the gilded city it is. Miss B desecrates its highly revered status, as the cheap, gold exterior chips away. “Suicide Tuesday” is wrought with palpable guitar work worthy of worship. Tairrie cuts like a searing knife, shrieking out her lungs in raw passion. “Saviorself,” is replete with Tairrie’s trademark “anti-pious poetry.”

“Turned Out” is My Ruin’s tribute to the Rollins Band. This is another cover song in a string of several that the band has recorded as of late. The album draws to a close with “Deathknell,” which is inked with emotion and pensive acrimony. It’s a personal reflection, which shows that even though they have endured turbulent tides, My Ruin have persevered through it all, and they will continue to do so. Every song on GHOSTS & GOOD STORIES brings something new. Tairrie shatters the proverbial glass ceiling with an assassin’s tongue, chastising many of society’s ugly features and Mick complements it by creating a profusion of musical pizzazz. It’s an album that demands your attention and keeps you fully engaged from start to finish. Amen to that! "

Rating [A]

By Stephanie Davison


A huge thank you to Miss Stephanie Davison of Detritus Magazine for her wonderful wordslinging and eloquent review of our new album which we have just posted in our press section. You rule and we're looking forward to our interview soon lady!

Mrs M