NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Devolution Magazine Review!

We here at Devolution are not strangers to the works of My Ruin and it is common knowledge that I personally am an avid fan and friend of the band, so with that information I want to make it clear that there are no bias opinions when sitting down to write this review. If anything I am one of their harsher critics. In albums gone by husband and wife super duo Mick Murphy and Tairrie B Murphy have gone up against the grain several times to put out some insanely terrific music with absolute substance and sheer force and I’d like to state that for the record ‘Ghosts And Good Stories’ their sixth volume literally has to be their most unified, binding, creative, epic whirlwind of pure velocity to date, fact.

Tairrie may still intensely sing a tune of broken LA, betrayal, loyalty, love, friendship with a topping of JD, hard rock and self awareness but this time she sounds as venomous as ever (yes the levels seem to rise with each release!) and her throat seems to have healed of old wounds letting her scar it all over again with this album offering. That along with the aid of uber talented and were-not-worthy style appraisal it is Mick Murphy that provides the unbreakable backdrop of technical melodies and licks that every musician on the planet wants to aspire to.

He also plays every other instrument as well as co-producing it with Josh Lynch which is testament to the trust and musical wavelength he is on with Tairrie, Personally the ‘duo go it alone’ style approach has been their best decision to date and with tracks like ‘Money Shot’ and ‘Saviourself’ that have us pitting like crazies along with the first ever anthem chorus styling of ‘Repose’ which will certainly be a live firm favourite. Sampler song should definitely be ‘Abusing The Muse’ which has the Tairrie B scream stamped firmly upon its metal plate and really gives those vocals a workout as the shredding of a Tennessee vibe caresses each word. The adversity has never ever come between or broken them, the music itself speaks ferocious volumes, the combined love, trust and mirrored admiration is what gels them through and its Ghosts and Good Stories that keep us on our toes and continue to shock, surprise and constantly entertain us.

[Nickie Hobbs - Editor in Chief]

Big rock love to Miss Nickie Hobbs for sharing her thoughts so eloguently about our new album in the latest inssue of Devolution Magazine out now in the UK! Nickie rocks and has always been our #1 supporter in the DIY underground music scene which we respect!

Mrs M