NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Sunday, November 28, 2010 Fan Review - Rachel Lewandowski!

Thank you to the lovely Miss Rachel Lewandowski for her terrific recent fan review of our new album on - We love it! xo

5/5 - Unstoppable Groove Meets Immovable Honesty!
November 23, 2010
By Rachel J. Lewandowski "RL" (Chicago, Il, USA)

Some bands refuse to evolve, remaining stagnant musically and lyrically from release to release. My Ruin has never been one of those bands. The husband and wife duo of Mick and Tairrie B Murphy has given birth to their most exciting album yet, thick with a southern groove that would make Down and COC envious.

From the opening track 'Diggin for Ghosts, with it's sinister guitar riffs and Tairrie's trademark spoken word style leading the way, to the mosh-pit worthy 'Long Dark Night', I highly recommend turning your speakers up to 11. The southern sludge of 'Excommunicated' is purely breathtaking, with the vocals switching between a venomous whisper and a full-fledged scream in a way that only Mrs M can make sound amazing. 'Abusing the Muse' is another stand out track, rich with vocal texture and dense guitar layering that, I suspect, is going to sound absolutely amazing in a live setting. 'Malediction' is one of those tracks that makes you feel like you just got hit in the face with a tire iron, and has the kind of guitar work that should make most musicians extremely envious. The closing track, 'Deathknell', is the ideal way to end this brutal masterpiece. The mix of spoken word and throaty screams, blended with the dark, sinister tone that Mick Murphy has set with the expertly crafted music, is both ominous and defiant.

Disregard the imitators, and stick with the original. This album will tempt you to max out your speakers and play every track on repeat.

Saturday, November 27, 2010 Fan Review - Vic Croughan!

Thank you to long time friend of our band Miss Vic Croughan for her beautiful fan review of our new album on - Perfect! xo

5/5 - An American Haunting!
November 21, 2010
By Cloned Dodo (Herts, UK)

From the moment you hear the opening track on the latest offering from My Ruin you are taken on a journey. This is the bands 6th studio album and it just proves that My Ruin just get better and better. Each album seems to tell a story in the bands history and this album is no exception.
Recurring themes of religion, redemption, romance and the darker side of things are all present here however also is the anger at social and world injustices, remember this is coming from Tairrie B a woman who has never been shy at speaking her mind. With each scream, you can feel the truth behind honest lyrics such as:

"These streets are lined with lies
LA's an ugly face that wears a good disguise
This town has lost it's shine
The hills have desperate eyes"

Whilst Tairrie B Murphy may be the Queen of Screams and Mick Murphy a demon on guitar My Ruin are no one trick pony - far from it! There are parts of the album that let Tairrie's talent for spoken word shine and with Mick's soundscapes helping to set the mood help create a truly unique sound. If you haven't heard My Ruin before then for God's sake do yourself a favour and get this album. It's dark, brooding and yet delivers a punch to the gut in term of raw rock!

Prepare to be haunted!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

"Nothing exists until or unless it is observed. An artist is making something exist by observing it. And his hope for other people is that they will also make it exist by observing it. I call it creative observation. Creative viewing.”

[William S. Burroughs]

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 Fan Review - Sam Murphy!

A very special [and personal] thank you to Sam Murphy [who has always been a huge supporter and champion of our band for many years now] for posting his thoughts about our new album on - You rule bro! xo

November 16, 2010
By Sam III (West Virginia, USA)

Such a crystal clear mix and brilliant sound. All the puzzle's pieces seem to fall into place. Deep and thoughtful lyrics that are passionately conveyed through a voice rivalling the very best of this genre, very driven, powerful and gripping, and consumed with contagious energy. Mrs. M has broken new ground, again. The instrumental clarity can be attributed to its singularity, which is defined by Mick Murphy playing all the instruments, as well as producing the record along with Josh Lynch, and both obviously doing so with acute, inveterate and caring ears.

My Ruin has a long and hard earned history of creating powerful and progressive music. G&GS is THE top of their heap, and for that matter the top of the whole contemporary metal heap. I dare call it the metal album of the year.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Enhanced CD Studio Movie!

Dear Friends,

As many of you will remember, during the making of 'Ghosts and Good Stories' we posted updates from our recording sessions on our personal and band Facebook pages to share our time in the studio with everyone. When we started our new blog a few months ago, we decided to post those individual videos of the music and vocals being tracked in our 'Studio' section as well for your viewing pleasure. Now that the album has been out for a while, we thought it would be nice to share part I & II of the full re-edited studio movie that comes on the enhanced CD of our new album. Enjoy!

Mr & Mrs M

Monday, November 8, 2010 Fan Review - Chelle Nolte!

Thank you to Miss Chelle Nolte for taking the time to write a rad fan review of our new album which she posted today at - You rock lady! xo

5/5 - Beautiful Brutal, it'll rip you a new one!

November 8, 2010
By Blueisis69 ( Urbana, Ohio USA)

I am a recently baptized fan of My Ruin, joined the metal flock just a few years ago...and I must say, 'Ghosts and Good Stories' is their uber child! I love this album; it has all the screams, roars, snarls, and spoken word, we love Tairrie for...and all the hardcore, sludgy, and bada$$-in-your-face riffs that we love Mick for! And let's not to forget to mention that Mr. Murphy played ALL the instruments and co-produced the album! {Mick is there ANYTHING you can't do?} There is soooo much metal out there to choose from, and My Ruin has found such a great formula, it works, it's good, and it's truth! This album shows how well Tairrie and Mick work together, and exactly what they are capable of. All the tracks are tight, and well written, and there is not a song I skip over like I do on most of my cds!

Overall, I was impressed! And for me not to change the cd in the car stereo for a month says something! All the tracks feature something I like; for instance, the slow, 'dirgy' sounding intro song, 'Diggin' for Ghosts', is one of my favorite tracks simply because it is edgy, deep, and dark. It's lyrically tight, just as all the songs are. The drum intro on 'Excommunicated', pounds my skull into a pulp, and well, I am just happy about it! 'Suicide Tuesday' gets me rockin' hard in the car, and I love to scream along to this! It's fast and heavy, and kinda danceable! {In a head-bangin' way!} Tairrie gets into the low, throat-gnawing mode for 'Eyes Black', which is a serious song, and is very personal to her, and should be to all women!

And of course, since I tend to refer to Mrs. Murphy, as the 'Female Rollins', I have to give her and Mick mega-kudos for the awesome job they did on the Rollins Band cover of 'Turned Out'! Tairrie snarls and screams her way through that song like a champ! Like I said on another review of this same album; Hank would be proud... Those are just a few of the gems here that I listed, but every track is so well done, it is hard to pick a favorite!

This is an excellent album, by an extremely underrated band, and you really won't be disappointed if you buy it! And you know what? Don't just buy it cause it's a 'girl' screamin'! Buy it because talent like this, just doesn't come along everyday!

Sunday, November 7, 2010 Fan Review - Jack Osborne!

Thank you to Jack Osborne for taking a few minutes to share his thoughts on our new album which he posted today at - We love ya JackIE! xo

November 7, 2010
By Jack M. Osborne (London, England)

Some one once wrote; After listening to My Ruin's "A Prayer Under Pressure of Violent Anguish" album "You actually have to check you CD Player for Blood stains".

Well, with "Ghosts and Good Stories", you actually ought to bless, baptise then exorcise your sound system because there is now a demon that lives inside of it. Perhaps the most haunting album produced yet - drowning each track thick in their deadly musicality, My Ruin have never steered far from their gut wrenching sound, that has kept them so above the masses. Where some metal bands dive straight into aggression, My Ruin's additions to the rock industry are always well thought out and as a result come off never the less aggressive but controlled.

Mixing the dark vibe of story telling with furocious, heart stopping riffs and solos, Ghosts and Good Stories remains exilerating throughout. Once again Mick Murphy lays his hands on all 3 parts of the rhythm section as previously done in 'The Brutal Language', and thank god he did! We are all aware that this album would not be the same with anyone else's hands, but his deep inside of it. It's like no other female fronted album anyone has ever made. Ghosts and Good Stories proves that our girl; Miss Tairrie B Murphy is still and always will be QUEEN B.

Although there is most certainly a chilling doom type vibe , there is still however that groovy, upbeat and even tongue in cheek statement to fill the rest of the album in songs like 'Money Shot' sung with all the attitude and conviction Tairrie holds inside, still manage to reflect My Ruin's comical side. For me this is the perfect combination of everything the band have ever done in the past. Demonic, charming, eery and fierce, but then what else would we expect from a once Gangsta Rapper turned Metal Queen, and Rock's Best Kept Secret; Mr Mick Murphy.

Thursday, November 4, 2010 Fan Review - Clint Brewer!

Thank you to Clint Brewer for the killer new fan review of our album just posted today at - WOW! We have to post this awesomeness and share it with you! xo

5/5 - My Ruin hit a metal home run with new album!

November 4, 2010
By Clint Brewer (Mt. Juliet, Tennessee USA)

The two-piece Los Angeles band My Ruin have been all about breaking with the metal status quo over their 10-year existence. Their new album "Ghosts & Good Stories" takes their DIY attitude toward heavy music a step beyond by breaking most of the accepted boundaries and conventions of the often narrow-minded metal community. The result is an album which drives and stomps effortlessly through genres, blending heavy musical style after style into an ultimately unique sound that arrives and delivers real rock in a modern musical landscape where there is far too little. Call it Murphy's New Law. Husband and wife team Tairrie B. Murphy (throat/spoken word/lyrics) and Mick Murphy (lead guitar and all other instruments) hit a heavy metal homerun with their new album.

Let's start here: Tairrie's pointed views on social issues, religious imagery and often taboo viewpoints rival anything other cultural icons offer in terms of meaning or relevance. Imagine a female Marilyn Manson or Henry Rollins. The fact that as a persona she remains a cult figure and not a cultural icon is a testament to the dim bulbs that populate desks at major record labels in New York and Los Angeles. Rollins is a good place to start and end the discussion about My Ruin. Mrs. Murphy's delivery is somewhere between a Phil Anselmo and Rollins, shifting seamlessly between guttural growls, appropriately places screams and hair-raising spoken word. The fact that she is a she makes all those things that much better. She is a unique and under recognized vocalist in a sea of fakes and wanna-bees.

Then there is Mr. Murphy, whose grasp on making modern metal simply shames the competition. This My Ruin effort is a musical turning point for the band, and the reason is simple. Murphy is now accompanying himself on drums and bass, and the results are a real improvement over previous My Ruin albums. The music he now backs his wife up with is a unique mix of modern heavy metal that would be right at home on any Ozzfest stage but shows a mix of influences that far outpaces the competition. This My Ruin album while shaking the rafters also is very musical, technically and in terms of song quality.

These songs blend the crunch of a Pantera or Ozzy with the tech metal of earlier VoiVod and the minor key riffage of Black Flag or the Descendents. Throw in a heavy dose of Randy Rhoades and maybe a little "Rocks" era Joe Perry, and you might begin to derive the underpinnings of Murphy's strong, truly original riffs and aggressive leads. He might usher in a second age of the guitar hero with a couple of more records like this one. Throw all this together and you get an album that combines today's heaviest metal with the musicality of 80s' SoCal hardcore and some of the best classic hard rock ever made. Tairrie B. comes over the top of that with a tough and effective vocal delivery that completes the package. Life is full of bad music. If you want to hear original riffs again, real songs and lyrics that actually mean something, buy this album. It should be standard issue to fans out loud music everywhere.

Write An Online Review!


Are you diggin on 'Ghosts and Good Stories'? Well, If so, we have a little favor to ask of you.....

I recently spoke with our distribution company in the states who informed us that most record stores are now out of business and things are even scarier than we thought in regards to music retail. Big chains like Best Buy & Barnes & Noble only carry our album online because we are too underground. It is available in the U.S. but you have to order it mainly online. If it says 'Temporarily Out Of Stock' on a site, you can still place your order and it will go through shortly. They also let us know that it is very important to ask the friends & fans of our band who have purchased our new album to take a moment and write a review of it on the various Amazon websites because it helps spread the word by getting more people interested in buying the album and increases our exposure on the internet which is where most people are buying their music from these days.


If you have purchased 'Ghosts and Good Stories' online or downloaded it at one of the many Amazon sites such as:





Could you please take a moment and post a review for us in your own words as a fan or if you are a rock writer and have written a review of our album for a zine, magazine or metal website maybe repost that? If you haven't got a copy of our new CD yet then make sure you order or download your copy today. Thanks everyone, the rock love and support are much appreciated.

Mrs M

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

BGD - 'Dia de los Muertos' Collection~!

Dear Friends,
As the sun sets in Los Angeles and the spirits of those who are no longer with us are remembered, I am happy to announce Part I of my new BGD 'Dia de los Muertos' inspired collection is officially online. This is one of my favorite jewelry collections I have created in the past few years. I put a lot of heart and soul into my latest offerings and i'm excited to share these little pieces of me with all of you. In loving memory.

Mrs M