NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Sunday, November 7, 2010 Fan Review - Jack Osborne!

Thank you to Jack Osborne for taking a few minutes to share his thoughts on our new album which he posted today at - We love ya JackIE! xo

November 7, 2010
By Jack M. Osborne (London, England)

Some one once wrote; After listening to My Ruin's "A Prayer Under Pressure of Violent Anguish" album "You actually have to check you CD Player for Blood stains".

Well, with "Ghosts and Good Stories", you actually ought to bless, baptise then exorcise your sound system because there is now a demon that lives inside of it. Perhaps the most haunting album produced yet - drowning each track thick in their deadly musicality, My Ruin have never steered far from their gut wrenching sound, that has kept them so above the masses. Where some metal bands dive straight into aggression, My Ruin's additions to the rock industry are always well thought out and as a result come off never the less aggressive but controlled.

Mixing the dark vibe of story telling with furocious, heart stopping riffs and solos, Ghosts and Good Stories remains exilerating throughout. Once again Mick Murphy lays his hands on all 3 parts of the rhythm section as previously done in 'The Brutal Language', and thank god he did! We are all aware that this album would not be the same with anyone else's hands, but his deep inside of it. It's like no other female fronted album anyone has ever made. Ghosts and Good Stories proves that our girl; Miss Tairrie B Murphy is still and always will be QUEEN B.

Although there is most certainly a chilling doom type vibe , there is still however that groovy, upbeat and even tongue in cheek statement to fill the rest of the album in songs like 'Money Shot' sung with all the attitude and conviction Tairrie holds inside, still manage to reflect My Ruin's comical side. For me this is the perfect combination of everything the band have ever done in the past. Demonic, charming, eery and fierce, but then what else would we expect from a once Gangsta Rapper turned Metal Queen, and Rock's Best Kept Secret; Mr Mick Murphy.