NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Monday, November 8, 2010 Fan Review - Chelle Nolte!

Thank you to Miss Chelle Nolte for taking the time to write a rad fan review of our new album which she posted today at - You rock lady! xo

5/5 - Beautiful Brutal, it'll rip you a new one!

November 8, 2010
By Blueisis69 ( Urbana, Ohio USA)

I am a recently baptized fan of My Ruin, joined the metal flock just a few years ago...and I must say, 'Ghosts and Good Stories' is their uber child! I love this album; it has all the screams, roars, snarls, and spoken word, we love Tairrie for...and all the hardcore, sludgy, and bada$$-in-your-face riffs that we love Mick for! And let's not to forget to mention that Mr. Murphy played ALL the instruments and co-produced the album! {Mick is there ANYTHING you can't do?} There is soooo much metal out there to choose from, and My Ruin has found such a great formula, it works, it's good, and it's truth! This album shows how well Tairrie and Mick work together, and exactly what they are capable of. All the tracks are tight, and well written, and there is not a song I skip over like I do on most of my cds!

Overall, I was impressed! And for me not to change the cd in the car stereo for a month says something! All the tracks feature something I like; for instance, the slow, 'dirgy' sounding intro song, 'Diggin' for Ghosts', is one of my favorite tracks simply because it is edgy, deep, and dark. It's lyrically tight, just as all the songs are. The drum intro on 'Excommunicated', pounds my skull into a pulp, and well, I am just happy about it! 'Suicide Tuesday' gets me rockin' hard in the car, and I love to scream along to this! It's fast and heavy, and kinda danceable! {In a head-bangin' way!} Tairrie gets into the low, throat-gnawing mode for 'Eyes Black', which is a serious song, and is very personal to her, and should be to all women!

And of course, since I tend to refer to Mrs. Murphy, as the 'Female Rollins', I have to give her and Mick mega-kudos for the awesome job they did on the Rollins Band cover of 'Turned Out'! Tairrie snarls and screams her way through that song like a champ! Like I said on another review of this same album; Hank would be proud... Those are just a few of the gems here that I listed, but every track is so well done, it is hard to pick a favorite!

This is an excellent album, by an extremely underrated band, and you really won't be disappointed if you buy it! And you know what? Don't just buy it cause it's a 'girl' screamin'! Buy it because talent like this, just doesn't come along everyday!