NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Saturday, November 27, 2010 Fan Review - Vic Croughan!

Thank you to long time friend of our band Miss Vic Croughan for her beautiful fan review of our new album on - Perfect! xo

5/5 - An American Haunting!
November 21, 2010
By Cloned Dodo (Herts, UK)

From the moment you hear the opening track on the latest offering from My Ruin you are taken on a journey. This is the bands 6th studio album and it just proves that My Ruin just get better and better. Each album seems to tell a story in the bands history and this album is no exception.
Recurring themes of religion, redemption, romance and the darker side of things are all present here however also is the anger at social and world injustices, remember this is coming from Tairrie B a woman who has never been shy at speaking her mind. With each scream, you can feel the truth behind honest lyrics such as:

"These streets are lined with lies
LA's an ugly face that wears a good disguise
This town has lost it's shine
The hills have desperate eyes"

Whilst Tairrie B Murphy may be the Queen of Screams and Mick Murphy a demon on guitar My Ruin are no one trick pony - far from it! There are parts of the album that let Tairrie's talent for spoken word shine and with Mick's soundscapes helping to set the mood help create a truly unique sound. If you haven't heard My Ruin before then for God's sake do yourself a favour and get this album. It's dark, brooding and yet delivers a punch to the gut in term of raw rock!

Prepare to be haunted!