NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Southern Revelation Tour Update 7 - Brighton!

[Photo by Andy Watson @ Slade Rooms - Wolverhampton]

Southern ℜevelation Tour † Update 7 - Brighton, UK:

When we pulled up to the Hydrant in Brighton we didn't know what to think. It was a very "punk rock" venue however, the staff were all awesome and so accommodating and went out of their way to make us feel comfortable in the conditions which we really appreciated. This show was packed wall to wall and all the bands killed it!

Got to hang with our dear friend and long time My Ruin champion, the awesome Mr Dom Lawson of Metal Hammer before the show as well as Mr Doug Rimington who photographed and filmed our set to include with the footage our girl Tor Burrow is shooting of us nightly for her documentary. We had a few technical issues but things got back on track and we delivered a blistering show that left us and everyone in the front screaming with me soaked in sweat.

The after party in the downstairs pub was a great time. The DJ Fifi Pedro Pruen rocked the rad old school hip hop for yours truly and I have never seen so many gorgeous My Ruin tattoos at one show! So lovely meeting new fans and hanging out chatting and reminiscing with all the old ones who have been to previous dates on the tour already. Thank you to my Blasphemous Girl Miss Lisa Tyrrell for the lovely silver sacred heart to go with all the other beautiful gifts you bestowed on me for my birthday in after the London show.

This tour has been a wonderful experience for me on stage nightly and having Jack Osborne and Tor with us on the road has made it a blast off stage. All the bands are so cool and really on top of their game. We could not have picked a better line up and Sanctorum are simply rock soldiers to the highest degree, bringing their brand of molton British metal nightly and then helping us "tech that shit" when we rock. We couldn't have done it without them and the most bad ass tour manager extraordinaire Terry Sly! True familia to the end with a shout out to Mick Wood and STC Touring for making this all possible and our press officer Miss Mona Miluski of Platinum-PR who is with us in spirit for all her love and hard work behind the scenes.

Looking forward to tonight we are at Leicester Square in Leicester. There will be another after show party so make sure you stay and say hello to us following our set. Rumor has it we will be meeting up with our good friend and rock photographer Andy Watson for another pre show photo session before he captures the brutality live through his lens once again for us. In the meantime, I will leave you with this awesome image of yours truly that he shot at the Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton!

Mrs M

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Southern Revelation Tour Update 6 - Newcastle & Wolverhampton!

[Photo by Kayla Wren & Hair by Jack Osborne @ Legends - Newcastle, UK]

Southern ℜevelation Tour † Update 6 - Newcastle & Wolverhampton UK:

The shows have been getting better and better with the intensity of the band and fans together. We rocked the the hell out of Legends in Newcastle and I really enjoyed being able to finally watch all the sets of Long Day Fear, Sanctorum & Godsized as they each killed it with their own brands of rock & metal to warm up the stage before ours. Met so many sweet fans after the show and had an amazing huge handmade and heartfelt gift given to me and the Mick before it by one of my most beautiful and blasphemous girls Alexandra Morgan and her fiance Noz Remmer which I will be posting a photo of soon. It simply blew us away! Mick & I did an amazing photo shoot with the lovely Miss Kayla Wren of Skin Deep Magazine which you can see a teaser of in this post. This lady was such a pleasure to shoot with and a true artist behind the lens. Can't wait to work with her again! Also took some fun band shots with Lisa Marie Patterson, Louise Mallen and Aaron Sly of Sanctorum who is a killer photographer and really knows how to "tech that shit"! ;) Both Aaron and drummer Matt Alston have been helping me document this tour with photos and videos which we will be uploading and sharing as soon I promise! Been so busy before and after the shows.

Our Wolverhampton show was incredible. Slade Rooms is always a great venue to play and this was possibly one of the bands best performances of the tour! There were so many familiar faces in the crowd and everyone was so vocal and into it from start to finish. We were on a high when we came off stage. The photographers pit reminded me of our London show. It was great to see our friends Andy Watson & Jodie Cunningham who shot us before we hit the stage and on it along with Don Jackson Wyatt from Circle Pit. This was also one of the best after show parties, thanks to Don & Chris Taylor of Laney Amps who co hosted it. They organized a raffle with a few really cool prizes they donated and had us sign and we chatted and took photos with everyone until we closed the place down and they had to kick us all out....literally! So many old friends in attendance including Soph Day and her band Alunah who I finally got to meet! [Love this rad rock chick] and Gareth Davies along with his gorgeous wife and kick ass screamer in her own right Miss Hayley Davies from Ruins of Ayanez hung out and the fans were respectful and lovely. It meant a lot to us. Wolverhampton is always good fun!

Really looking forward to this evening in Brighton at the Hydrant! Tickets are still available to come join us for another hot and sweaty night of rock & ruin!

Mrs M

Friday, January 27, 2012

Southern Revelation Tour Update 5 - Andover & Plymouth!

[Photo by Doug Rimington @ Scala, London 21.01.12]

Southern ℜevelation Tour † Update - Andover & Plymouth, UK:

Days and time fly by when you are on the road. I try to post whenever I can but it's usually at some strange hour when I'm half asleep trying to recount my adventures on tour. I will be posting a huge tour album of photos at some point and a full recap of the tour once we get back home but for now I will keep posting whatever updates I can. If I miss a few things here and there please forgive. I am on a weird schedule and trying to sleep when I can. I've rarely drank this time around. Had a few shots of Fireball Whiskey on the first couple days but it's been my special vocal elixirs nightly and a conscious effort to protect my voice and stay healthy and strong for the shows. This is my most powerful tour vocally speaking and the guys are sounding tight as hell.

Our show in Andover which was an amazing evening. We played a cool little venue called The George that was packed with some really rad people. There was a crazy pit and a lot of screaming along to all the songs. The club itself was run by an awesome staff who treated us incredible from load in to load out. This was the by far the hottest and most sweaty show so far. We were all soaked after the show but we rocked the house down to its foundations! Been bonding with our new friends in Long Day Fear and Godsized who have now become a part of our family along with our brothers in Sanctorum. All three bands have been killing it nightly with us and we're so proud to have them on the road. It's a terrific line up and one not to be missed.

The White Rabbit in Plymouth was the rowdiest show. We've been videotaping and recording live each night and I'm sure this footage is going to look as mental as it sounds when we finally listen to it back because it was intense. When we arrived at The Tunnels in Bristol the place was blasting air conditioning which made me nervous and have a flashback to our last UK tour and Cardiff, which was where I lost my voice. Thankfully I made sure the venue was warm and we all kept our throats in tact and delivered the rock on stage. Jack Osborne did my hair before the show and I looked a bit like Priscilla Presley on the day she married Elvis when I walked on stage! We had some serious headbanging going on with me in the front row and it made for another kick ass show. It was great meeting Jonathan Taylor of An Armchair Critic who has been a true supporter of My Ruin and seeing so many familiar faces once again.

We had another day off yesterday which was nice. Got to the hotel here in Newcastle and chilled with Sanctorum and had a little rest. Our girl Tor Burrows left us for a couple days but she met us in Bristol and is back documenting the insanity once again through her camera lens so be prepared to possibly get interviewed before or after a show by her for the tour movie she is filming while out here on the road with us! Playing Legends in Newcastle this evening and we're well up for another hot rocking set. If you're coming to the show, make sure to get there early to check out all the bands before we hit the stage and go say hello to Jack The Lad at our merch booth and pick yourself up something special from My Ruin or a custom BGD piece designed and signed by me to take home as a keepsake! See you front row at the show and don't forget to bring your scream!

Mrs M

Monday, January 23, 2012

Feliz Cumpleaños Luciano!

[Photo by Don Jackson Wyatt - England 2011]

Feliz Cumpleaños to our god of thunder and bassist Luciano Ferrea on your special day! Although you are not with us on this tour in person, you are here with us in spirit on stage every night for our Southern ℜevelation.

We love and miss ya bro!

Mrs M

PS - We went to Stonehenge and the Salisbury Cathedral today and thought of you. I lit a candle in your honor my friend.

Southern Revelation Tour Update 4 - London!

[Photo by Scott Chalmers & Hair by Jack Osborne @ Scala - London]

Southern ℜevelation Tour † Update - London, UK:

It was our first time playing the beautiful venue Scala and the show felt magical from the stage and beyond intense on the barrier. I have never seen such a big photographer pit which lasted from start to finish so hopefully we will be seeing some amazing photos very soon from those who shot it! Vocally this tour feels like a rock redemption for me because my voice is so strong at the moment and I am truly myself on the microphone unlike our last UK tour in 2011 when I was so sick. This is who I am and the band had a blast on stage together as we ripped through our set. One of my favorite moments of the show was when my dear friend and My Ruin's press officer Mona Miluski of the German rock band A Million Miles joined me on stage for a kick ass duet of 'Money $hot'. I have to admit, I got a little choked up when I introduced her because of all we have been through together with our new and last album releases and our ex label Tiefdruck Musik. I think the fact that this was also the first time in 2 years that we met in person only a few hours before we took the stage made it feel even more surreal on so many levels for both of us. It was lovely seeing so many familiar faces in the front rows screaming every word with me and amazing how many people knew the lyrics to the songs we played from the new album....especially the violent fantasy anthem that is 'Middle Finger'!

Before the show, we did a photo shoot upstairs with my longtime friend, Mr Paul Harries which was fun, then I signed all the limited edition collection prints he brought with him to be mailed this week to those of you who have purchased them. I love shooting with Paul because it always feels like home in front of his camera. After the shoot with Mr H, our good friend Scott Chalmers snapped some killer shots as well. He's another artist when it comes to his photography and always a pleasure to work with. After the show we all went to Nambucca where Mick Wood & Nickie Hobbs of Devolution Magazine hosted a crazy little after party for us and it was nice to see everyone and have a few interesting post show chats with Fireball Whiskey shots! Thank you again to everyone who made this night so special and for all the heartfelt belated birthday gifts I was given after the show. I love them all and I was really touched. Had a rad day off today which we spent with our friends in Sanctorum at Stonehenge & at the Salisbury Cathedral. I need to try to get a few hours of sleep before the sun comes up from my hotel window so I will post more about that later. Looking forward to our show this evening at the White Rabbit in Plymouth!

Mrs M

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Southern Revelation Tour Update 3 - Manchester!

[Photo by TBM]

Southern ℜevelation Tour † Update - Manchester, UK:

Played a blinding set @ Moho Live and rocked the crowd! The stage lights reminded me of something Elvis would have had back in the day and the sound was amazing. Hot in the House of God into Blasphemous Girl was insane and the new songs got a great response once again. Thank you again to everyone who came out, put your middle fingers in the air and screamed with me! Mick and I also did a fun pre show video interview with the guys from who were awesome and had a couple killer photo shoots with our good friend and rock soldier Don 'Circlepit' Jackson-wyatt of Circle Pit who also shot us live. Can't wait to post his hot rock shots! Really looking forward to playing Scala in London town this evening and meeting my sister in rock and longtime press officer Mona Miluski of Platinum PR in person for the first time. We might even have do do something special on stage together to commemorate the occasion and celebrate our January birthday's!

Meeting up with Paul Harries this evening before the show for to sign all of our limited edition prints that everyone has purchased [thank you!]. For those of you who will be joining us, please remember there is a huge after show party / meet & greet at Nambucca [just like last year] which Nickie Hobbs and Devolution Magazine will be hosting and Ben Ward from Orange Goblin will be DJing along with Caz Mumin so make sure you keep your show ticket stub and come join us after our set! See you in the front row!

Mrs M

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Southern Revelation Tour Update 2 - Glasgow!

[Photo by Tor Burrows]

Southern ℜevelation Tour † Update - Glasgow, UK:

First let me start by saying thank you all for the birthday wishes on my personal page and those which have been left here. To say my inbox was overflowing with rock love is an understatement. I was blown away! Unfortunately, I don't have the time to thank everyone individually because we're so busy but I appreciate you taking the time to send me so many beautiful and inspiring words on my special day. I had so much fun last night with my band, friends and fans that I think I should continue to celebrate my birthday every night for the rest of the tour and I just might!

The first show was rad from start to finish with all the bands and the Classic Grand was an awesome venue. Loved the lights, sound and lovely staff. I'm glad we recorded and video taped our set. Special thanks to Barry Douglas [and his old school 'Rhyme Syndicate' shirt - which ruled!] for making us all feel so welcome at his club. My favorite moment on stage was when Jack Osborne joined the birthday girl for a brutal duet of our classic 'Stick It To Me' and killed it with us! Extra special thanks to our amazing tour manager super fly Terry Sly who is always cool under pressure and our promoter / agent extraordinaire Mick Wood...the dynamic duo! The street had a blackout before the show and gave us all a little scare for a minute there but they came back just in time for doors. Did a crazy little interview post show with a couple cool dudes from a new website about to launch called 'Bigger Than Satan' then danced the night away with a very tipsy Miss Tor Burrows and watched my husband own the dance floor with his hot rock moves and 'Better Than Satan' hair!

Thank you to everyone who bought me drinks all night but for those of you planning to attend our upcoming shows and after parties, please know that I get my drinks for free so save your money and instead buy yourself a treat and get a piece of merch as a keepsake to take home from the night and add to your My Ruin collection or make a donation to our band jar for our new free album download! If you have live photos you would like us to see and possibly post, please hit us with your best shots to because we'd love to check them out!

In between editing tons of photos for an album I am posting soon, we had a nice dinner and hang with Sanctorum earlier this evening at the hotel where we are staying here in Manchester. There is such a great vibe in our camp at the moment and I love it. Eddie & Isaac killed it with us and Mick's brother Sam M Murphy III arrived tonight from the states to spend a couple days on the road. Looking forward to the show and party tonight at Moho Live. Can't wait to see everyone so don't afraid to scream with me or say hi!

Mrs M

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thw Birthday Girl!

The Birthday Girl.

Photo by Scott Chalmers

Hair by Jack Osborne

Southern Revelation Tour Update 1 - Colchester!

[Photo by Tor Burrows: Longtrack Studios - Colchester, UK]

[Photo by Tor Burrows]

Southern ℜevelation Tour † Update 1 - Colchester, UK

We arrived safe to the UK yesterday and we've hit the ground running! Sorted our rad new merch with Jack Osborne, checked our gear sent by Chris Taylor & Chris Amplification, ran through a few songs at Sanctorum 's studio celebrated Isaac Lee's birthday with a delicious chocolate cake thanks to Terry Sly and managed to get a few hours sleep before we made our way to Scotland today. Just had dinner with our promoter/agent extraordinaire Mick Wood and everyone at a quaint little pub, met the guys in Long Day Fear and toasted my birthday at midnight with Fireball Whiskey shots compliments of my girl Tor Burrows at the hotel. Feeling healthy, strong and excited about the first show tomorrow at Classic Grand. Looking forward to seeing all our Scottish friends and fans. Come celebrate my birthday with me and stay for the after party / meet & greet with all the band following our set!

This is A Southern ℜevelation!

Mrs M

On a cool side note, rather than black cat crossing our path on Friday the 13th, as we were waiting for our flight to leave LA, Black Sabbath crossed our path on Sunday the 15th and boarded the flight before ours to the UK at the same gate. We took this as a good omen! ✞

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kerrang Tour Competition!


My Ruin have been picked as a tour to go see by Kerrang Magazine who are offering UK fans a chance to win 2 tickets to a show of your choice on our 'Southern ℜevelation' tour which starts tonight! Just email your name and contact number to with My Ruin as the subject matter.

Mrs M

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Eddie Brnabic & Jack Osborne!

[Photo by Maggie Young - Album Release Party @ On The Rox]

Dear Friends,

As I said in my previous post, we have two announcements we would like to make before leaving LA. This is the first...

It's with heavy hearts, that we must announce that our bass player Luciano Ferrea will not be joining us on the tour. Luciano is from Argentina and although he has lived in the states for many years now and working towards becoming a legal citizen sometimes shit just happens. You can't control the Government and unfortunately he had to deal with an unexpected issue that arose regarding his citizenship with immigration. Although everything is now fine behind the scenes, we were told by his attorney that it would take a couple months to resolve and get his proper paperwork so his leaving the country for the tour would not be a good idea at this time. Needless to say, we were all very sad because we love Luciano and were all looking forward to him joining us for his second tour of UK and our one off in France. We explored every avenue but there was nothing we could do but find someone else to fill in because we obviously couldn't cancel the tour. Luciano will be with us in spirit and he will be with us at our upcoming shows stateside after the tour and next time we come back to Britain! He is still in My Ruin.

That being said, we would like to introduce you all to Eddie Brnabic. Luciano has played with Eddie in Beggars Ball & Zappada and he is his very close friend. When Eddie kindly offered to stand in on bass, we graciously accepted to keep it in the family. We've known Eddie for a while now and he's a great guy not to mention an extremely talented a multi-instrumentalist similar to Mick. In fact they have a lot in common when it comes to music. Eddie began learning our set while we were on holiday in Tennessee and we've been quietly rehearsing and getting to know each other musically since we returned in the New Year. He's sounding rad and so is the set! On an interesting side note: he's also the very first dirty blonde we've had in the band. Speaking of firsts, this will be his first time touring the UK as well as our new drummer Isaac Lee's first time over so we hope all our friends and fans will welcome both our guys with open hearts and make them feel at home like you always make us feel. Please take a moment to add both Eddie and Isaac [if you haven't already] and send them some rock love. We recorded our last rehearsal and the band is on fire, ready to hit the stage with our special guests Godsized, Sanctorum and Long Day Fear. This is one heavy f**king bill so don't miss it!

Now for the second announcement, also having to do with the tour.....

As all of you know, Alana Wood has been doing our merch since 2005. She's done every show and tour with us over the past 7 years without missing one. Sadly, our girl is unable to come with us this time due to her new job. She just can't get the time off. Mick and I are heartbroken that she won't be with us and I know how much so many of you love Alana like we do, so I'm sure you will be as well but someone else who is also very special to us [and has a long time connection to My Ruin] has offered his help and once again, we are keeping it in the family. We are excited to announce that our good friend Jack Osborne will be manning the merch stall but that's not all. You'll just have to wait and see the other little surprise we have planned together!

Many of you know Jack from coming to our shows in the UK over many years and like Eddie, he rules so remember to make you way over to the merch booth and say hello. While you're there pick up a keepsake to add to your My Ruin and/or BGD collection. I have made lots of cool stuff and there is something for everyone to go home with a memento from the show no matter what the budget!

[Photo by Don Jackson Wyatt - The Cockpit - Leeds, UK 2011]

Get ready UK and France because here we come along with the lovely Miss Tor Burrows who will be armed with her new movie camera to capture it all on film for us! See you all this week when we kick off night one of our 'Southern evelation' celebration of independence and our slaying of the beast with our middle fingers held high in Glasgow, Scotland for my birthday! There shall be plenty of screaming, drinking and dancing to be had by all.....especially yours truly.

Mrs M

New 2012 Calendar Teaser!

Dear Friends,

As the hour grows closer to our leaving LA to head to the UK, I wanted to write a few words to say thank you again for the amazing feedback on the new album. It's a great feeling to see how many of you have downloaded since the release and even better to hear how much you love it. That makes what we do worth it and meaningful. We are really looking forward to playing it live!

We have a couple last minute announcements we will be posting here later this evening which might surprise many of you to find out but nothing to worry your pretty little heads about. Everything's cool and the tour is still full force! We're excited about all the shows and the action is go - so if you haven't got yourself a ticket yet, what are you waiting for? Get yours today @ and we'll see you at all the shows and after parties we have planned!

This is A Southern ℜevelation!

Mrs M

Friday, January 13, 2012

London After Show Party!

★SCALA after show PARTY!★

For all of you planning to attend our show, keep your ticket stubs and meet us at Nambucca London following our set. The party will be hosted by Mick Wood and the lovely Miss Nickie Hobbs and Devolution Magazine with DJ sets from Alan 69 - Caz Mumin and rumor has it there will be a very special guest DJ set our rad friend Ben Ward of Orange Goblin who will be spinning nothing but classic heavy metal, doom, stoner, psych and 70's rock for your listening pleasure in celebration of our Southern ℜevelation!


Mrs M

Total Rock.Com - Interview Today!

Hey Friends!

I taped a phone interview earlier this week with DJ Tee Pee of Total Rock radio in the UK! For those of you who would like to check it out, it airs today [Friday the 13th] between 12 noon - 3pm [UK time] on her show 'The Scream Zone' so click the link to tune in and listen!

Mrs M

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Go Team Ruin!


We would like to take a moment to thank each of you personally for all the hard work, time and rock love you have devoted towards helping My Ruin and our agent extraordinaire Mick Wood at STC Touring promote all the dates on our upcoming 'Southern evelation' Tour which kicks off next week in Glasgow, Scotland on the 18th of January which is also my birthday!

We looking forward to seeing you all at the shows & after parties and this first tour in 2012 being one to remember with our UK family and friends. Please continue to spread the word, post flyers, event and ticket links and share our tour related posts and videos on your Facebook pages and other social media sites.

Go Team Ruin!

Mrs M

Alexandra Morgan
Amelia Connett
Amy Cudsen
Anne Goldsbrough
Becky Rowe
Bruce Powell
Charlie Bagnall
Claire Hankin
Gavin Oxley
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John Scott Fitzgerald
Janne Gronemeyer
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Kayleigh B Brookes
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Kerry Stewart
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Louise Turk
Mike Ike
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Penny Batson
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Sam Preston
Steve Hackenbush
Steve Kenickie
Steven Chandler
Sue Clark
Suzi Turner
Tania Wood
Tanya Christenson
Tony O'Neill
Yvonne Pollock
Zerrin Of Persia

Taste Revenge - Interview with Carl Begai!

We would like to thank Rock scribe extraordinaire Carl Begai of for taking the time to chat with us about our new album. Below you will find the interview as it was posted in full today on his website. Revenge is sweet. This is our spaying of the BEAST!

Mrs M


★T a s t e R e v e n g e★

Nobody in their right mind wants the publicity Tiefdruck Musik label boss Daniel Heerdmann is getting these days. Granted, it’s small scale recognition that likely won’t make it to a CNN news reel, but his so-called business practices have been yanked out into the open by My Ruin. A tale of band vs label conflict turning ugly is hardly unique, but My Ruin’s recent test of will is one for the books; or in this case, an album. Their new outing, A Southern Revelation, is a response to a record deal gone painfully awry, which saw the band’s 2010 album Ghosts And Good Stories die a premature death at the hands of Tiefdruck Musik. Not ones to go meekly into the night, vocalist/founder Tairrie B. Murphy and guitarist-turned-multi-intrumentalist/husband Mick Murphy chose to call Heerdmann out directly in response, first in a press release, and then in the lyrics on the new album. The attack is direct and leaves no question as to who’s leaving the ring with a bloody nose, metaphors be damned, and Tairrie is quite content being the one doing the damage.

Tairrie: “At this point I really don’t give a fuck. This man conned us; he snowed us big time. Calling him ‘The Soulless Beast’… it’s really true. He led us to believe that he was going to do all these things for us. When he approached us about the record deal – and we had a lot of conversations with him on Skype – he was cool. He told us that the reason we weren’t bigger is because nobody had ever promoted us properly because they didn’t know what to do with the band, but he could do the job. We were thinking ‘Wow, this guy really gets it.’ He told me that he’d been a fan since my Manhole days, that he saw me on tour supporting Fear Factory on the Demanufacture tour in 1996. I felt that we had a connection with this guy, which was amazing.”

“We got the deal going, and it was almost like a friend thing with this guy. We announced the signing while we were in the studio recording Ghosts And Good Stories, and soon after we got this really weird email from an old friend, Shaun Glass from Soil, who is now with Dirge Within. He told us we had to be really fucking careful because Daniel Heerdmann is a lying sack of shit. We wanted to know where that was coming from, and we told Shaun we were going to confront Daniel about it. I’m very open and forward when I want to know something.”

“So, I went to Daniel right after that and told him what Shaun had said, and Daniel had a comeback for everything, which was fine. At this point we’d signed the deal; what were we going to do? Daniel tried to really explain himself, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt because God knows people have had run-ins with My Ruin. There have been altercations, and I know some people out there talk shit about me and my husband. It did worry me a little in the back of my mind, but we decided to walk our own path, and as we got deeper into the record Daniel became even more supportive. He wanted to hear what we were doing and how the songs were coming along, and we’d never had that experience before. It was great. But, as soon as we got done with the record and we delivered it – and it was something we were so proud of – this guy did the Jeckyll and Hyde thing overnight.”

“It started spinning out of control with this man, to the point that my old self really would have gone at him, telling him to fuck off. I didn’t do that, I let my attorney handle it, and I cut off all contact with him. And this clown says to my attorney, ‘They deleted me on Facebook…’ It was like, ‘Really?! You asshole, you deleted our tour!”

Mick: “We were three or four weeks away from a European tour and a show at the Whiskey (in Los Angeles), we were flying in our drummer Matt LeChevalier from France, we were waiting for all this stuff, and we were basically in limbo.”

Tairrie: “Money transfers… Daniel bold faced lied to us saying that he did it, and then later ‘I never did it, I was never gonna do it.’”

Mick: “It was truly insane. So, we had to cancel Matt’s trip from France, cancel the tour, cancel on the Whiskey, and it was horrible. We were so let down and angry and betrayed that we eventually said ‘We’ve gotta write a record about this.’”

Keeping the nightmare scenario in mind, it’s surprising to find that A Southern Revelation isn’t a screaming, skin-flaying shitstorm of violence. On the contrary, it’s a step away from the grit metal approach of Ghosts And Good Stories, instead featuring a foundation rooted in hard-edge Southern rock. My Ruin hasn’t toned down their trademark attitude by any means, and there’s nothing soft or sellout about A Southern Revelation, but it’s definitely a different animal from its predecessor.

Mick: “I think this one stomps a little bit harder than Ghosts And Good Stories. I joke around with Tairrie about this – and in no way and I putting My Ruin in the same league as KISS – but I think Ghosts is like our Destroyer and A Southern Revelation is our Rock N’ Roll Over (laughs). All the music was written in LA because we had downtime, but I wrote differently this time. I just started playing guitar like the old days. I plugged into a practice amp and just started playing riffs and made little changes that way, instead of doing it in front of a big recording rig with guitar, bass and drums, trying to get a song done in a few hours. I took more time and wrote like a guitar player first. I think that changed the vibe a little, too. I’m really proud of the guitar on this record.”

Tairrie: “We weren’t really prepared to write another record. This thing sort of came to us naturally. We were sitting at home with a cancelled tour, pissed off and angry, unable to vent our frustration, and Mick started writing music. Me, not really paying attention to what he was doing, I was kind of writing my own letters to Daniel in a way that I may send some day. I was working out my thoughts on what I wanted to say to this guy, and I suddenly realized that I was writing lyrics. Next thing you know I had the song ‘Reckoning’. Mick told me he’d been working on new music, and things started to come together and fall into place as if they were meant to be.”

“For me ‘The Soulless Beast’, ‘Middle Finger’ and ‘Tennessee Elegy’ are the meat of the album lyrically. They encompass the theme of the album. ‘Soulless Beast’ was a song I worked on when we were in LA, and I wrote it several times because I couldn’t get it where I wanted it. In the beginning I wanted to write it like a biblical parable, but I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with it. It wasn’t until we got to Tennessee, and it’s the funniest thing because we were staying with Mick’s family, and his mother pulled out her bible and some religious books for inspiration. I started to read the Book Of Revelation, and I hadn’t read it in a really long time. It was like I was having my own revelation. This is our seventh album, and the number seven figures very prominently in there. The Book Of Daniel is part of it, and it was like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me!” It started unfolding itself and I started thinking about how the Beast is the abomination that causes desolation, which is what we were dealing with. So, the Book Of Revelation took center stage for me.”

Mick: “It’s like we’re starting our second decade reborn and even more focused, with our own definitive style.”

Tairrie: “The other thing I really love about this album is that it’s got a very heavy spoken vibe. I’ve been doing spoken work for many, many years and I’ve incorporated it on a lot of our albums, but I wanted to get a bit heavier with that on this record. I didn’t want to make it a full-on screaming record. I think ‘Soulless Beast’ really comes through with that style in there, breathing the vibe and energy of The LVRS project we do in there, which I really like.”

“I think that Ghosts And Good Stories and A Southern Revelation is our best work as artists to date. If anyone is discovering us right now, this is the time to do it because you can really get to know who we are.”

A Southern Revelation was recorded over Christmas 2010 during the Murphy’s holiday visit to Mick’s family in Knoxville, Tennessee. With no plans to record and no budget, they were invited by Mick’s friend of 20+ years and co-producer, Joel Stooksbury, to use his home studio to lay down the tracks. It was a gift they couldn’t refuse, just as A Southern Revelation is a gift to the My Ruin fans as a free download. Another surprising and risky move by Mr. and Mrs. Murphy.

Tairrie: “Basically – and I hate to say that this is the sad fact of it – a lot of people think that because we’re in magazines that Mick and Tairrie are rolling in dough. Fans don’t understand a lot of the business behind the scenes. They see you in a magazine or on tour, and they think you’re doing so well. We’re a do-it-yourself band and we always have been, so no matter what labels we’ve been on or what management we’ve had, in the end we’ve done it ourselves because no one seems to do their jobs when it comes to us. With Ghosts And Good Stories, that thing got out there and had so many downloads via torrent sites, and I couldn’t believe it. I was thinking that if that many people bought our record we’d be really successful. It blew my mind. So, when this whole thing with Daniel came about, we decided that we weren’t giving this man another record. No way in hell.”

“As we were making the new album we came to the conclusion that the biggest ‘Fuck you’ would be if we gave this record away for free. It didn’t cost us anything to make except time, and we wanted everyone to hear it. We wanted everyone to know what he did to us. And maybe this album will open the door for us, because we’re able to say ‘You’ve never heard of us, but here’s our new record. Download it, check us out and you’ll see we’re not a goth band (laughs), maybe you’ll like us.’”

Mick: “The way the industry has been going, the physical CD format is dying out in many ways. Most people download their music now. Physical record sales for a band our size, there isn’t much of a profit for the band. Why not give it away, and that might lead to more shows. We’d like to gig more.”

My Ruin have been in the trenches long enough to have earned a loyal fanbase, however, so although A Southern Revelation is free to all comers, they’ve received donations from those that believe the band deserves to profit (for a change) for their efforts.

Tairrie: “After we announced that the record was going to be free, we were bombarded with emails from people saying ‘I’ll pay for the record. Is there a place where I can donate money to you, because you’ve been through so much.’ We didn’t really think of that before they mentioned it, so we talked to some people about it, and now it’s possible for the fans to donate money for the record on the My Ruin website. We’re very appreciative of it, because we do everything ourselves.”

And that do-it-yourself drive is what keeps My Ruin kicking and screaming for more. At the very least, A Southern Revelation proves that so long as My Ruin have their pride, their friends, and the fans, the leeches within the music industry can’t bring them down.

Tairrie: “Some people say ‘When are My Ruin gonna give it up?’ Why do we have to give it up? I’ve been in this business for a long time and I’ve seen a lot of bands come and go. In the Manhole days there weren’t a lot of women around doing what I did. I’ve definitely watched the change. I feel like a veteran in this, and in many ways I feel like a woman that opened the door and kicked down some barriers for other women to come in, grab a microphone, and scream on it this way. I didn’t even know what I was doing when I started out. I was a fucking rapper, for God’s sake (laughs).”

“I remember sitting backstage at a Pantera show once, and I was watching a lot of the girls walking around back there. They’re all dressed sleazy and I’m listening to the talk about who in the band they were going to have sex with. I remember thinking to myself, ‘I don’t wanna fuck Phil, I wanna be Phil.’ I didn’t want that, I wanted to be that. That’s when I knew I wanted to be out there screaming and bloodletting and having those emotions. It wasn’t about that other shit and it never has been. It’s never been about money or those other rock n’ roll things for me or Mick.”

Ultimately, it’s about the love of music, which explains why Tairrie and Mick chose to put the nail gun away and end things on a positive note. Namely, a cover of the Van Halen classic, ‘Mean Street’.

Tairrie: “I love the fact that we have the ’70s Southern roots with Mick, and with me, in the early days I was going to Black Flag shows, NWA shows, I went to see the Go-Gos, so we have this melting pot of ideas. I did listen to KISS back in the day, and that classic rock is where we come together. We decided to cover Van Halen on the new album because we really loved doing the AC/DC thing (‘Have A Drink On Me’) and got a great response.”

Mick: “Fair Warning is one of the biggest records in my life. It’s almost underrated in Van Halen’s catalogue, but it’s a thick, chunky, mean record.”

Tairrie: “I think it definitely encompassed our feelings when we were making this record. We also felt at home, in a way, doing up the song like that.”

Mick: “Yeah, My Ruin lives on Mean Street (laughs).”

Thank you to Maggie Young

for the live photos and "Blasphemous Girl" photo

which accompany this interview.

Demon FM Radio - Interview Tonight!

Hey Friends!

I taped a fun little interview about the new album & tour with DJ Matt Smith of Demon FM radio in the UK! For those of you who would like to check out our chat it will be played on his show 'The Requiem' tonight at midnight [UK time] so tune into the link below and listen!

Mrs M

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mi Ruina Por Vida!

"We approached My Ruin scream queen and Blasphemous Girl designer Tairrie B about creating a unique ring with us to celebrate the release of their new 7th album 'A Southern ℜevelation' on December 7th. After months of keeping this secret close to our hearts, we are proud to reveal the 'ℳi ℛuina' Ring which is featured on Tairrie in My Ruin's latest video for 'Tennessee Elegy'. SCA is also a proud sponsor of My Ruin's 'Southern ℜevelation' Tour storming the UK in January 2012!"

- Alex Palmer / Seventh Circle Artworks

They say "a pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens"

but I prefer to wear silver when I scream...

The 'ℳi ℛuina' Ring!

My new creation, available now exclusively @

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Paul Harries Limited Edition - Tairrie B Prints!

"I have known Tairrie B for 15 years and in that time we have done some great shoots together with Manhole, Tura Satana and My Ruin. If asked what she is like I should say - when she is good she is very very good but when she is bad she is horrid"

- Paul Harries


Dear Friends,

In honor of my birthday this month, I am pleased to announce the release of 3 Limited Edition Collection prints by one of the world's top rock UK photographers Mr Paul Harries.

Now available to order at:

This collection covers my career in rock from my early days in Manhole, through Tura Satana to present day in My Ruin. Each image is printed on heavyweight gallery quality paper measuring 20"X24" (50cmX60cm approx) and comes personally signed by me and signed, numbered and embossed by Paul Harries. Price includes postage to any destination worldwide and is securely posted in a cardboard tube. You can purchase the prints individually or the full collection for a reduced price. The prints will be available to order online until January 21st and will not be sold again so whether it's a present for yourself or a friend don't miss out on this special Limited Edition Collection offer.

I was flattered when Paul approached me recently with the idea of doing this collection. We have known each other since 1996 when he first shot me backstage at the Splash Club in London for Kerrang Magazine. Over the years we became good friends and worked together on many memorable sessions for K! as well as various album cover and promo shoots for my bands. Paul was the first photographer to capture the real me behind his lens and as American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said "The eyes are the antiquity of the soul". With this in mind, we chose these 3 iconic images from his vast vault of photographs because they best represent my personal journey and trilogy of rock & roll.

Mrs M

MY RUIN - Circa 2008

TURA SATANA - Circa 1998

MANHOLE - Circa 1996