NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Southern Revelation Tour Update 6 - Newcastle & Wolverhampton!

[Photo by Kayla Wren & Hair by Jack Osborne @ Legends - Newcastle, UK]

Southern ℜevelation Tour † Update 6 - Newcastle & Wolverhampton UK:

The shows have been getting better and better with the intensity of the band and fans together. We rocked the the hell out of Legends in Newcastle and I really enjoyed being able to finally watch all the sets of Long Day Fear, Sanctorum & Godsized as they each killed it with their own brands of rock & metal to warm up the stage before ours. Met so many sweet fans after the show and had an amazing huge handmade and heartfelt gift given to me and the Mick before it by one of my most beautiful and blasphemous girls Alexandra Morgan and her fiance Noz Remmer which I will be posting a photo of soon. It simply blew us away! Mick & I did an amazing photo shoot with the lovely Miss Kayla Wren of Skin Deep Magazine which you can see a teaser of in this post. This lady was such a pleasure to shoot with and a true artist behind the lens. Can't wait to work with her again! Also took some fun band shots with Lisa Marie Patterson, Louise Mallen and Aaron Sly of Sanctorum who is a killer photographer and really knows how to "tech that shit"! ;) Both Aaron and drummer Matt Alston have been helping me document this tour with photos and videos which we will be uploading and sharing as soon I promise! Been so busy before and after the shows.

Our Wolverhampton show was incredible. Slade Rooms is always a great venue to play and this was possibly one of the bands best performances of the tour! There were so many familiar faces in the crowd and everyone was so vocal and into it from start to finish. We were on a high when we came off stage. The photographers pit reminded me of our London show. It was great to see our friends Andy Watson & Jodie Cunningham who shot us before we hit the stage and on it along with Don Jackson Wyatt from Circle Pit. This was also one of the best after show parties, thanks to Don & Chris Taylor of Laney Amps who co hosted it. They organized a raffle with a few really cool prizes they donated and had us sign and we chatted and took photos with everyone until we closed the place down and they had to kick us all out....literally! So many old friends in attendance including Soph Day and her band Alunah who I finally got to meet! [Love this rad rock chick] and Gareth Davies along with his gorgeous wife and kick ass screamer in her own right Miss Hayley Davies from Ruins of Ayanez hung out and the fans were respectful and lovely. It meant a lot to us. Wolverhampton is always good fun!

Really looking forward to this evening in Brighton at the Hydrant! Tickets are still available to come join us for another hot and sweaty night of rock & ruin!

Mrs M