NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Southern Revelation Tour Update 5 - Andover & Plymouth!

[Photo by Doug Rimington @ Scala, London 21.01.12]

Southern ℜevelation Tour † Update - Andover & Plymouth, UK:

Days and time fly by when you are on the road. I try to post whenever I can but it's usually at some strange hour when I'm half asleep trying to recount my adventures on tour. I will be posting a huge tour album of photos at some point and a full recap of the tour once we get back home but for now I will keep posting whatever updates I can. If I miss a few things here and there please forgive. I am on a weird schedule and trying to sleep when I can. I've rarely drank this time around. Had a few shots of Fireball Whiskey on the first couple days but it's been my special vocal elixirs nightly and a conscious effort to protect my voice and stay healthy and strong for the shows. This is my most powerful tour vocally speaking and the guys are sounding tight as hell.

Our show in Andover which was an amazing evening. We played a cool little venue called The George that was packed with some really rad people. There was a crazy pit and a lot of screaming along to all the songs. The club itself was run by an awesome staff who treated us incredible from load in to load out. This was the by far the hottest and most sweaty show so far. We were all soaked after the show but we rocked the house down to its foundations! Been bonding with our new friends in Long Day Fear and Godsized who have now become a part of our family along with our brothers in Sanctorum. All three bands have been killing it nightly with us and we're so proud to have them on the road. It's a terrific line up and one not to be missed.

The White Rabbit in Plymouth was the rowdiest show. We've been videotaping and recording live each night and I'm sure this footage is going to look as mental as it sounds when we finally listen to it back because it was intense. When we arrived at The Tunnels in Bristol the place was blasting air conditioning which made me nervous and have a flashback to our last UK tour and Cardiff, which was where I lost my voice. Thankfully I made sure the venue was warm and we all kept our throats in tact and delivered the rock on stage. Jack Osborne did my hair before the show and I looked a bit like Priscilla Presley on the day she married Elvis when I walked on stage! We had some serious headbanging going on with me in the front row and it made for another kick ass show. It was great meeting Jonathan Taylor of An Armchair Critic who has been a true supporter of My Ruin and seeing so many familiar faces once again.

We had another day off yesterday which was nice. Got to the hotel here in Newcastle and chilled with Sanctorum and had a little rest. Our girl Tor Burrows left us for a couple days but she met us in Bristol and is back documenting the insanity once again through her camera lens so be prepared to possibly get interviewed before or after a show by her for the tour movie she is filming while out here on the road with us! Playing Legends in Newcastle this evening and we're well up for another hot rocking set. If you're coming to the show, make sure to get there early to check out all the bands before we hit the stage and go say hello to Jack The Lad at our merch booth and pick yourself up something special from My Ruin or a custom BGD piece designed and signed by me to take home as a keepsake! See you front row at the show and don't forget to bring your scream!

Mrs M