NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Eddie Brnabic & Jack Osborne!

[Photo by Maggie Young - Album Release Party @ On The Rox]

Dear Friends,

As I said in my previous post, we have two announcements we would like to make before leaving LA. This is the first...

It's with heavy hearts, that we must announce that our bass player Luciano Ferrea will not be joining us on the tour. Luciano is from Argentina and although he has lived in the states for many years now and working towards becoming a legal citizen sometimes shit just happens. You can't control the Government and unfortunately he had to deal with an unexpected issue that arose regarding his citizenship with immigration. Although everything is now fine behind the scenes, we were told by his attorney that it would take a couple months to resolve and get his proper paperwork so his leaving the country for the tour would not be a good idea at this time. Needless to say, we were all very sad because we love Luciano and were all looking forward to him joining us for his second tour of UK and our one off in France. We explored every avenue but there was nothing we could do but find someone else to fill in because we obviously couldn't cancel the tour. Luciano will be with us in spirit and he will be with us at our upcoming shows stateside after the tour and next time we come back to Britain! He is still in My Ruin.

That being said, we would like to introduce you all to Eddie Brnabic. Luciano has played with Eddie in Beggars Ball & Zappada and he is his very close friend. When Eddie kindly offered to stand in on bass, we graciously accepted to keep it in the family. We've known Eddie for a while now and he's a great guy not to mention an extremely talented a multi-instrumentalist similar to Mick. In fact they have a lot in common when it comes to music. Eddie began learning our set while we were on holiday in Tennessee and we've been quietly rehearsing and getting to know each other musically since we returned in the New Year. He's sounding rad and so is the set! On an interesting side note: he's also the very first dirty blonde we've had in the band. Speaking of firsts, this will be his first time touring the UK as well as our new drummer Isaac Lee's first time over so we hope all our friends and fans will welcome both our guys with open hearts and make them feel at home like you always make us feel. Please take a moment to add both Eddie and Isaac [if you haven't already] and send them some rock love. We recorded our last rehearsal and the band is on fire, ready to hit the stage with our special guests Godsized, Sanctorum and Long Day Fear. This is one heavy f**king bill so don't miss it!

Now for the second announcement, also having to do with the tour.....

As all of you know, Alana Wood has been doing our merch since 2005. She's done every show and tour with us over the past 7 years without missing one. Sadly, our girl is unable to come with us this time due to her new job. She just can't get the time off. Mick and I are heartbroken that she won't be with us and I know how much so many of you love Alana like we do, so I'm sure you will be as well but someone else who is also very special to us [and has a long time connection to My Ruin] has offered his help and once again, we are keeping it in the family. We are excited to announce that our good friend Jack Osborne will be manning the merch stall but that's not all. You'll just have to wait and see the other little surprise we have planned together!

Many of you know Jack from coming to our shows in the UK over many years and like Eddie, he rules so remember to make you way over to the merch booth and say hello. While you're there pick up a keepsake to add to your My Ruin and/or BGD collection. I have made lots of cool stuff and there is something for everyone to go home with a memento from the show no matter what the budget!

[Photo by Don Jackson Wyatt - The Cockpit - Leeds, UK 2011]

Get ready UK and France because here we come along with the lovely Miss Tor Burrows who will be armed with her new movie camera to capture it all on film for us! See you all this week when we kick off night one of our 'Southern evelation' celebration of independence and our slaying of the beast with our middle fingers held high in Glasgow, Scotland for my birthday! There shall be plenty of screaming, drinking and dancing to be had by all.....especially yours truly.

Mrs M