NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Ruin Rock Band Preview!

To celebrate the release of our new video for "Deconsecrated" today we would like to invite you to also check out this cool new preview of what it will be like to play the songs from our new album on Rock Band 3 & Rock Band Blitz coming to you in July compliments of That Authoring Group!

Mrs M

"Deconsecrated" - Video Premiere!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Turn your speakers up loud because we are proud to present our new video for "Deconsecrated" which was filmed and edited by none other than the notorious Miss Tor Burrows! It was great having Tor and her female energy on the road with us to film our last tour and it's been such a pleasure putting our creative heads together once again for this latest piece of visual magic. She's full of ideas and knows exactly how to bring all of mine to life in everything she creates for My Ruin. Each new project we embark on together is a rewarding experience and wonderful memory to look back on months later. The new video is another stunning example of her artistic aesthetic and visual sensibilities which continue to inspire me. Go TEAM TB!
Our new video also features our good friend and former Beggars Ball guitarist Eddie Brnabic who was kind enough to fill in on bass duties for Luciano Ferrea at the time. An interesting story about this song is that the title "Deconsecrated" came from a passing conversation I was having with our tour manager about a venue called the Arts Centre in his hometown of Colchester, England while we were writing our album. He felt we should try to play this venue on our next tour because it was a very old building that used to be a Church and would be the perfect place for a My Ruin show and something we had never done. Our conversation stuck in my head as did the word "Deconsecrated" so I found myself building a song around it which included my putting the title of our album within its lyrics. This is something I do on all of our recordings. Long story short, when we booked our "Southern Revelation" tour a year later, I reminded him of his mention of this venue and we got our agent to get it as our last show.
 It was the dead of winter at the time we were touring and when we arrived, both the building and attached cemetery were covered in snow making it an even more picturesque setting than we had imagined. While the actual Church footage in our video was shot at the St. Nicholas Cathedral in Newcastle and the Salisbury Cathedral, much of the live footage was shot at the Arts Centre which was one of my personal favorite nights of the tour and ultimately one of my new favorite cities and venues. Soon after we arrived Tor came backstage to tell me she needed to show me something spooky that was on the wall which she filmed and is now the last shot in our video. I can still remember the chill that went up my spine when I read it.

Mrs M

Monday, June 4, 2012

'Deconsecrated' - Video Premiere Announcement!

Dear Friends 

 We are excited to announce the long awaited premiere of our new video for the song 'Deconsecrated' which will take place here this Thursday, June 7th!

Our new video was filmed and edited by none other than the lovely and talented Miss Tor Burrows of Notorious Design. Tor captured My Ruin live when we toured the UK & France earlier this year for a cool documentary style film she is currently editing of the time she spent with us on the road. 'Deconsecrated' will give you a sneak preview of our DVD that we plan to release in December and features additional footage shot by photographers Andy Watson, Doug Rimington and Matt Alston of Sanctorum.

Above are a few screen shot teasers to get you in the mood, so remember to mark your calendars and join us for the big debut.

This Is A Southernevelation! 
Mrs M