NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Sunday, November 28, 2010 Fan Review - Rachel Lewandowski!

Thank you to the lovely Miss Rachel Lewandowski for her terrific recent fan review of our new album on - We love it! xo

5/5 - Unstoppable Groove Meets Immovable Honesty!
November 23, 2010
By Rachel J. Lewandowski "RL" (Chicago, Il, USA)

Some bands refuse to evolve, remaining stagnant musically and lyrically from release to release. My Ruin has never been one of those bands. The husband and wife duo of Mick and Tairrie B Murphy has given birth to their most exciting album yet, thick with a southern groove that would make Down and COC envious.

From the opening track 'Diggin for Ghosts, with it's sinister guitar riffs and Tairrie's trademark spoken word style leading the way, to the mosh-pit worthy 'Long Dark Night', I highly recommend turning your speakers up to 11. The southern sludge of 'Excommunicated' is purely breathtaking, with the vocals switching between a venomous whisper and a full-fledged scream in a way that only Mrs M can make sound amazing. 'Abusing the Muse' is another stand out track, rich with vocal texture and dense guitar layering that, I suspect, is going to sound absolutely amazing in a live setting. 'Malediction' is one of those tracks that makes you feel like you just got hit in the face with a tire iron, and has the kind of guitar work that should make most musicians extremely envious. The closing track, 'Deathknell', is the ideal way to end this brutal masterpiece. The mix of spoken word and throaty screams, blended with the dark, sinister tone that Mick Murphy has set with the expertly crafted music, is both ominous and defiant.

Disregard the imitators, and stick with the original. This album will tempt you to max out your speakers and play every track on repeat.