NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

The Gospel According to The Press


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Full Album Streaming!

Dear Friends,

As you know 'Ghosts and Good Stories' has been available on iTunes for the past month however, it did not come out as we were told it would by Tiefdruck Musik on the dates scheduled for the UK, Europe and the US. We are currently still in the process of contacting our distribution companies to find out exactly when and where our new album will be available in stores in all territories and as soon as we know, we will post the information and let you know. We apologise for the delay as we had no idea our album had been pushed back, once again due to circumstances beyond our control.

We feel blessed to be getting so many amazing reviews and some of the best press of our career and want to thank our incredible rock press goddess Miss Mona Miluski for all of her hard work, dedication and loyalty to our album and band. This all speaks volumes to us and reminds us that all of our efforts have not gone unnoticed or uncared for. While there is always a certain struggle, there is also a certain satisfaction that comes with being a DIY band and holding your album in your hands for the first time knowing that you put your hearts, souls and selves into the making of it from top to bottom. Our new black & white digipack which we created to include a 16 page booklet and enhanced behind the scenes studio movie documenting the making of our album is a dark and beautiful interpretation of the songs inspired by the vintage family photo on our cover and is something a bit different for us visually speaking this time. The art sets the mood and the music sets the tone for who My Ruin have become as a band on this, our 6th full length recording.

There have been many changes within and around My Ruin over the years and over these past few months but while the usual suspects create chaos in and around us, we have tried to stay true to what we do, which is to make the music we love and share it with you. While it feels great knowing people are really diggin the new album the way they are on such a worldwide level, our reviews kinda feel like a big tease to those of you still waiting patiently for your pre-ordered hard copies to arrive in the post or to your local record stores.

So with that in mind,
we have decided to do something special for you in the meantime....

Starting today and for the next 5 days only, we will be streaming all 13 tracks of our new album in full for you to check out by clicking on the above photo which links to our Reverb Nation player on our music page here in our blog. We have also posted the lyrics to all of our songs for those of you who want to scream along! We invite you to get to know our new rock baby and encourage those of you who have not yet ordered our latest offering of 'Ghosts and Good Stories' to click on one of the links also listed on our music page and place your orders today!
Please feel free to share our links with your friends and help spread the word about our new album and let us know your thoughts on it via our band and personal pages on Facebook where we enjoy connecting and talking to all of you. Thank you for the continued love and support of our music and art.

Our FANS are the best, RUIN the rest!

with heart,
Mr & Mrs M