NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Super Rock Sunday Podcast!

We had a great time yesterday hanging with our pal and favorite underground DJ - Crazy Craig on his 'Super Rock Sunday' show. It was a loose fun vibe and we shared some personal stories in between playing a few songs from our new album + a few killer tunes from some of our friends and favorite bands. For those of you who missed the show [because we know it aired very late in the UK & Europe] you can click the links below and check out both hours in Parts 1 & 2 which Craig has posted online as a podcast for your listening pleasure. Feel free to share these links with your friends and check out the bands we played if you're not already familiar with them.




Killing Joke [The Raven King] Absolute Dissent

My Ruin [Burn the Witch] The Horror of Beauty

Melvins [The Water Glass] The Bride Screamed Murder

My Ruin [Excommunicated] Ghosts & Good Stories

Orange Goblin [Whiskey Leech] Coup de Grace

Ana Kefr [Tonight We Watch the Children F**king Burn] Exclusive

My Ruin [Diggin' for Ghosts] Ghosts & Good Stories

Goatsnake [Prayer for a Dying] Flower of Disease

Death Work Professionals [Natural Born Killaz] Exclusive

A Million Miles [What's Left Behind] Left E.P.

Sahg [The Executioner Undead] I

My Ruin [Abusing the Muse] Ghosts & Good Stories

My Ruin [Have a Drink on Me] Metal Hammer AC/DC Tribute

Neanderthal [Special Seat in Hell 2.0] Grandes Canciones E.P.

Sanctorum [Against Us All] Ashes of Redemption

It's Casual [The New Los Angeles] The New Los Angeles

My Ruin [LA Ciudad] Ghosts & Good Stories


Thanks again to Craig for inviting us down to

his rad rock show and make sure you tune in to
every sunday from 3-5 for more kick ass music!
Mr & Mrs M