NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

The Gospel According to The Press


Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Photo by Don Jackson Wyatt - Wolverhampton, UK


Forget ℛesolutions

Make A Southern ℜevelation!

Dear Friends ,
As 2011 comes to a close and we celebrate the triumphant release of our new 7th album, we would like to remind you how important it is to stand by underground artists that continue to do it for themselves and invite you to raise your middle fingers to toast the true spirit of independence by rocking in 2012 with "A Southern ℜevelation" compliments of My Ruin.

Recorded this time last year in the snow covered hills of Tennessee, we bring you 10 tracks of pure hard rock heaviosity with a beautifully brutal blend of violent scream vocals and spoken word for your listening pleasure. Visit to download your FREE copy of our new 7th album and spend the New Year with our slaying of the beast!

For those of you who would like to make a donation towards our band, DIY ethic and art which allows and inspires us to create the music we make, not for the faint of heart, there is a "Donate" button on our blog and we wish to thank you for your continued support.

Although the album has been out for only a few short weeks, the reviews have been a stunning success. Here are a few quotes of the gospel according to the press:

"Husband and wife sludge metallers turn in their most personal work yet. Anyone familiar with My Ruin's formidable frontwoman Tairrie B will know she's always been able to whip up a shitstorm of anger with her acerbic pen and ground glass vocal performance alike. One of the most vital and impassioned albums released all year."

5/5 - Paul Travers / Kerrang! Magazine


"A Southern Revelation is the stuff that legends are made of and I believe it to be the bands best, most important and exciting record to date. Sounds like Ghosts and Good Stories meaner older sister, only badder and more defiant than ever."

Mike Ike / Invisible Monsters


"Mick Murphy's guitar playing shines through yet again with his beautiful tone and mesmerizing solo's coming to the fore. Another prominent factor is the groove the album has. I believe it would give Down a run for their money too. I can honestly say this is without a doubt the album of the year."

Don Jackson Wyatt / CirclePit.TV


"Having progressively honed their sound over the course of those ten years, in no part due to the connection between vocalist Tairrie and her husband Mick, My Ruin in 2011 is an absolute beast of a band and A Southern Revelation is an absolute beast of an album. Written in the darkest depths of Knoxville, Tairrie has penned some of her most brutal, her most honest and her most dramatic lyrics to date."

9/10 - Graham Finney /


"Mick Murphy's guitar solos provide a welcome nod back to a time when solos were an integral part of songs, pulling off some truly awesome shit along the way. It should also be no surprise that Tairrie spits incredible amounts of vitriol in her lyrics, railing against what I'm sure many of us with any musical integrity can appreciate. Fuck the vacuous shit that clutters record shop shelves with major label on the outside and utter shit on the inside, go get some real fucking music.”

Darrel Sutton /


“The duo of Tairrie B. Murphy and Mick Murphy are in lock-step with each other when it comes to the barren, but bruising biker metal sound they present. Most of it comes from Mick Murphy, who seemingly has a never-ending stable of riffs that Zakk Wylde or any faux Southern rocker would gnaw at.”

David E Gehlke / Blistering.Com


"A pretty intense offering from one of metal's most underrated acts. A focused, heavy and very listenable album on the surface with a seething pit of catharsis beneath, this could be the one to finally win the rest of the world over to My Ruin."

4/5 - Dani Hawkins /


"The moral of this album’s story - do NOT piss off Tairrie B. Pretty much everything you’d expect from a My Ruin album and, dare I say it, one of their strongest for a while. Like I say, definitely a sign that triumph can come out of adversity if you’re smart enough to focus your anger where it does the most damage – in your music. Recommended."

Andy James /


"A Southern Revelation takes you on a roller coaster of solid rock and raw metal sounds. Uniting everything that has allowed My Ruin to progress, it truly demonstrates the band's full potential."

4/5 - Erin Dodd / Soundsphere Magazine


"Call it nine shots of venom capped off with a chaser celebrating the good old days, served up as a middle finger dedicated to Tiefdruck Musik boss Daniel Heerdmann."

8.5/10 - Carl Begai /

"Recorded in Mick’s hometown Knoxville in January against a snowy winter wonderland backdrop, the album reflects the harsh, cold relentless weather conditions in which it was produced. With work starting a mere 4 months after the release of ‘Ghosts and Good Stories’, My Ruin managed to keep the whole project a secret from their fans before finally coming clean in September. As is now the norm with My Ruin releases, the metal-machine Mick Murphy plays all the instruments, writes all the music and co-produces the album. Tairrie B Murphy’s vocals continue to astound with each release, perfectly complementing her husband’s musical creations. These kindred spirits in rock cannot help but continue to impress."

Hayley Davies / Ruinz of Ayanez

"The beauty of this fiend is it bows to all the musical mavericks; gracefully tipping a hat, as much to the heaviness of Zeppelin as to the abstract funk of Dr. John. Simply ‘A Southern Revelation’ is awesome!!!"

Jonathan Taylor / An Armchair Critic

Thank you again to all our friends, fans and My Ruin familia worldwide for the continued love and loyalty as well as our amazing Southern ℜevelation team behind the scenes...Soundtrack Black Studio, Platinum PR, Monsta Ents, STC Touring, Kuznetsky Law Group, Laney Amplification, Auburn Fox and our band! See you all on the other side of midnight as we look ahead to the future and ring in a New Year that ROCKS!


Mr & Mrs M

"Woke up today and saw our life flash right before our eyes - Were left for dead but once again from ashes we will rise." - Reckoning

Knoxville, Tennessee
December 2011