NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

BGD on the UK Tour!

Attention UK Blasphemous Girls!

I just finished putting the final touches on a new collection of sparkling Blasphemous Girl rock candy & resined My Ruin inspired rings for the tour + a few other little surprises I'm stuffing into my suitcases! All the rings will be pre-scented before each show with my delicious *new* signature oil #2 that I mixed to wear on my throat especially for this tour and only for these one of a kind custom designs to make them each a unique memento and sacred keepsake to remind you of your evening with me and Mi Ruina.

We will be having our friend and rad rock photographer Don Jackson -Wyatt of Circle Pit with us for 10 days on the road documenting the shows for a book we are planning to put together after the tour so for all my most blasphemous girls who are coming to see us, make sure you wear your BGD and introduce yourself to our lovely merch babe Alana Wood who will introduce you to Don so he can take a few special photos of you in your designs for a special section of our book [and my new blog I am designing] before and after the shows. I'm really looking forward to finally meeting so many of you I have been getting to know through my online store these past 2 years and seeing so many of you I already know once again. I can't wait to rock with all you rad ladies in the front rows of the shows and have a drink and chat with you after our sets, at the after parties & Hammerfest III Roma Victa which is officially SOLD OUT!!!

I will be closing my BGD store and My Ruin's Merch Church while we are gone. Both will reopen with new designs and more surprises when we return and after our Whisky a Go Go show! It seems we may also have a new store opening soon with our new merch company based in the UK! In the meantime, we have lots of gorgeous caps, wristbands, beanies, patches, stickers, posters and shirts in all styles & sizes for guys & dolls and many fun nights to look forward to in the next 10 days with our long awaited 'Ghosts and Good Stories' tour that is about to come your way!

Mrs M