NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Basement Sound.Co.Uk Tour Blurb!

My Ruin are a LA Metal band that have been going since 1999, fronted by Tairrie B (former vocalist of Tura Satana and Manhole and solo rapper)....Tairrie certainly went through an interesting transformation..rapper turns alternative metal singer!..But with great results!

Like many bands they have undergone lineup changes, and currently they are a two piece, the other half is (Who is also literally Tairrie's other half, as they are married!), Mick Murphy who is very multi-talented as he plays, guitar, bass and drums! I myself wasn't too familiar with this band..I have heard of them, but not actually heard them..and now I have..I'm very glad I have discovered them! Tairrie B is a great vocalist.

If you aren't familiar with this band now is the time to introduce yourself to them as the band are currently touring in the UK with their 6th studio album, "Ghosts and Good Stories", and of course any old fans get down and show your support!

Only a few tour dates left now, so if its in or around your local area, why not go and check out this awesome band! The band end their UK Tour by playing Hammerfest, which takes place in Pontins Holiday Village in Pretatyn, North Wales, on the 17th-19th of March. Other bands playing include: Breed 77, Ill Nino, Entombed, Sabaton, Turisas, Evile and many more! What a great line up!

Written by Cari Jane