NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Metal Hammer Italy Review!

[Translated from Italian to English]

"Let's face it: the nowadays, third millennium metal-world is a terribly sexist universe and - aside the great sales of Nightwish, Arch Enemy or Lacuna Coil - the actual situation isn't far away from this sad and unfair concept. And maybe this is the one and only reason because My Ruin (the band of Tairrie B and her husband Mick Murphy) isn't actually among the "chosen ones" that sell-out big arenas and count mountains of green, tasty dollars... However, to get the real focus about My Ruin, Tairrie has come a long way through rap, nu metal, the angry Manhole, the wonderful Tura Satana, a lot of gossip and a very amazing album like it was the 2003's 'The Horror Of Beauty'.

Well, this brand new 'Ghosts and Good Stories' bring us to these old, good days with the following flavours: Pantera attitude, Sabbathesque seventies poison, dirt southern touch, hardcore pride and, last but not least, a courageous tribute to Rollins Band ('Turned Out'). So, from the opening attack of 'Diggin For Ghosts' and along other dozen tracks, My Ruin simply rules. And, for the happiness of their fans, they are back with the right dose of high-handedness packing in one of the most sincere, shouted loud, sexual and intense records of this year. Don't miss it!"

8/10 - By Simone Sacco


Thank you to Mr Simone Sacco for his impressive review of our new album for Metal Hammer Magazine, Italy which we have just added to our press section!



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