NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Ruin UK Tour 2011 Announced!

Dear Friends & Family,

We are proud to announce our first tour of 2011! We promise we are not ignoring those of you in the U.S., Europe or various other countries. We have lots of things in the works but unfortunately some places are a bit harder to get to than others and take more time to organize. We are currently re-building our team behind the scenes to make 2011 our year and we have many special surprises we are busy working on at the moment so please bare with us as we kick things off with this first round of dates.

It's impossible to play every city in the UK logistically speaking so we missed out on a couple we were hoping to hit like Newcastle & Manchester [because it is too close to our Hammerfest III date so we were told we could not play there] but we did our best to visit a few of our favorites and even manage to confirm a few clubs we have never played before. There has also been a slight change to our original schedule, we are now playing Cardiff, Wales instead of Reading on the 12th!

We will be announcing our special guests soon, in the meantime, ticket info has been posted on our *shows* page and we have made events for all the shows on Facebook which you will find listed on our band page at:

Please take a moment to confirm the shows you plan on attending and share our events & advert with your friends and help us spread the news! We look forward to seeing everyone on the road in March and hope those of who can make it out will join us for 1 or more of our 9 shows on our 'Ghosts and Good Stories' UK Tour and/or at Hammerfest III! and are as excited as we are about the new dates~!

Mr & Mrs M