NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

The Gospel According to The Press


Friday, October 7, 2011


Dear Friends,

Surprise! We’ve been working on something very special behind the scenes to celebrate the release of our new album “A Southern Revelation” which we are making available as a *Free Download* and gift to fans starting December 7th, 2011 exclusively via and today we finally get to officially spill the beans.....

[Video Edited by Rhiis Lopez]

We are proud to announce our “Southern Revelation Tour” which is being presented by Monsta Ents / STC Touring in association with Laney Amps, Devolution Magazine, Seventh Circle Artworks, Redeemer and Circle Pit. Special guests for the tour are British metal heavyweights Godsized along with Colchester thrashers and long time friends Sanctorum and Nottingham rockers Long Day Fear!

We’re looking forward to returning to the UK and we’ll be ringing in the New Year by kicking things off in a big way with our first show in Glasgow, Scotland on January 18th for my birthday! In the past we have always played London on this occasion but since we were forced to cancel our last show at Classic Grand on our previous tour due to my being severely ill at the time, we wanted to do something special for our friends and fans who have been waiting to see us to make up for it. Previously purchased tickets from March 2011 will remain valid for the new show and we will be having an after party / meet & greet following our set on this and a few other select shows during the tour.

We’re playing many of our favorite cities in the UK this time around which except for two familiar haunts, will be our first time playing most of these new venues including one night near Paris in Vaureal, France which I’m sure will be a evening to remember and ending the tour back in England at a deconsecrated church! We are also excited to announce we have a new drummer by the name of Isaac Lee. Isaac has replaced Matt LeChevalier who toured our “Ghosts and Good Stories” album with us and remains a good friend. Unfortunately Matt being based in France became a bit difficult for us logistically and did not allow for My Ruin to work as much as we would like as a band. With the new album, we felt it was time to look for a more permanent drummer.

Although not originally from Los Angeles, Isaac currently lives in LA and we felt an immediate connection with him when he reached out to us after hearing from a mutual acquaintance that we were quietly looking for someone new to fill the drum seat. It’s been great getting to know Isaac and watch the songs from our new album come to life with the band which is on fire at the moment in the rehearsal studio. We just filmed our first video together for the song “Tennessee Elegy” and have recently confirmed several warm up shows which we will soon be announcing in and around LA for November & December.

On a personal note: My Ruin would like to thank our publicist Mona Miluski who is once again working the press with us for our tour and new album. After leaving Tiefdruck Musik, Mona continued to work with My Ruin on our last release “Ghosts and Good Stories” when we were still on the label but left for dead with no support whatsoever. Mona recently launched her own independent agency “Platinum-PR” and has remained a loyal and dedicated member of our team since 2010 as well as a great friend. She is also a kick ass front woman in her own band “A Million Miles”.

We would also like to give a very special and heartfelt thank you as well to Mick Wood of Monsta Ents / STC Touring. Mick was one of the many promoters on our last UK tour and he also hosted our London after show party at Nambucca. A few months back Mick contacted us to let us know he was thinking of starting his own agency and was interested in bringing My Ruin back to the UK in early 2012. To be honest, we were a bit gun shy having just fired Factory Music at the time however, over the last few months organizing this tour together with Mick, we have come to know one of the most hard working and self determined people we have had the pleasure to work with in the industry. From day one Mick has been 100% professional and continues to put his heart and soul into making sure every aspect of our first tour with him is handled properly. This has been a welcome change from our previous dealings and we truly appreciate his enthusiasm and passionate work ethic as we officially welcome Mick and STC Touring to our team.

Tour dates as follows:

January 2012:
18 Classic Grand - Glasgow, Scotland
19 Moho – Manchester, UK
21 Scala – London, UK
22 The George – Andover, UK
24 White Rabbit – Plymouth, UK
25 Tunnels – Bristol, UK
27 Legends – Newcastle, UK
28 Slade Rooms – Wolverhampton, UK
29 Hydrant –Brighton, UK
31 Leicester Square – Leicester, UK

01 The Well – Leeds, UK
02 Chinnery’s – Southend, UK
04 LeForum –Vaureal, France
07 Waterfront – Norwich, UK
08 Arts Centre – Colchester, UK

Stay tuned to our Facebook pages for all the after show parties / meet & greet events to be announced over the weekend. Specially priced advance tickets are on sale now so click this link below and get your tickets for one or more of the shows today! Don't miss out on this awesome tour with support from 3 kick ass bands and thank you for your continued rock love.


Mrs M