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NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rose Blood Blog - London Show Review!

[Photo by Andy Watson -]

Written By Delphine Loisel


[Translated to English from French]

My Ruin is a band from Los Angeles in activity since 1999. Their line-up change a lot since their debut and it's now the duet formed by Tairrie B. et Mick Murphy, husband and wife, which lead the band. They are support by the French Matthieu LeChevalier, drummer and Luciano Ferrea, bassist for their tours. Their six albums enhance perfectly the powerful Tairrie's voice that can make shake some of the great metal singers and her talent of lyricist about her fetish theme that religion is. Ghost and Good Stories is the last concept album of the duet: the musical part has been totally records by Mick Murphy himself. A brutal album to listen now!

Visiting London is always a big event so what about when adding to this trip a show of one of our favorite band? It's with excitement that on March 12th, my lovely half and I arrive in Camden to attend to the concert of My Ruin with the French band Headcharger and Sanctorum. At 9pm, My Ruin finally comes to the stage after being well claimed by his audience. The musicians come first: Mick on guitar, Matt on drums and Luciano on bass. The very expected Tairrie arrive then and it's without waiting that the band start the show with the inescapable Stick it to me from the excellent album A prayer under pressure of violent anguish. Things are on : the audience sings along and the sparkling singer takes pleasure in passing them the microphone to make them participate to the show. The band continue quickly with Excommunicated, first song from the last album Ghost and Good Stories performed tonight, that we can recognize easily because of its heavy ambiance quite significant from the last CD. Mick seems to be in his element and makes the show all by himself during the devilish solo of the composition. This song, strong by a deconstructed rhythm, shows all its power in live. The show goes on with an amazing fluidity: we pass from The Devil Walks from the album The Brutal Language to Long Dark Night and Memento Mori, respectively present on the three last albums that permits us to see that the band founds a musical conductor line since few years, like they finally found their sound, their signature « My Ruin ».

Let’s talk about the sound’s quality after this six titles. We were absolutely amazed by its clarity! All was set perfectly, no instrument to pass over another as it’s often the case with the drums. A very good job from the sound engineers, we would like to take advantage of this quality more often! Let’s go back to the show! Before the interpretation of Diggin' For Ghosts, title song from the last album according to Tairrie, she takes the time to talk a little with her audience, telling them how much England is dear to her heart. Followed by Cold Hands-Warm Heart, Money Shot and Hot In The House Of God, the ambiance is still set fair everywhere in the hall and specially in the pit, the band taking obviously pleasure to play all together. Tairrie, inexhaustible, seems to have no difficulty to push her voice in growls so characteristics and impressive. She has so much fun on stage like her husband, headbanging joyfully without any false notes in his guitar playing. The rhythmic duet formed by Luciano and Matt, plays their parts excellently although discretely. It’s a real hearing satisfaction to appreciate the drums lines without any frills.

It’s now the time of my most expecting moment of the show with the interpretation of Blasphemous Girl from Speak & Destroy. Emblematic song of the band, its title being also the name of the creative brand of Tairrie, it’s greeted warmly by the public who seemed to wait for it as feverishly as I do! Great moment of the show! To introduce the next song, the singer launching a subliminal message asking if anyone would be kind enough to bring her a glass of this good old Jack! Glass that she will finally obtain from a “gentleman” she said. It’s naturally that the band performs Have A Drink On Me, an AC/DC cover initially recorded for the Metal Hammer Magazine for the 30th birthday of the release of Back in Black. This cover has inspired a metal wave to a basic rock’n’roll song. A success! It’s followed by Repose and an unexpected duet on Ready for Blood with Aaron, the singer of Sanctorum, a really shy person for whom Tairrie makes a lot of compliments. Finally, it’s on a duet of old songs this time that the show ends with Burn the Witch and Beauty Fiend, two unavoidable songs of My Ruin’s discography.

It’s with a real affection that the band, together in the front stage, says goodbye and thanks to his audience before joining them to the party organize to celebrate the eleven years of collaboration between Tairrie and Mick in My Ruin where we didn’t take part to my regret. This show was in every way a huge success. It’s rare now in this industry to be in front of bands so close to their audience, making every concert unique by their conviviality. The band gives itself entirely and we can only be amazed by their professionalism, leads brilliantly by Tairrie whose charisma is undeniable. It’s important to say that in a world where the man is usually the king, Tairrie proves us at any time that a woman has more than ever her place in the metal world. She is assisted by talented musicians: Luciano and Matt did an amazing job with wonderful Mick’s compositions by giving them a different soul for a unique feeling live. I just have one more advice : if My Ruin comes to your town, go see them without any reflection!


[Band Intro] Lucifers Jam - Stick It To Me - Excommunicated - The Devil Walks
Long Dark Night - Memento Mori - Diggin' For Ghosts - Cold Hands/Warm Heart
Money Shot - Hot In The House Of God - Blasphemous Girl -Have A Drink On Me [AC/DC Cover] - Repose - Ready For Blood [Duet w/Aaron from Sanctorum] - Burn The Witch &
Beauty Fiend

Photos credits: Doug Rimington