NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

The Gospel According to The Press


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Triple Moon & New Site Design!


Over the weekend we did a little revamp to our site to go with the release of our new album. Thank you to our good friends Matt Adamson and Kayleigh Brookes for their technical and artistic talents which they have both lent us while working with me behind the scenes recently.

The above art piece is taken from the new hard cover art & lyric book I am currently designing with Kayleigh to accompany the album. It is called 'Triple Moon' and represents the three of us together as well as me alone. This symbol is found in many Neo Pagan and Wiccan traditions as a symbol of the Goddess. The first crescent represents the waxing phase of the moon -- new beginnings, new life, and rejuvenation. The center circle is symbolic of the full moon -- the time when magic is at its most potent and powerful. Finally, the last crescent represents the waning moon -- a time to do banishing magic and to send things away. The sacred heart between my hands represents our band as a whole. Our music and soul. It is made of metal and along with the Mi Ruina ring which I designed for Seventh Circle Artworks, the only other real element in the illustration which represents belief and dedication. The heart hangs on the wall in our home among the many other ex-votos I have collected over time. Each one has it's own story and meaning behind it. The nails which surround the heart represent the thirteen years of My Ruin on the inside, tough and unbreakable.

Hope you like our new design and please take a moment to check out both of their pages on the links below and give them a big "like". Two very inspiring independent artists I am proud call part of our extended family in the UK and who are helping me bring my vision to life with

'The Sacred Mood'.

Mrs M

Matt Adamson Photography
The Little Room at House of Brookes