NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Southern Revelation Tour Update 10 - Norwich!

[Photo by Don Jackson Wyatt & Hair by Jack Osborne @ Moho Live, Manchester]

Southern ℜevelation Tour † Update 10 - Norwich, UK:

The Waterfront in rocked like hell. This was one of our favorite shows of the tour. Our sound on stage was immense and the crowd went crazy from the moment Mick started the guitar feedback introducing 'Silverlake' to the final big rock ending of 'Beauty Fiend'. It was so nice to see so many of our fans reaching out to hold my hand and scream every word to every song along with me.

It may have been snowing and cold outside but inside the room was hot and steamy from the intensity of the show along with all my blasphemous girls in the front row. I felt like I was melting on stage and didn't want the show to end. The vibe in the band was amazing from the minute we stepped on stage and we all felt truly in sync throughout the set.

There have been a few inner circle drama's on this tour that have caused a great deal of tension during and surrounding some of the shows but after sound check we finally put the drama to bed and cleared the air which brought a huge relief to everyone and changed the atmosphere of the tour bringing a new positive light which was really nice and a much needed change of mood.

Before the show Mick & I had a impromptu photo shoot with our good friend and rock photographer Al Pulford followed by some shots of Black Cherry Jim Beam thanks to Sanctorum guitarist [Baby] Al Commons. After the show my girls Penny Batson & Louise Turk gave me some beautiful presents which included a handmade seven sorrows crucifix rosary throat necklace accompanied by one of the most amazing letters written to me on the tour. Thank you Miss Turk. It was truly heartfelt and moving.

I’m currently backstage at the Arts Centre in Colchester and it’s my dream venue, a beautiful 200 year old deconsecrated church with stained glass windows and a cemetery covered in snow and ice just outside of our dressing room window. In fact, this is the venue that inspired the title of the song ‘Deconsecrated’ on our new album so this song will feel extra special and sacred when we play it tonight. I'm sad things are coming to an end this evening just as everything is feeling so cool and back to how it was when we first started the tour. This show is going to be bittersweet for me having to leave the UK and our little family here on the road. I’ve been blessed that I’ve been able to keep my bright red scream as brutal as it can be this tour and remained pretty sober throughout albeit a couple shots here and there to warm the throat so I plan to have a few drinks after our set with Long Day Fear, Sanctorum & Godsized to celebrate our Southern ℜevelation coming to a close. Looking forward to seeing everything who will be joining us this evening. Let's make this a memorable last night show.

Mrs M