NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Southern Revelation Tour Update 8 - Leicester, Leeds & Southend!

[Photo by Andy Watson @ Leicester Square, Leicester]

Southern ℜevelation Tour † Update 8 - Leicester, Leeds & Southend, UK:

Have not been able to get proper internet access or time to post in the past few days so let me recap our last 3 shows starting with Leicester Square in Leicester. This was a nice big venue however, it had the most unprofessional and unorganized crew of the tour. Our guys had to load in up 5 flights of stairs to find a sound man that had no clue how to work his own board which led to a nightmare sound check that lasted for hours and left 4 bands very pissed off with a promoter from Redeemer and club manager who were lame and unaccountable. As doors were held back from opening we had to frantically get a second sound man in before the show to mix the first 2 bands but apparently he was even worse than the first guy so thankfully “Jack of all Trades” and bad ass vocalist of Sanctorum, Aaron Sly stepped up to “tech that shit” like a pro and volunteered to mix Godsized and My Ruin so we could have some sort of a decent show. Couldn't hear ourselves on stage thanks to the monitors that were shit and nearly blew my voice out but the crowd was so energetic and rad that it made up for the lame drama of the venue and everything we were all dealing with behind the scenes so thank you to everyone who came out and rocked so hard with us. Ritchie from Long Day Fear asked me to help him do something special during our set and we concocted a plan to bring his girlfriend up on stage and he proposed to her in the middle of our show! It was the most special memory of the night and a true rock love moment for all of us which we captured on video for him thanks to our tour videographer Tor Burrows.

Backstage pre show, the amazing Mr Andy Watson arrived with his trusty camera in hand for an impromptu last minute shoot and we had a great time together snapping some very glamorous photos of yours truly along with some hot rock shots with Mick and Jack Osborne before shooting us live. It's always so great seeing Andy. He's such a kind, talented and inspiring artist. All the fans that stayed after for the meet & greet were great and it was lovely to see so many familiar faces, Thank you again to Nikki Capener & Sarah Aggarwal for all the beautiful and thoughtful gifts bestowed upon me and Mr M. What a nice surprise!

Unlike Leicester, The Well in Leeds was run by a professional and super friendly staff who made us all feel at home the minute we arrived and from sound check to the show we had a blast. My new favorite lady behind the lens, the hot rock babe Miss Kayla Wren showed up again to click some pre show shots of me and the husband which was one of the highlights of my night. Kayla first shot us in Newcastle and I fell in love with her work and whole vibe so I invited her out for round two and we turned the funky wallpapered ladies toilet into our studio. It was all very punk rock and cool. She also shot us live along with our long time friend and photographer Mark Latham who never misses a My Ruin show in Leeds. It was great to see Mark again as well as Lili Bobcat who got some great shots and video clips she posted on you tube! All in all we had one of the sweatiest most intense shows of the tour.

Chinnery’s in Southend was interesting, a nice clean rock club on the shoreline which was freezing cold when we arrived and the chill grew stronger as the evening progressed. Every tour has that one show that just didn’t feel right and this was it for us on many levels. I could barely hear myself from the minute I took the stage to the end so I felt strained which made the smoke machine the sound man was blasting non stop during our set just add more pain to my already dry throat. Oh, and Mick’s head blew up! That was the icing on the cake. It was a tough crowd with very little emotion for some strange reason and every band felt it. Funny thing is that after the show people told us how much they loved it and seemed to have all had a great time which was nice to hear but odd…considering.

After a long drive to a freezing cold France we arrived at a rather bizarre French hotel and had quite an interesting afternoon and turn of events. Being on tour is never easy for me because of some the strange personalities we come in contact with but at the end of the day, the show must go on and I will always be professional and deliver the best performance I can on stage no matter what the circumstances I am being forced to deal with off stage are. I’ve been in this business for many years and I am grateful for those who continue to support my band and music. It’s an honor to still be able to tour successfully after so many years and make so many great memories on the road with fans and friends both new and old. I know who I am as an artist and as a woman but I continue to learn more about myself and those around me everyday and sometimes what I learn is shocking but I am confident in my ability to stand up for the things I believe in and hold dear to my heart and will fight to the death when those things that I have worked so hard for are threatened and or disrespected. My passion runs far deeper than my lyrics and voice, it’s in my fucking blood and guts and I will not apologize for who I am or be made to feel uncomfortable or held for ransom on my own tour. I just feel the need to state this and just for the record, since I’ve been recently accused of this by someone who is obviously very clueless….. I have never and will never get any Botox and the only type of plastic surgery I have had was after my left arm was nearly ripped off in a car accident in 2006 and I underwent surgeries for medical purposes and a skin graft to be able to have full use of it and my fingers again. THAT’S IT!

That being said, let’s move on to today......I have been looking forward to this show tonight for many months and I can’t wait for all our UK friends and fans who have taken the coach trip from London to arrive today and to see all our amazing French fans this evening front row and at the after show meet & greet. We are about to go LeForum soon for sound check and I will try to check in and post a few more pics after we arrive If I can. I hear the venue is gorgeous and hopefully today’s vibe will match the scenery because nothing and no one is going to ruin tonight for me. This is MY Ruin.

Mrs M