NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

NEW ALBUM "The Sacred Mood" OUT NOW!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Southern Revelation Tour Update 9 - Vaureal, France!

[Photo by Kayla Wren @ The Well - Leeds]

Southern ℜevelation Tour † Update 9 - Vaureal, France:

Le Forum was by far the most professionally run and beautiful venue of the tour. From the moment we arrived, we were treated amazingly well and I can't say enough good things about this club. The owner really had his shit together in terms of promotion and knew how to treat bands. We had a beautiful warm dressing room and were cooked a delicious lunch and dinner. It felt very welcoming. The in house crew were so sweet, accommodating and helpful on every level with the stage, lights and sound system all stunning!

After addressing a situation that had been plaguing our tour and infecting our band, our dressing room felt calm for once and Mick & I were finally able to have a nice, drama free relaxing few hours with Eddie, Tor, Jack and the guys in Sanctorum before the show. We did a pre show video interview with a couple quick photo shoots and then we hit the stage. It was lovely to see a front row filled with so many of my blasphemous girls and UK friends who came in on a coach from London to see us along with our French fans!

The show rocked hard and got pretty violent during a few of the songs which is something I'm not really into as it affected some of the ladies in the front rows who were kicked and punched, with one in particular who means a lot to me, left in tears and physically hurt. I find it disgusting when people treat each other this way at a rock show because we are all there for the same reason and that is to have a good time. I feel personally responsible when someone is mis treated at one of our shows because I feel very protective over our fans and no true fan of our band would ever do this. There were a few very loud and aggressive men [and a couple of women] in the audience who seemed to want to make it their mission to fuck with me and certain fans. I did my best to handle them and Mick Wood of STC Touring even took the initiative to grab one by the neck and drag him out before things got even more crazy. It's a shame when certain people are so desperate for attention they have to turn into assholes and ruin everyone's experience. No pun intended.

After the show Mick, Eddie, myself, Sanctorum & Long Day Fear hung out with all the French fans and those who came in from the UK. Tor and her trusty camera filmed and we captured many moments and intimate interviews for our tour documentary. It was really nice and I enjoyed this one on one time almost more than I enjoyed the show because it was so personal. I want to thank everyone who came to LeForum from London for being a part of this adventure because I know it was a wild and bizarre ride and couple of days. Welcome to the wonderful world of touring.....where there is a strange surprise and interesting cast of characters around each corner. It was great to see you all looking after one another as a family. Thank you all for writing my and letting me know you got home safely. I could barely sleep that night because you were all on my mind. Thank you also to the many French fans who made the night so special and memorable for us.

We are currently in the gorgeous snow covered Norwich back in the UK. Did a little shopping last night in town with Jack Osborne and spent a quiet evening at the hotel having a pizza party with Sanctorum and doing video interviews for the tour with Miss Burrows. Woke up today and counted my bruises. Starting to feel a bit rough physically and my throat is sore today because of the extreme cold weather but I am keeping warm and plan to be on top form this evening. Going to the Waterfront soon for load in and sound check, should be a fun show tonight with our friends from Metal Lust! Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Mrs M